Carnival this year @ Kalpakkam

The face of terror all over the world has changed my place.First let me tell you every year my place will be in a festive mood around this time of year.Usually a trade fair will be organised from 10th to 15th of August every year to provide some recreation and entertainment for the people of the “atomic” township.

The usual Carnival::
Gathering of almost entire township for fun,food,entertainment and a rest for usual routine for a week long. Till my school days, it used to be a place to have fun by going to fun rides, playing thambola,eating out.From then on it has been a place to unite all of us,used to be an informal reunion of batchmates,seniors, meeting school teachers.Everyone would wait for carnival and people travel from where ever they are to meet thier friends and have fun.

This year::
It started on 10th, since on the first day nothing would have been started,i dint go.Next day i went with one of my friend,it was still deserted as people from outstation come only on weekends.I met Tamilvendan Sir fortunately.He was one among few who inspired me and instilled the urge to learn computer science.Nothing else special other than that.Food was crappy and costly,nothing much interesting but for a huge book stall.I decided to sit at home(lazy buddy :D) on saturday.On sunday I was not feeling that well so decided could go on monday and met Niranj almost after 7 years and had couple of hrs chat with him.

Back to terror and security::
Well the world have seen lot of incidents of terror in the past few months including Mumbai blasts,West Asia crisis and the terror plot spoiled at UK.For few weeks there have been news that India’s “statergic” interests will be on high alert.After the US warning abt terror plots on nuclear installations things were too tight.On 14th morning i could see some hundereds of policemen have arrived at my place.I thought just for local security and security for plant.

That morning on my way to college i saw all roads leading to plant(even village roads where there is just a path) being blocked and checkposts have been erected.On the afternoon i got a message saying curfew is gonna be imposed. I came home around 5. my parents too voiced similar news.unfortunately our cable walah was doing some repair,so no TV too.. couldnt confirm with anyone.But we could see that carnival was going on without any problems,But none of them were interested to have fun when such a situation prevailed.Only today morning i came to know that curfew was only for surrounding villages and not for township.And yesterday Dataone too went off across the city (& state i guess). Imagine no TV no internet, undeclared curfew.between 14th August 6pm – 15th August 6am. People have just started to come out of thier homes,Hope i goto carnival and enjoy atleast today and meet my friends.

Terrorism cant override human kind anyday.


4 Responses to “Carnival this year @ Kalpakkam”

  1. Niranj Says:

    Man, you should have come out to near the ECR, or outside of Sadras Village.. It looked like a complete war zone.. My parents actually couldn’t enter the township through Sadras at around 10 PM.. They actually had to go all the way to Pudupattinam gate and come in, since all roads to the office were blocked off a couple of KM’s away..

  2. Srikanth Says:

    @ Niranj.

    Ya might have been very strict on 14th and 15th.. now back to normal though the make shift checkposts are present.. checks rarely takes place..

  3. dmatriz Says:

    Kalpakkam Still longs 4 peace…Still has not the curfew withdrawn!(25/5/06)…we do remember seeing 4 buses on rounds @ cisf…by d way ur opinion seems sensible on global perspective…

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