Election fever in TamilNadu

With elections round the corner,being a first time voter,one who follows politics for more than 7 years now,Im yet to decide on whom to vote:

These are the thoughts running on my mind when i think abt these parties..

Let me do an analysis on some factors..

What if DMK(+) comes into power?

  1. As he said rice has to be given for 2Rs,free TV,free Land,scrapping of Loans with interest, but all these at what cost.. eventually the govts exchequer is gonna be 0 soon.. 😦
  2. There will be some vindictive action against the current govt, & this may lead to no developmental activity or any usefull thing done atleast till the next LokSabha elections come.
  3. On the otherhand, people wont be troubled like in the previous rule,but the developments will be slow,silent,but yet they will happen,Coz they have to show something on Sun TV na…

What if ADMK(+) comes into power?

  1. Again if they come to power,atleast half of thier copied manifesto which again will cost exchequer heavily as already she has spent a huge chunk by giving cycles, Rs.2000 free for flood affected etc..
  2. For god sake there wont be any vindictive action,the current cases against DMK will continue in a slow manner, & those against 1991-96 govt will continue even slower..
  3. Guess she wont be torturing people like she did previous time saying "arasu gajaana gaali aaga irukku", but still her autocratic rule will continue,developments will be little faster,but again since she wont cooperate with centre,that will bring down the pace..

Im leaving out chances for DMDK… comeon people be realistic its first election,let them aim at trying to get double digit seats & atleast 4 digit votes in all seats.

About Lok Paritan,I wish they retain the deposit in all areas they contest..One reason being the seats they are contesting for already has a heavy competition & also Coz the "student" support they claim wont actually turn them big,coz sms,mails,orkut alone cant bring some into victory.. moreover i was sad that they chose only "educated" areas that too in city.They must have acted fast,gathered people and stood atleast in all the cities in tamilnadu,that would have got atleast a greater attention towards them.And like any other educated IITian/IIM they never focus on rural areas.. If you are into politics then goto rural places, coz no.. of educated who vote is very less & u cant ask people who generally dont vote to vote by ur "educated" campaign.Here is one post by my friend casanova on LP .

Coming onto my view on the 2001-06 govt & 2004-current centre..
Well 2001-2004 was with 0 development in TamilNadu… not much in stake for people like us..what made worse was the dumbest education policy,govt employees strike,anti conversion law(still exists mind you),attack on media,satisfying personal interests, vendetta..

For all this people gave a benchmark judgement, 40/40(39/39-TN).But after that govt has become very kind..handling of tsunami,floods were indeed good.. better roads all over the state.(only in last yr of 5 years mind you).But the people from centre(13 dumba** as called by current …) have indeed done some work.

The thing about alliance & star power..
This has indeed created bubbles in the already hot politics, Vaiko shifting sides, Sarathkumar changing sides for some strange reason,Visu entering politics into ADMK coz of sniff in SunTV.Simran joining ADMK(lol y does she enter this arena.. not her cup of coffee),Vijaya TR(aka LDMK founder aka dandanakka man) joining hands again with MK,1 Crore drama with my thalaivar kamal[good that he kept away] ……lot of drama which first had our GAPTAN entering the frey after a long wait..Guess these factors will contribute only very little fraction to the final mandate

Its gonna be stiff competition & election(/)climate is getting very hot… days to come will be more interesting….
read the disclaimer for those people who wish to pounce on for the stuff written,though ur comments on a democratic mode is always welcome..

Btb its my study hols.. so have to start studying.. No more 2 posts per week though i may write when i feel bored..

5 Responses to “Election fever in TamilNadu”

  1. Gopalan Ramasubbu Says:

    Good post Srikanth,btw intha election la yarau jaika kudathungarathu thaan romba important.:)

  2. QED Says:

    Mr.Srikanth…thanks for ur encouragement

  3. QED Says:

    Thank you Mr.Srikanth! 🙂

  4. silverstrike Says:

    cine stars are prime attraction in TN election.

    there entry is like teenage love. they will come and go in no time

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