Web Addiction

Addiction to net::
Heres a link to check the amount of addiction of a personto web.


Now my friends know the amount of hours i spend online,Inspite of that i got a decent score of 47. Which it says “u r an avg user”

You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.

Now i doubt that calculation method though i answered honestly. I may evaluate myself to 60.But anyway if wat that website is true means i hav no problems in my life 🙂

Had a lot of thoughts to write,but sorry not much time now.Now using Google reader,its so cool,Thats coz my feedreader went down along with my windows which was already full of spywares & m$ also detected its not genuine.So showing middle finger to m$w!n.

Im very much pissed off and very much happy coz my windows crashed again.Im on ubuntu Live now.
Im pissed off coz my precious data (12 GB songs :() are lost temporarily.Im happy coz theres no problem in my online activity thanks to ubuntu 😀 Im thinking of installed Kubuntu coz review of tat was nice.. Have to experiment.But no time.Have loads of work 😦

Hope to refresh u soon with my thoughts..

7 Responses to “Web Addiction”

  1. jnarin Says:

    I got a 36, which puts me in the same category as yours… 🙂
    And I believe I answered honestly…

  2. Ragesh Says:

    Ha ha, I scored 66, pretty impressive is n’t but anyway the questions were stereo type.

  3. Srikanth Says:

    Ragesh u deserve lot more da.. coz u make ur dad pay for ur net bills even in BB.. u deserve 1000..
    aravindan got a decent score i guess.. &
    Niranj thanks for giving company in my group.. u too deserve more..

  4. Ragesh Says:

    He he, you deserve 2000

  5. ArunBalachandran Says:

    ur blog’s one of da best i hav ever seen……after seeing urs i created one…don hav time to read it fully….will hav to read it later…..keep up da gud work!!!

  6. ArunBalachandran Says:

    one thing tho…try not to use offensive words in ur blog!itz jus a suggestion!

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