FOSS & colleges

Just read the post by Toufeeq on FOSS in chennai engineering colleges. My thought on it.

lackness is in Students &…

It would say the institutes eye on industry-institution interaction is just opening up.In my 3 years of College life,Only this year i have witnessed so much interaction.Coming to FOSS, I would say its mainly due to students & partly due to the "bookish" attitude which our curriculam prescribes & the industry which gives importance to it.

Thx for the software industry for limiting restrictions to 60%, else everyone would have been 90%+ with no practical knowledge.Today there are people doing lot tech stuff but score 60-70%.Only very few in the range 85%+ do these stuff while they are in coll.

Coming back to students fault::

Recently our coll had a LDD by chennailug members which was arranged by one of our alumini,who is a active LUG member & involved in FOSS campaign.It was a saturday,our coll said its working to compensate holidays,yet only very few came.It was just 30 in audi with capacity of 1000+. One of our staff felt disgusting & we tried to convince those came to attend & finally made it 150.

Students arent interested in these stuff.They think its waste of time sitting for these stuff.Im sure they would realize after they goto industry.

Institution's response::
Sadly very few institutions respond well to these kind of interactions.Its partly coz of the quality of people who come to teach.[sorry there are a few,who do keep updating,inspiring students],but mostly they would be out of date with the industry & tech world.So they cant inspire people to work.So ultimately people endup reading books alone.

@Toufeeq on ur comment in ur blog
As you said u dont have many interested, But the one-man army thing is a huge task..

By the way,I have just started a lug in my coll,which had pretty lukeworm response(30/1000+),hope to have more sessions & awareness about FOSS in my coll,sadly its exam time soon & i will be in coll for only one more year.I guess to do more for it next year.

2 Responses to “FOSS & colleges”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    hey dude add a comment on his blog pointing to this entry 🙂

  2. Srikanth Says:

    done tat dude :)–>

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