My Life in orkut :: Orkut story-Part2

My Life in orkut :: Orkut story-Part2(Part1)
The no.. of hits the previous post on orkut had has indeed encouraged me to write this one asap,as i was very lazy in completing this post & sitting with it for 4 days now..

Orkut My first perception::

It was July 2004 i guess,when i got my first invite to orkut,at that time i had dial-up, when i read some reviews,i wasn't convinced and thought it was usual names-db,hi-fi,friend-finder stuff where very few people will be there & networking with them is pretty difficult & its a service which collects user info for spamming with those catchy stuff for youth.So since i couldn't hang out much on Internet in the good old days of dial-up,i simply let the invite expire,though i was always a net savvy person who explored almost every beta service on web {i had 1 GB yahoo china account through some hacks,when yahoo all over world gave 100MB & Y! india gave just 4MB}. I was in hifi, but found it was only used for b-day remainders,may be the web services provided those days weren't tat good as the technology N the bandwidth-constraints did any thing good to it either which led to a failure model among these social networking sites.

Orkut My first hand experience::

It was Jan 2006, winter holidays when i was asked by my friend to join the orkut world to see what people have been doing.He taught me the concept of scrap,community etc,
While i was still in dial-up,i rarely go that side,as it takes huge time to load each page which will have N pictures..I dint like the open scrap book concept at all,but for which orkut resembled any-other social networking site.Initially i added only my classmates/they added me..Later i joined some communities, I was elated to find a community for my township kalpakkam,where i got in touch with few school seniors passed out..I got in touch with Niranj tat way, lotta lost friends frm then on through that community.almost some 20-25 with whom now hav a contact.. orkut rocks for these reasons..Then added few bloggers onto my list as well,few college mates & life was sailing slowly in orkut untill Broadband came..It was mid march i guess,frm then on i dint have restriction on time i spend on internet(i mean time restriction for which i need to pay for),since it was a 24 hr ON connex,i was browsing as N when i was free…

More onto communities::
Since it was nearing election time & as I was also keenly interested in politics,i frequented the then 400 odd tamilnadu politics community which has now grown by 50% & im one of the active participants.Initially a silent spectator,later on took part in some discussions, made few friends frm tat community which included the owner Gops.I was also participating in kalpakkam community & my school community to find more N more friends.Was also there in my star Kamal Hassan community,got a lotta info abt him,The no.. of communities increased rapidly & at present its at 150, mostly the comms may be spam comms or play comms.But i find some usefull comms in orkut in which i participate..

This is one of the few positive aspects of orkut i admire at.. It helps u to find ur lost ones almost pretty easily..U must know atleast anyone detail to trace him/her like college or the place where they were brought or thier favourite hangout.. U name it they have a community & by this way u can find them easily.I was identified by my cousin's cousin Jugger whom i last met arnd 3 yrs back through my participation in a community & with help of my pic..I got the phone no.. of my childhood friend through a friend of my friend whom i lost contact after 2nd standard..ORKUT ROCKS in these man..

Fake profiles::

Now this is serious fun element in orkut & is in thing these days..some days back few of my friends created fake profiles impersonating each other & posting abt each others imagnary girlfriends & it was a total fun & we enjoyed it..But the fake profiles provided me more enjoyment.. There was a community called Tamil in which some fellows put some posts which affected sentiments of certain sections of the community,upon posting thier opposition to such post, they were banned or given some unrelated reply..This irritated them(incl me but i was off for my exams) a lot,they started a anti-moron community,devised statergies & planned a calculated attack on the community & kept posting worst things about those morons using fake profiles of those morons … It was indeed great fun..

Porno stuff::
How can one leave this when we are talking about internet,this is omnipresent & its also in orkut.SHIT.. there are a lotta brazillian profiles which contain porno content which often spam you or the communities.. leaving aside that, i heard frm my friend tat CNN IBN once did an expose on how the sites like orkut help in local porno makers by morphing.. So for all those ladies,plz dont put any closer,clearer pix of you..Be carefull

Im against scrap chats as its international waste of bandwidth & anyday Instant Messaging rocks..but for those orkut freaks chk this firefox plugin out.. Its cool & helps in easier orkutting for chats..Click here for that plug-in…Another way to spread firefox!!
My conclusion::
After these 6 months, orkut has now become a friendlier foe which kills my time,but im happy tat not all the time i spend in orkut is waste..It has indeed changed my internet habbits, made me little bit informative, created a platform for finding new friends, but one cannot ignore the side effects of orkutting which was mentioned in the previous post….Orkut revolutionised the concept of community networking,may well be an example for future social software which will include more room for every person to maintain a website as such in a easier way..


6 Responses to “My Life in orkut :: Orkut story-Part2”

  1. Gopalan Ramasubbu Says:

    Good analysis dude :).

  2. Srikanth Says:

    thx for the comment.. i hav been getting many hits but no comments offlate..

  3. jnarin Says:

    Good review.. [:)]

  4. jnarin Says:

    Sorry, that was the orkut smiley.. 🙂

  5. Srikanth Says:

    U r a typical orkut youth…

  6. ArunBalachandran Says:

    hey, even i hav a china account wid 3.5 GB & 20 MB attachments… i didnt require ne hacks tho! signed up da way v normally do….wonder y u required 1!

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