Harder the path–>Stronger u become

Well donno where to start off…Im writing this as my intuition says that things i mention here may happen.Well its about my life as case study.I have some how experienced the fact that “Harder the path–>Stronger u become”.

Easier path–>not reached many heights
To start off as i had mentioned in my previous posts on school life,Though I was provided with requisite facilities,i wasn’t a studious boy,took life day by day without any goal in life.My first “moral” failure–> my tenth results.Though considering my performance till 9th std, 10th results was better though it(74%) was way below even to the “respectable” 80% for a fwd caste guy in the age of reservations.It was during those holidays when i don’t know i would get a computer science stream or i would get commerce(those days commerce was looked down heavily). I never felt that im a dumb coz of my marks, coz i know they dont directly reflect my intelligence level.But wat to do,there is something called system,so was obviously worried abt my future.It was during one of those days I went to my cousin’s marriage.Im sure you would have come across few old retired people in family who keep on commenting/doing some thing in the name of advising to others(esp to children) during occasions like these. I was the victim that day for that gentleman as i was the “child” of the entire family with board results.I was humiliated by that gentleman, he asked me to start a “potti kadai”(small shop on street) or a liquor shop to come up in life.Imagine a 15 yr old guy being screwed like that for “not scoring 95%+”. I did my course in C/C++ in SSi,i found tat i got some talent in myself that i can at least survive without those ways told by the gentleman.I got computer science luckily in school.I nurtured the same and was again restless in 11th std.. I dint get as many marks i wished as i couldn’t adjust to “state board” quickly

Harder path:
In 12th std With the help of tuition’s i got through my studies,it wasn’t problem.But change of house,principal forcing me to lead the school TT team for 2 week long tournaments.It was hell of harder path.I wouldn’t forget even a single day in that year 2002-03. The day when i got struck in a place without buses to home due to TN bandh on kaveri,roaming on streets for entire day,attending school in color dress without bathing… The innumerable days i have waited hours for a bus,travelled on foot-board,no.. of days without proper food.That was indeed HARDER PATH. For all that i got a decent score of 275,though dint go to counselling as i got to my favourite course in a reputed coll through management quota.For my performance i got a good yield

Life these 3 years wasn’t as hard as it was those days,my coll life had flown away,learnt a lot,both on academics/life. Tasted lot of failures,recovered from them.Had few fruitful moments too..

Harder path i may travel:
I sat for cts yest, though did well,i wasn’t shortlisted in test as i have arrears.It was disappointment for few seconds, then thought will sit in next company. I guess they wont shortlist ppl with arrears,but included us in eligibility just to chuck some peopl out for the sake of shortlisting.So I’m not gonna trust in any of campus recruitment’s which mock at me.I would obviously have to take a harder path,sit for a off campus, or in best case(I’m not saying it worst 🙂 )happily work in a starter company for 18 hrs a day for a few thousand bucks for few years.But that will make me stronger.5 years down the line I would have come across many experiences both in life & industry than my friends who are placed now.I may then travel leaps N bounds.Surely 10 years down the line i will make people those people who mocked at me to look upon me..
As they say failure is a delayed success..

That’s the way to take life..Lets c if my intuition becomes reality.. Some astrologer said i may become a spiritualist,i shunned my mom for trusting in astrology, but as time goes i guess it may well become reality 🙂


4 Responses to “Harder the path–>Stronger u become”

  1. prasanna Says:


    don’t worry logic……belive in god daaaaa……definately in my view ur not a guy who will b working for just 17,000 per month….ur logical instincts will help u get placed in top notch company in few months

  2. Gopalan Ramasubbu Says:

    Your post reminds me my story dude:)But hey, don’t worry, there are bigger things in life than getting an appointment order from some IT company.

  3. Srikanth Says:

    thanx prasanna,gopalan for ur comments

    Ya there are lots in life.. i hope future is a fresh…

  4. Ragesh Says:

    Sure, for your capability you will surely scale magnificient heights. Keep going..

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