Web 2.0 a brief vision

Well in the late 90's the WWW or Web1.0 had changed lives of millions. It helped in numerous ways which is almost a never ending list..

Information gathering
Airline Reservations at a click
Sharing entertainment [ said its never ending list.. so leaving it here]

Well offlate the web has focussed more on individual users as an entity rather than an organisation/enterprise. So then came blogs/wikis which can provide as much & even more valuable information.But the problem is the way these data are organised.Its fragmented to a very large extent..

We still find google useless as it doesnt understand our exact needs & gives u millions of pages,none of which we have interest.

Ben Hunt writes abt Web 2.0–The future of social web experienece.

Well in todays world ppl find it difficult to share huge data[not those copyrighted ones which can be easily obtained in many illegal ways] between thier peers,sync them.Sooner or later there is gonna be an architecture in which all ur files are on a webspace & ur local hdd will become a cache of it..[Not to mention the bandwidth then..everyone will b on T1 line 🙂 !!]. So no problems of syncing data when u travel..

Already Online products are on web with Microsoft Office Live,Windows Live, Google has brought writley-The Web Word Processor
couple of spreadsheets s/w too is online now i guess.

Any article abt Web2.0 doesnt exist without mentioning abt AJAX. To get a touch N feel experience try Google Suggest.

Dion Hinchcliffe writes in depth abt Web2.0 in his blog.This post by him on Web2.0-State of Web made me exploring what exactly web 2.0 will be in future.

10 years down the line we will be talking of Web 3.0 or even higher versions.. thats IT for you…Change is only permanent in this industry & no one can guess the pace easily..


6 Responses to “Web 2.0 a brief vision”

  1. raghavan Says:

    a teaser to forthcoming days esp from a laymans(read mine)view…..
    nice write up dude

  2. Ragesh Says:

    Good one.. Lot’s of information. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Ya I was thinking of my last days at sec. school, higher sec.school and college when I wrote that. Ya that would be great if we all friends could get placed in the same I.T firm and be there for each other, be it a professional or personal issue..

  3. Srikanth Says:

    @ Ragesh… Thx for comment on this post.. Abt comments on ur blog.. well it was made by library(srikanth) not me..

  4. QED Says:

    Interesting dude…

  5. QED Says:

    Thank u amigo…
    i m searchin for ppl who write diary as their blog…so if u come to kno any of those ppl’s blog,do lemme know….ok?

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