Exam time :(

Well its exams from 23rd.. i havent touched anything.. all i have done these 10 days was sitting online 24 hrs.So i guess its time to get out of blog world & do some serious business..i will be back on 5th june…

Here i put some titles so that i wont forget to write them in the future

  •  The iWD tag(tagged on March 6th).. i would rather write on woman in society in general,issues,rights etc
  • Story of my computer life part2(part 1)
  • Developing apps with JavaDB, derby a lightweight database
  • My gnu/linux installations & experiences
  • Overhyped media… on deaths(reg live telecast on funeral)
  • Shitty correction-my life under AU part2(part 1)
  • Reservation issue(growing complex day by day)
  • My life in orkut,orkut story-Part2(part 1)
  • What is practical in college?? story of a college student's technical knowledge
  • Last but not least, my thamizh post for the month..(not a good start to break my resolution of 1 thamizh post per month..) but typing in thamizh takes a lot of time..already did some ground work on a article.. will post that along with next month's article..

And a lot more.. which i feel like writing now N then…. Bye 4 now


5 Responses to “Exam time :(”

  1. Ponnarasi Says:

    All the best!

  2. Gopalan Ramasubbu Says:

    All the best for u r exams Srikanth

  3. jnarin Says:

    Welcome to WP. 🙂
    It’s awesome, I tell you. Was on Blogger too. Moved over to WP recently..

  4. jnarin Says:

    And all the best with the exams..

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Thx ppl for your wishes..

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