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How many days have you been in need of a Office package software, for keying in reports,other statements which must be given within a specific deadline.Working in our own PC & saving them,mailing within deadline works well if u don't have a bad day..On a typical bad day,u may come home from work around 7 & would be needed to finish a work before night & send them to your boss.You switch on the system,bang it comes the typical blue screen of the world's finest brand of OS.SHIT!!! will be your reaction,you need to reinstall the OS & install these packages which itself will take 2 hours & then sit for work..Even worse is when you don't have a backup of the document elsewhere other than the desktop.It couldn't be still worse that after installing the OS & drivers,when you search for the Office CD,u remember your friend has taken it a week back and haven't returned it..So here comes a new invention which makes our work easier..

Writely & SpreadSheet from Google

A product originally created by a start up company, later in March 2006 google acquired it & added one more feather to its cap.Initially free sign up account,after google's acquisition became a typical google service which requires invites from people.I got a invite from a friend in orkut(thanks to orkut 🙂 )The features are good.It has all the basic features of a word processor, the additional features which add the icing to the cake is document sharing & publishing.Like a typical blog,other personal data managing web services it allows 3 levels of abstraction.

  1. Personal data
  2. Data which can be shared with known people
  3. Data which can be viewed by public

U can collaborate a document with fellow colleagues, it maintains revision histories which i guess is very important when creating project reports which need team members input & a collaborative work.Sharing of each revised document will be worst & there wont be any centralised data which is consistant.
Another feature is saving, It allows you to save as HTML, RTF,DOC,Openoffice format, PDF(but for PDF u need to be premium member,tats sad).The autosave feature which has become popular after AJAX works well.The integration with blog is cool,but google doesnt support thier fast improving rival wordpress..Thats shit for me..Well anyway its a cool web-app which is usefull


  1. Not a free signup & since not many use this its kinda difficult to get invitations from friends circle,so social networking is best way to get invitations
  2. Printing problems, i havent printed through online, but it would be waste if there is not proper printing support
  3. PDF option could have made free & one of the major drawback is its doesnt work well in some linux distros as it was built in ASP.NET,Google is trying to come out with MONO support,but it may take some time & older versions of linux cant run this..

Writely Screenshot

Sharing the above features with respect to online document management system,this is a work from Google Labs,which too is amazing,supports basic operations of spreadsheet processing software,Though it would be too much for asking for charts,graphs etc Google spreadsheet provides basic functionalities of an spreadsheet program.The format modifiers,Sorting functions, & an array of math functions which provide all basic stuff needed to be in a spreadsheet application.It supports XLS, CSV(Comma Seperated Values) format. Donno if it works on GNU/Linux systems,but anyway another useful product

Google Spreadsheet screenshot
I got few invites to both these apps,those interested comment here,Check the world by yourself.Even when M$ was on planning stage of Office Live,Google has moved a step forward & got these 2 products.Only thing is it needs more publicity & invites must be easily available which will make this a huge hit similar to previous google's invite only service liike GMail,Orkut


6 Responses to “Google’s Writely & Spreadsheet”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    Web Apps are supposed to run in a platform independant manner..

    PDF option could have made free & one of the major drawback is its doesnt work well in some linux distros as it was built in ASP.NET,Google is trying to come out with MONO support,but it may take some time & older versions of linux cant run this..

    I have no idea why this is so. Even if google was to use some kind of dot net library to convert documents to PDF, the conversion itself should take place on the google server and not at the client end.

    Google Spreadsheet works fine on my computer… its jags a bit for me…. maybe 512 MB of ram isnt enough 😦

    could u send me an invite for GWritely?

  2. Srikanth Says:

    ya sure, but i referred wikipedia 🙂 it said writley wont work properly in linux distros.. i dint mean processing of PDF convertion but the entire operation as such.. Ya GSpreadsheet takes some time even in my 1GB RAM 😦

  3. Balaji Says:

    if possible can u send me an invite 2 these 2 apps?

  4. Srikanth Says:

    Hi balaji, thx for visiting my blog, sent invites to both 🙂

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Writely has opened up.. no more invite only account.. just sign up.. go there @ and get your ID.

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