Never Find time….

How my time goes..

I was thinking of writing the tag, but then the week went very quickly,So i will write the tag abt International Womans day b4 the next one comes 🙂 ..I dont know how time goes so fast,everyday i sit in computer frm 530pm to 230am.So just thought of listing what all im doing looking on to screen daily,so that i can get some more time for usefull work.

My day starts at 6am,browse till 0615,then get ready to coll,back at 1700,switch on pc[rather shake the mouse to move it frm standby mode].Tats it.. nowadays my frequency of watching news channels has drastically reduced,Only serial i try to makeup is Chidambara Ragasiyam & LOLLU.But missed them too coz of this intelligent box.

List of my activities

2)Minesweeper & offlate FreeCell freak
3)iTunes always runs on background.[10 GB of songs! wat more gr8 tool,lot more than winamp]
4)Programming [again offlate has come down to 0]
5)Formatting & installing all kinda OS[i do it atleast once a week, hate them these days]

Now this is where i waste a whole lot of time.Im one of very few,who is always online.While downloading stuff & messenger was my only form of wasting time till few months ago.Latest craze is on blogging,orkutting.Also waste lot of time moderating msgs to groups & organising my mailbox.Theres again 'n' mail ids,which i check daily which are subscribed to various lists,groups.

My initial perception about it was "Yet another hi5 kinda network used to remind abt bdays".So dint join it when i recieved a invite almost a year & half ago.Then later on friends said abt how ppl are jobless & wash thier dirty linen in public.I was invited to view activities of my friends by one.So i joined.But then i found a gr8 concept of communities.Its actually much more than a forum.Then lot of friend finding activity was there.I got some 20 contacts with whom i lost touch almost some 3-5 years ago.Also i have learnt manythings from community ranging from caste to politics to computers to tamil… list goes on.. Also try to participate in them actively

Tech stuff::
This will help whenever im in need of a help or theres something happening on tech arena.Even wikipedia has helped me moulding me a lot these days.Read pros & cons of rival technologies,compare them but always has the tendency to allign to antigoogle,opensource,java way..

Since my system[p3 866Mhz,256MB,200GB] cant accept even a very little load, Minesweeper,Freecell are only games i play.Even pinball makes my system cry.I loved minesweeper,but no more interested in it,as i reached near the world record.Now onto freecell.This lets u manages the resources available to u wisely & win.My stats are very poor[50%],trying to improve.


This is amazing piece of jukebox software i have ever seen which runs across platforms.Now though i have edited the ID3 tags of all songs i download then & there,I edit tags of my old MP3 CDs which all have artist title as thier info.But to say it has saved me lotto time compared to winamp.Now listening to wide range is easier…

Formatting & installing::

Now another key area i waste a lot of time,Almost i will install an oS atleast once a week as my system will slowdown, or i will do something to crash my boot loader.Latest craze is linux. I sat a whole day trying to install my modem,tried 4 diff distros yet cant get my modem installeed.

Other activities::

Write a lot of CDs & maintain a collection,Troubleshooting PCs,beach on weekends,occasionally reading stuff read something related to studies.So let me see when i get time to write my next blog..

Btw i have failed again to keep up my 2 blogs per week.. :))


4 Responses to “Never Find time….”

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Very busy schedule.. 😉 Hahaha.
    Post ur tag b4 next IWD.. 😛

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Hi, You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more.. Will be happy to see if u write ur tag.

  4. Casanova Says:

    in the unix world you do not reinstall, you only identify and rectify what is wrong 😐

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