CommonWealth Bronze – Amazing…..

Indian Woman's TT team wins bronze in commonwealth games in melbourne.I expected that they will atleast reach finals.Anyway good that they have got a medal.You might be wondering y this guy is mentioning this in particular when India has won some gold there.

My School Team mate K.Shamini was part of that team.. Amazing isnt.. Brings me old memoies back of TT & fun we all had.

It was indeed a moment of pride, for me on seeing her winning laurals for India.She has been a child prodigy in TT.. She started in UKG.. tats toooo early.

About Kalpakkam & TT::

Well being in a rural setup,Kalpakkam dint have infrastructure it has now when we were growing up,but the sport of Tabletennis has always had a special place in kalpakkam.Through efforts of many, our school AECS started encouraging TT frm tender age of 5.From the day one,we had one or the other making into state rankings in thier set.It was almost guys sport untill this girl came.She is 2 yrs junior to me but had loads of talent frm day we started.For the guys in our set,defeating her is a achievement[i did thrice!!] during our practice sessions.She was queen of kalpakkam TT in her 5th std.[remember kalpakkam has decent players fighting on state arena].Our school had good support for TT.We had daily practice sessions, weekend coaching classes.My first tour with my school team was to kotagiri(near ooty) when i was in 7th std for inter CBSE schools tour.tat was a gr8 fun for a week. Need a seperate post for tat alone.Had gr8 time with psbb guys.we guys lost to Sarath Kamal's team[Again Hero of Indian Gold medal in commonwealth]there.. but the one
week playing cards,sharing the room,alone for long time leaving parents.. gr8 experience.

My TT continued till my 12th std though i was out of competition after my 8th std as i dint maintain or improve my game.We had coach till 5th std only.After that its what we have learnt by practice..

About Shamini::

Well We knew that she would rock the world from the moment when she was queen of kalpakkam TT in her 5th.. She had determination of very high calibre.. Over & above a great support from her parents.I must say her dad almost spent his entire life thinking about her.He gave her best of coaching every weekend travelling 200 kms for coaching sessions.She made her first steps through cadet ranking.she was winning.{{I went till pre quarters in sunjunior level.[tats my achievement!!]}}She won a gold for India in her 7th std in Hungary.From then on she shifted school to chennai to get best in coaching.. She then represented nationals kept winning them..But poor girl always comes one rank below par as there are ppl well above her age in the category.She would definitly have a crack at Olympic gold & that day is not too far.

About Experiences::

Well it was a tiresome practice for all of us daily 6 hrs almost.. But when we get onto tours we make sure we enjoy.The train journeys we had… The kotagiri tour was indeed a lifelong memory..Kabilan,Me, Sudarshan,Shamini,Shalini,Preeti.. The CBSE tournaments in PSBB, We guys never won,but girls won single handedly coz of her.She was the tiniest of the lot,so we called her mini.She was one girl in group, who will make comments on everyone.But offlate she has become a typical shy type girl i guess.. Havent seen her for more than couple of years..But watch her matches in TV when i know she is playing.

Kudos girl.. Wish you all the best for your bright future.. Bring that Olympic gold.. its gonna happen sooner or later i tell u..


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