Shitty Correction — 1

My life under Anna univ–Part 1

I havent seen what is failure till i entered college. That would be the case for most of us doing a BE/BTech under Anna univ.A very few pass out without keeping a arrear(say atleast a temp one which lasts till reval).Everyone knows its shitty correction…Now let me write a blog about my life under this univ,exams,results,revals,arrears….

My First Sem::

Well straight from school, where i felt 185/200 in board chemistry was a failure & was fed up as my cut off came around just 275. Well god had more lessons for me it seems.185/200 is no more a failure mark.The most toughest of the lot was E-Mech.I flunked in those cycle tests(first time in life), so was really scared of it.In the study leave,i went for tuition to my sister's friend who made my whole approach towards subject a lot easier.I got 90% in model(only sem we had model exam!)But i got a feel i would get 90%+ considering the fact that we had 4 labs.But when results came it was a utter shock.I got 26/80 in my chem exam.I was shattered.My FIRST FAILURE in my life.The next day onto my college,i was feeling humiliated as only some 15 or 20 failed in my college of 420.I was one among them.I was speechless for one week.Everyone told u will clear in reval.I too hoped it as i did well and was expecting above 60 in tat paper.It was a long wait for 40 odd days till one fine evening i heard from my dad that i have cleared by a huge margin.I must say i got good support but for which i would have committed suicide.My parents dint tell anything.Believed on me & gave me encouragement that i will clear my paper.My avg was 83.5%(tats highest till now)

My Second Sem::

Well the month immd after the first sem exams was followed by prac exams of first sem.Then time got on soon.I was in a new class of 60,getting on with new faces.Bang in middle it came, the first sem results.In second sem,My worry was about Eng Graphics.I was poor in drawing,hate it,sole reason y i took computer grp in my +1.[Of course now couldnt imagine life without computer].Since it was a lab paper,i wasnt worried tat much.My discrete math teacher used to tell us 'only 7 out of 35 passed in the paper'.But i always kinda liked that subject. Logic na… Datastructures was a cakewalk for me,this time i concentrated on chem so tat it doesnt let me down,Math was not a prob till 1st year,never bothered on English,So it was the turn of SemiConductor Physics & OptoElectornics or SPOE as we called.More than half of the class flunked in cycle test,We had 'n' no.. of retest in which again most will flunk.We had a very good teacher who will try to explain things but except one guy [ragesh]the whole class will sleep.So when the results came in,it was a major shock.More than 60% in my class had arrears[many flunked in my coll too].But this time i was bit more courageous while it was the turn of those 'first-timers' to feel the heat.I must say even after reval many incl me dint clear it up though a few did.One unlucky fellow like me was vinod[guy who was ambitious of IIT],he got phy & chem left after reval which cleared DataStructures alone.Now my average got flunked to mere 73%,

My Third Sem::

Well third started of with a big bang, was actually nice entering into dept,i felt no need to mug up shit like phy,chem here after as its gonna be computers.But again i was wrong.there was more to come.There was Electrical.I felt why should i still mug up shit about motors.Algorithms,DBMS,Sys soft were interesting & so was Digital systems.Math was getting tougher to me,as i came without preparing tests after tests.Time went soon, we had our dept symp & were helping seniors in conducting the mega event.When the time table was put up,i had Algorithmsa on Wed morning,SPOE in thurs afternoon followed by Electrical on Sat morning.That left very little time for my electrical.We had loads of stuff in DBMS to read.I prepared it with fear as i dint have confidence on myself as far as Electrical was concerned.So it was SPOE which was left on deal.So it came to end of wire,we had just 24 hrs between the exams,So after reaching home vinod rang me up & we started at 7pm.We did something over night & said we can do it in morning.We sat together on that morning,did some work usefully, but while entering into hall none of us had confidence of clearing.When i saw the paper,it contained all questions which i left.So i wrote something i knew.. & we all came back after writing 1.5 hrs and left it to gods grace.I did other subjects quite well though i dint match to my potential as i was getting carried away by SPOE everynow & again, feeling for it.When the results came,it was another bang,most of the 60 odd who wrote SPOE cleared.I was one of the few who still had it.Thankfully i learnt Electrical,in which i cleared.So i was havin SPOE carried away again.My percentage was 74.5% which was low considering 80% was easy & many had that mark..

Well i think this itself is a long post,So my 4,5 sems will come in next post.. Will write it soon

4 Responses to “Shitty Correction — 1”

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Ha..yeah it happens in life. ‘Believe in urself’ are the words I would tell 2 myself at times like these.

  2. LApstrE Says:

    A failure is a very dis heatening thing, Don’t get bogged down…

    Cos once you are, Then u are dead. Trust me, I’ve experienzed it!

  3. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    You are tagged..Pls see my blog to know more..

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