TN Elections 2006-View from a small angle..

Well 11th May was a long day,(just 3 hrs which have been so loooong)… at the end of the day,it was the thing expected… DMK winning though would need the support of the coalition partners.. As things stand by roughly its DMK-96 Cong 34 PMK 18 Left 15..After the meet today, it was decided to make a minority DMK govt with outside support from Cong..

Why this Result??

Well termed as the most toughest election in history of elections, Battle of freebies, You can have a look at the fever TN had..While opinion polls said it was a 2% adv JJ,what made DMK bounce back…For this historic election even the turnout was historic 70%.. kudos to youth who have come a long way from their usual attitude towards politics..

The most underestimated factor in this election was DMDK aka captain katchi.. Being a person favoring third front(indirectly him),i thought he was making comedy when said both Dravidian parties are announcing freebies as they got insecure due to arrival.. well those statements might have been over exaggerated ones..but he made diff.. 9% vote share amounting to 20 Lakh votes across the state is not a joke considering the only factor was his cine image & he had literally no media vehicle(TV, even paper media) with him..All the votes were clearly in favour a third front..For those who predicted he would get defeated badly at his own seat.. people gave a good blow.. U know the party opposing him in virudhachalam fielded 4 other "vijayakanth" hoping to split the votes..

Coming back to what made DMK in winning seat,it was the usual anti ADMK people including govt employees & a huge list of people who have been affected by her..But she too got votes of women folks(tats stupid..when does this nation gonna improve if women views "woman" as a criteria for voting,i hate woman for few reasons like these..will come up with a post sooner or later),& those who got those 2000 & bicycles as (bribe..i would like to call that way) . I would say the so called hero of election, the DMK manifesto s**ked, no one would want so many freebies,they just want the basic infrastructure in health,roads etc..

About particular const & some parties..

Chengalput (my area)

Well its the shitty thing that has happened again, the PMK, a caste based party has won in my area,15 years in a row.. its 0 development.Another reason why i think India will never improve is caste based voting..


Well i have made fun of the party frm its inception,a party without clear statergies,no stand on any issues, only having brand IIT.. but what was shocking was the response it got.. 10900 votes in mylapore..(though its a educated area,its still an achievement for the kind of campaign its taking.. the sms orkut fwd mails way).. infact instead of DMDK it was LP which was decisive factor in mylapore seat,S Ve Sekar the comedian has won..

Thiruporur(My college area)

Another major disappointment was admk losing the thiruporur seat.. It was in this area jaya's farm house is..i travel in the entire route,i know but for jaya's special attention this area would never had got the attention it got..accepted that she did put roads for her comfortable travel,but she did built a bus stand,introduced new routes,made what not for the people of that area.. 

Captain's seat

Virudhachalam being stong hold of pmk due to s**kin caste votes dint stop captain from entering the assembly after winning by a huge margin..


Well this time pmk has licked defeat slightly though it won 18 seats, 18 seats was coz of dmk factor, it has certainly lost its caste factor & more people arent voting just because of caste these days.. good for TN,democracy

BJP,other chotas

Its time for these people to pack thier bags,or atleast allign with the 2 to withstand.LDMK its better to go with DMK..i dont know why parties like FB, BSP,SP,JD exist in TN..

Here is a place where you can check all stats..EC Website.It contains info about all the states

Well lets c if this govt withstands 5 years more importantly MK withstands 5 yrs..

2 Responses to “TN Elections 2006-View from a small angle..”

  1. Aravindan Says:

    hey srikanth….. good analysis… but captain was the real surprise of this elections…. no doubt!

  2. Srikanth Says:

    ya, silent killer.. hope he emerges much more successfull in next elections

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