:(( :(( No PC at home

Well im without PC at my home for past 4 days. Its like without a hand.Im finding very difficult.

My motherboard burned… servicing not possible.. Im in cafe now paying highly for browsing(30 Rs per hr in my village)..Its hard to spend nights without getting sleep..

Hard without checking mails.. Though i chk my primary yahoo on my mobile.. Msgr on mobile needs a lot of improvement.. Chatting through it is highest degree of punishment u can give a person who was 24*7 online…

Just ordered a new PC.. rather upgrade.. trying to be back in a couple of days…

To top it all im having lab exams.. i donno a line of code in it.. Walking in & Walking out of them… :(((

Just when i badly need PC.. i miss it.. I have treated my system badly.. I accept it.I never clean the table.. occasionally clean the system,dedfragment.. never shutdown for weeks.. But for all that this is a high punishment…

I miss u my MAN.. I just cant live without you..

Atlast a tribute for my old Captain which lasted for 5 yrs.. Salute.

P3 866 Mhz 256 MB Ram on a 815 board.. U r gone now..

Eagerly waiting for new one.. tats
P4 3.0GHz 1GB ram on 915 board..

topping it is my old(rather upgraded)160+40GB IDE hdd with a DVD combo & DVD RW+… well tats wat my machine one dreams as home PC now..


One Response to “:(( :(( No PC at home”

  1. Ragesh Says:

    Wow.. that’s a great one dude.. I really empathise with you on this and can really understand how you might feel like:-)

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