Condoms & Tradition

Well condoms they say prevent AIDS,thats what they publicise in nook & corner to prevent the disease by awareness.Now even a 10 year old child will tell the use of it.But whats the other side of the coin.

Has it fueled premarital sex.Lets see

“Dont flush condoms here”. This is a sign board in front of Bangalore BPO’s TOILETS.This was made cover story on a sunday magazine in Indian Express.So whats that about.The story goes likes this,During night shifts, young BPO Employees take breaks in couples & f**k [since they are educated,they use condoms].They throw them in toilet & flush it.During a sewage block,sanitary staff found condoms being flushed from toilets blocked & took bags of condoms.

So are we Indians who proclaim to have a very great tradition,drifting away from them.These young people enjoy & dont think about basic human values & ethics our elders have followed.Where has this sudden change come from? Many would say due to WESTERN EFFECT. Thats blabbering to core. It was a complex function that has fueled this attitude towards youth.

1) Lack of parental influence due to busy schedule of both of them
2) Sudden flow of huge amount of disposable income
3) Scientific Development on issues regarding premarital.Sexercise is advised today,so there can be parlours soon like oxygen outlets.Branding Redlight areas :))

Well i would like to finish it off by saying,its due to lack of god fearing & respecting values.But these people will one day face troubles when they see thier children f**king with thier own friends in public or Mom feeling the need to check if condoms are present everytime thier daughter going out. That day is not far in India..

Best remedy is not to publicise about use of condoms excessively,but educate children about the ill effects of having multiple sex partners,impart our tradition to them & eventually bring one-one relationship atleast in next generation.Thats the best way to fight AIDS

Dont publicise too much about using condoms,that will make even the young minds feel that its perfectly OK to have sex with anyone provided we use condoms.

PS: Sexercise is actually advised only with one partner.. & in positive sense. Im not gonna mind if someone feels bad abt me after reading this one.


4 Responses to “Condoms & Tradition

  1. Achu Says:

    whts wrong in pre-marital sex da?…. and abt advertising condoms…. aids prevention is more imp… so u have to advertise it.. life is more important than values,culture and all the crap that follows..

  2. Srikanth Says:


    Im saying u can live as u wish, but traditionally indians have one to one relationship. For that matter would u like to imagine ur spouse f***** by someone before u do.

    No hard feelings taken..

    So we have to pass on that tradition to next gen otherwise it will infact make our culture worst like the west. Im not saying dont publicise abt condoms, but dont do it excessively

  3. Achu Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Achu Says:

    hmm…I thought we were talking abt PRE_MARITAL SEX my boy..?

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