Moved into WordPress

Hi to regular/new readers..

I have just shifted to wordpress..Well from the day i saw wordpress API,i was impressed but i havent thought of moving from blogger.. But my new friend Thilak insisted me to switch over to wordpress & said that transistion is easy with a help of a tool.. So i created a demo account & within 10 minutes all my posts including comments were into wordpress..The thing i found impressive about wordpress was the category & recent comments which help a lot..surveys show categories increase readership by 40% & recent comments is such a nice feature for the blog owner.

I found these things difficult in wordpress,inspite of these disadvantages i still leave blogger & will continue only here..

  1. Templates cannot be previewed or manually changed
  2. Couldnt have those firefox ads as they contain pic & is not allowed by WP

But still i prefer this wordpress template.. its amazing..

Hope to provide u better writings…


5 Responses to “Moved into WordPress”

  1. sn Says:

    even i wanted to move to wordpress! but i reckon its not that customizable…nyways lets see

  2. Srikanth Says:

    Well its not that customizable as blogger, but WP offers more flexibility..WP also got some cool plugins which u can explore if u own a trying to shift this blog(again 🙂 )to my website..tat will happen in a month or two.

    @Myself :: Couldnt have those firefox ads as they contain pic & is not allowed by WP

    Now having those firefox N netBeans ad.. sounds good.. nothing beats WP.. WP rock

  3. Mukunth Says:

    How do I move from blogspot to wordpress? Can you please mail me your experiences? Thanks.

  4. Srikanth Says:

    Its actually pretty simple..
    1) goto WordPress
    2) sign in for a new account.. much like wat u did for blogger..
    3) then sign in to wordpress.. goto dashboard
    4) click on the last thing on the bar –> “Import”
    5) then click on blogger
    6) it will ask for blogger id & passwd
    7) then it will display the list of ur blogs under ur profile(most hav only one,i donno abt multiple blogs shifting)
    8) then select that.. then the process is almost automatic,it will transfer every post.. dont close the window anytime.. it may take some time (10-20 mins) depending on size of ur blog
    9)U wont get the links,bookmarks on the side-panes frm blogger, so create them newly here..
    10) hope this helps u.. Enjoy WP blogging

  5. Mukunth Says:

    Thanks, Srikanth. I have moved all my posts into WordPress…took about 5 minutes only…haven’t yet decided to completely abandon blogger…

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