Long awaited “Broadband”

It was a looong wait for 7 months to get a broadband connection.. BSNL sux.. but others are still worse they dont even think of coming to rural areas unlike the cell phone boom..I browsed some forums regarding dataone new plans ending up noting some comedies & worthlessness of BSNL employees like..

1)A guy in punjab was billed 48000Rs for internet usage.. The error was the employee wrongly entered his plan as 250(no download, 400MB) but the guy used it thinking he is in plan 500.. finally he got some respite after days of fight..

2)In Kalyan Telecom Dist.. 1GB was treated as 1000MB.. but hey its correct by defns, but BSNL all across country treat it as 1024MB. Here is a eyeopener on GB & GiB

3)BSNL Dataone's website used to check account details is sick..It says use IE.. im running GNU/linux, so wheres IE.. shitty ppl couldnt even write a webapplication in jsp common to all platforms/browsers.

Btw atleast the ADSL modem is compatible with Linux.. So atlast im in linux connected to net.. GAIM is my chat client,Mozilla as Browser, Finding download managers other stuff which i miss frm windows here.. But things here are of high quality unlike in Windows..

Looking to explore the world of GNU/linux with internet..

2 Responses to “Long awaited “Broadband””

  1. Logic’s Blog » Blog Archive » My Life in orkut :: Orkut story-Part2 Says:

    […] It was Jan 2006, winter holidays when i was asked by my friend to join the orkut world to see what people have been doing.He taught me the concept of scrap,community etc, While i was still in dial-up,i rarely go that side,as it takes huge time to load each page which will have N pictures..I dint like the open scrap book concept at all,but for which orkut resembled any-other social networking site.Initially i added only my classmates/they added me..Later i joined some communities, I was elated to find a community for my township kalpakkam,where i got in touch with few school seniors passed out..I got in touch with Niranj tat way, lotta lost friends frm then on through that community.almost some 20-25 with whom now hav a contact.. orkut rocks for these reasons..Then added few bloggers onto my list as well,few college mates & life was sailing slowly in orkut untill Broadband came..It was mid march i guess,frm then on i dint have restriction on time i spend on internet(i mean time restriction for which i need to pay for),since it was a 24 hr ON connex,i was browsing as N when i was free… […]

  2. Waiting For Broadband Says:

    I know this will not be of any use, and may be bit childish too lol

    Anyway, please have a look at


    No, no google ads and nothing commercial

    Also, email me your comments – info@waitingforbroadband.com

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