What I did..

What I did all these days.. without writing 2 posts per week :)) 

Kinda long time without posts. Well life got little busy @ coll as its the last year i spend there…And come august we need to start for our department symposium,and being final year,this time entire responsibility is on us.Just gotto arrange things to make it a grand success and maintain the reputation of the brand name “Paradigm” with colleges across the state and country.For people who don’t know about Paradigm,next post is coming up shortly.I’m into technical team which provides software and systems which will be put into use on that day.So had hours of planning,designing. Me not yet into coding yet,guess will get into it pretty soon.I must say i have got wonderful set of juniors(who have become close to me in few days) to complete my task. Im almost just doing the coordination job rather than coding which i would love to do any-day.Im also in-charge of OPC(first time in history of SSN) held as part of paradigm.Hope everything goes well.

 Being in final year, one wouldn’t have much classes,so its fun rest of the time.Me getting into playing gully football inside class(some consider i play well,i myself donno how) and having nice time there.And there are few occasions when u sit alone with empty desks in the class.. They are the best moments to look back at ur coll life.Its hard to think of leaving all my pals after coll life.. I know they wont leave my life and memories will be afresh.Okay Okay times there for farewell posts.. rite now enjoyment without sentiments.

And im hoping to organise seminars for “ssnlug” which i started in spur of a moment.Since i must do justice to what i did, just asked my friend Casanova aka Prashanth to come and take a session on python.He was kind enough to give his consent to visit our college on 19th August.Another online friendship gonna get into reality.. Casanova waiting to c ya man…and also hoping that linux enthusiasts at our coll come in huge numbers(anything more than 30 :D) and make it a success..

And did i tell you im yet to make my PC alright.. its almost 1 month im running on Live CDs.I have become too lazy to install an OS.donno wats the reason.I guess im just content with browsing(just checking mails,orkutting has also come down heavily) and chatting..GAIM is heaven….but it sux to download flash plug-ins every-time i boot for viewing my blog stats..


One Response to “What I did..”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    hehe wait on till the 19th 😉

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