The day it was… Tsunami

Tsunami Day

Since i maintain this as a place from where i can recollect my past, i put the first article[before blogging], my day on Dec 26th 2004. I posted this to many groups so that they can feel the effect of that from a personal prospective.

Its dedicated to all those who were affected by tsunami,this was written on 28th Dec

Hello friends

Im a member of this group for few months now.I feel
It is my duty to inform about the calamity that shook
people's heart.

Im now feeling that "EVERY MOMENT I LIVE IS DUE TO

Note : All the incidents narrated below
actually happened in Kalpakkam township and mostly
seen by me.Anyway u have been listening to news.Plz
try to help the victims or just PRAY FOR US.


Tsunami @ Kalpakkam-The day it was…

It was supposed to be a usual Sunday morning. I woke
up at 0430 itself as i dint get sleep.I was browsing
the net from that moment. Suddenly at around 7:15 am
my friend from Beasent Nagar called me and said he
experienced a mild earthquake.I didnt feel any sort
of thing from the moment i woke up.He said the
situation now is better.I was bit worried at that time as my
dad and sister have just left for chennai around 6:40

I then started chating with couple of my friends. I
enquired both of them and they said there is no loss
due to quake.It was around 8:45 am ,the second time
when my friend called up and just said that he was
willing to visit my place and stay here for a week
to spend the holidays,the phone line was cutoff.
Within seconds power-supply was also cutoff. I heard some
howling noise,people shouting, some running on
streets.I opened the door and saw people being taken
from water.It was like sewage water initially which
just entered our street which is in uphill of
slope.I got down to see what actually is happening?

I saw it was just within 10 metres from my doorstep
water has come with a greater force and as it was
slope, it came till peoples shoulder.Some of people
playing in nearby ground rushed and are rescuing
persons only whose hands were visible.We took them
to our houses and provided some confidence,first
aid,food and slowly enquired.I took my vehicle to actually
make a call to my dad.My friend took a rescued old lady
in his bike and made her sit in his house.I tried to
contact my dad but didnt get him.Two of my friends
and i tried to have some kind of view of overall
township started our bikes.We crossed our house in another
way to see few of vehicles rolled over on road.The road
was full of mud.A Sumo has crashed into a shop.We
tried to cross the BRIDGE which connects the two
spheres of Kalpakkam Township.We saw it was badly
damaged,had holes in it.We just had a single way.We
could not get into other half as it was full of
water upto 4 feet.I returned to my home.

By then the people in Central Avenue,Sadras East,Two
Churches and those who were on the arterial road
were in worst condition.Many were pushed by tides
force and travelled nearly 500 metres without swimming,some
got hold of tree branches,some fell into partially open
& partially closed strom water drains.Some came NUDE
after water washed away everything.We dont know
that this happened throughout the continent.Everyone was
instructed to goto terus.A whole lot of people
gathered there.Few children without parents,Few
mothers crying without small kids.I saw a tide which
came as high as church in the sea.Now it was the
second time it striked.This time the damage was
heavier as more people were on roads to
rescue,search thier loved ones.I just called my friend through
intercom and asked him to keep in touch with my dad.
Around 11 am someone told Marina is suffering
from similar fate.

By now rescue operations were in full swing, Single
vatch of Army has come in to rescue people.I heard
Radio news to know that this is even more
disasterous.Starting from Sumatra till Srilanka.By
now they said 30 bodies were present in our Hospital
which was even flooded as it was very near to the coast.

By noon the colony was asked to vacate and busses
were operated to and fro to nearby Anupuram Township
which is 10 km away from shore.My mom and I were
tensed as we could not get any information from my
dad, so didnot leave our house .Around 3pm my dad
reached Anupuram and searched us.Later he said he
will be coming home as soon as there is a bus there.I
went to bus stand to receive him.I saw my friend who was
searching his father, Headmaster of our high school
who was on duty to hold a national level symposium
for which students have come from around the country.
luckily they were saved. This time the water had
drained and we crossed the bridge which had big
holes in the middle. Now we understood that the second and
third attack which came around 1 pm is still worse
than the first one. We saw cars lying in backwaters
which was 500 metres from the main road thrown by
tide. We went to school where his father has left a
note that he is safe in Anupuram.Houses opposite to
school which were hardly 300 metres from shore were
badly hit.There were sofas,TVs lying on road.
Unfortunately those houses are Bungalow type and
dint have a terus.

On returning we saw a hand cut off separately on
road.My friend also said that my classmate's father
has expired that morning due to the tide as he was
on road to buy milk.The worst part is that my classmate
himself searched for hours before he identified at
mortuary where hundred bodies were lying. I
returned to home to see my dad and sister arraived from
Chennai safely. My dad said we all were asked to
vacate immidietely as 48 hours warning was given. It
was 5 pm and we started packing some clothes,
certificates,some cash and left home.

One must remember the communication link is totally
cutoff . Though some had Cell phones neither it dint
have Battery as power has gone in morning itself nor
there were no recharge coupons available as all
shops have closed.We were transported to Anupuram township
by department buses which were pushed into
evacuation services.

There were thousands on the road there. Few persons
were seen distributing food packets, water etc.We
thought of leaving to Chennai but the buses were
pressed for rescuing people from Kalpakkam.Few maxi
cabs were filled with as many as 35 people traveling
in it.We got into my father’s friends house who was
kind enough to accommodate and provide some food and
shelter. On next morning (27th Dec)we somehow
reached Chengalput with greater difficulty and then went to
our relatives house. On seeing reports of
electrocution in the church that is at stone throw
distance from my house is shocking.We stayed there
and watched the news. Chennai was even more tense as
roomers spread about Karunanidhi’s health. After
calling up an official in Kalpakkam we returned to
our place on 28th afternoon after getting assured that
power supply, water are getting restored. As a sign
of luck Telephone got restored. Everything is getting
back to normal. Office is scheduled to commence from
29th. Even now only a few are staying at Kalpakkam
as many are still afraid off. Information centre is
setup here. For those who need essential information mail
me,I will try to provide as far as possible.

Many of my friends are worried ,some lost their
loved ones.100s are homeless though alternate measures are
provided for the worst affected.Im sending this mail
at 12 am hoping my experiences would cause a person
to contribute atleast an atom size contribution . So
please contribute as much as possible in any form
either money or rescue and rehabilitation
items,food,MEDICINES,clothes,etc to any organization
working for relief. On seeing TV I feel that
Nagapattinam,Srilanka Thailand are adversely
Please PRAY God for early restoration of Normalcy
throughout the World.



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