Anbae Sivam….

One movie which has taught me a lot in my life.Infact i would rather say changed my attitude towards life.Made me more philosophical.It covers a entire range of human values from love,communism,helping tendency,service,viewing a particular situation with right mindset,Above all tells how u must love everyone to reach the way to god.It deals with 2 people who view the world almost contrast in every issue,but the factor that brings them together is LOVE.The song "yaar yaar sivam" tells who is close to god rather who is god.Catch the lyrics.You can read a neat review rather story here The scenes depicted will be fixed in ones heart forever. Esp few like the climax dialogue kamal speaks in letter,when Maddy cries for death of the boy.Kamal & Maddy shared a excellant relationship on screen.Though thier thought process differ,ultimate concept of loving people is fed to public.Well one can write for ages on that movie.For those in orkut,join the community on Anbae Sivam & get more insights.

I must point out what i read in that community a serious flaw in the movie.It was maddy donating blood, technically its not possible as he consumed alcohol last night & it could have been very well due to that the boy could have lost his life..

But critics apart, One movie which deserves OSCAR.. Anbae Sivam ROCK. If u havent seen the movie,go watch it.

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2 Responses to “Anbae Sivam….”

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Tht was very descriptive and the links were good too. I just saw half of the movie and never thought it would be too good.

    Have a nice day,

  2. Revathi Says:

    hey..yeah i saw that movie and enjoyed it too!!rather than sending dumb nonsensical movies to the oscars the they can send movies like this!!–>

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