Well.. Unforgettable year 2002-2003

Well i was asked about the unforgettable year in my life in one of those so called "placement skills" hr.But it did brought back my old memories.Year which i cherished, Full of uncertainties,challenges, yet i must say I succeeded in things i have done to a reasonable level.

Well it is 12th std, right from day1 ppl say abt cutoff,engg education etc.So asusual i was bang on for first 2 months.I was a mediocre in my 11th.If i use my 11th marks, i would have around 230-240 as my cutoff.Im not a studious person.I like math, hate the Phy,Chem.So since my dad told u must get 280 atleast to get a paid seat in good coll.So i started mugging crap.2 months went on well.Then we shifted house,which meant i would have to travel for school,tuition for 1 hr everytime.

My typical day::
Get up at 5am, catch bus 530am, phy/chem tuition 6-7, getback home by 730am.Schoolbus at 9am(Spl classes mean 815 am bus)
Getback frm school at 430 pm. Bus 630 pm Math(Gunns) tuition 7-8pm return home 830pm
Sundays will be double burden with test series in AIMS & the above tuition centres.

Well i was there at my home only to eat N sleep.Never studied at home.With all these,my hard work paid off in quarterly,now i was feeling confident of the achievable target(280).Then came another challenge.. Inter AECS TT tournament at Managuru(AP).I was obv choice along with my classmate who were representing our school for past 5 years.Princy almost forced us to go there.Infact we missed the OOTY tour for tat.But the burden added is practice i needed to go.So its now 430-630 practice then some snacks,willing away time & 7pm to math tuition.

To top it all, the 8pm bus journey.Boy o boy,crowded to core.. those footboard journeys chatting with cleaner,we guys had a great time.Got idea of what life is from unique experiences.

The Quarterly holls was spent in Manuguru..(one week) We won the southern region championship,obv another challenge came on the way.We were asked to play national level AECS tourney at Mumbai in December hols.I missed first revision entirely, second revision on the day after arrival.Btw my academics wasnt letting me down,it continued well.Come Jan, it was all serious, no play.But still travelling 3 times a day,going & writing tests everywhere,it was fun,mental torture.I had no entertainment(dint opt for cable conn at new house).Onlything was FM. mind u those days it was only AIR FM 😦

Gone march, exams went on well..(i watched world cup final on giant screen, having comp sc exam in a day.. comp sc always my cake).Then the comedy called enterance coaching. This was the time i had for breathing after 10 long months.Mornings were free.. classes frm 4-9. back home at 930.. i must say i enjoyed too much in this period.

Results came.. TNPCEE was ok with 84%. then board chem let me down with cutoff of 275.Got SSN after failing to make it in PSG MSc integ.Atlast, 2002-2003 acad yr ended with a happy note.


2 Responses to “Well.. Unforgettable year 2002-2003”

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Tht was a very descriptive post. Gud one!

  2. Logic’s Blog » Blog Archive » Harder the path–>Stronger u become Says:

    […] Harder path: In 12th std With the help of tuition’s i got through my studies,it wasn’t problem.But change of house,principal forcing me to lead the school TT team for 2 week long tournaments.It was hell of harder path.I wouldn’t forget even a single day in that year 2002-03. The day when i got struck in a place without buses to home due to TN bandh on kaveri,roaming on streets for entire day,attending school in color dress without bathing… The innumerable days i have waited hours for a bus,travelled on foot-board,no.. of days without proper food.That was indeed HARDER PATH. For all that i got a decent score of 275,though dint go to counselling as i got to my favourite course in a reputed coll through management quota.For my performance i got a good yield […]

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