SSNLUG – first activity

On March 18th 2006, we had a workshop on FOSS in our college due to efforts of Aanjhan(my college senior) and the day was too good introducing FOSS concepts and GNU/Linux to just over 100 of us. I just created a yahoo group for people who share interest on Linux @ our college. Well the group was initially little bit active and then on it went undercover because of our exams,holidays etc.Shakthi Kannan who inspired lot of people the other day wanted to conduct another workshop, so i was just confirming dates with him.He initially said 19th and later said had an appointment so will come on 2nd september.And since our college works only on odd Saturdays and ILUGC people are free only on saturdays.I was keen on having a meet on 19th because next month its our sympo and after tat exams then my 8th sem(i wont come to coll).So just asked my friend Casanova casually to take a seminar on python and LDTP.Shakthi & Aanjhan asked him to go ahead…

I was arranging for the event and was also involved in symposium works.. so almost no classes.I did everything possible except for making an effort to pass on circulars.I mailed to all possible groups, thought people will make it.Thought around 30 will make it.Transport for ‘delegates’ was a problem.Though i made it for prashanth decently, at the last minute ravi said he will come from his place instead of coming along with casanova.Poor guy would waited in bus stop 30 mins extra @ 6 in morning.

On D day::
Thankfully both of them boarded the right bus and came on time.We started very late, reason is obvious there were only 4 people who came. so around 10 casanova started on FOSS , Linux then when slowly the number rose to 15 he started python.It was cool,just learned the basic constructs.Well prashanth got a “”huge”” fan base at our coll.We had lunch and again we waited for people to come.Few of them who came in morning disappeared, but some newcomers were there.Ravi started with OO concepts and it amazed me..I guess i will sit with python for sometime now.Then casanova started his LDTP intro.Few of them are interested.lets c if he gets more people..

Well i wouldn’t say it as success nor failure, at the end of the day we had fun while learning and of course met my 6 month old chat friend in person.At the end of the day, we got something for the amount of effort we put in.Hope the future meets gets more people and ‘SSNLUG’ grows with time and produces FOSS geeks and contribute to society.Thanks for casanova and ravishankar for making it.By the by thanks for Yahoo chat for making all these possible.i never contacted prashanth before the day of event.

5 Responses to “SSNLUG – first activity”

  1. Arun Says:

    Hi na
    Well to comment something on,the lug although had less turn out seemed well good….what’s the point in critizing this fact? Dunno worry I will gather my whole class if you give me another chance…and surely I hope to gather up guys along! Sucessful event.. and gr8 to hear ur OPC leading team…Your site was really fabolous! Wish we had some guys to do that…Just say I had my congrats to joshua for this site!Well na one help..can u kindly arrange a meet on Multimedia(to deviating though but plz!)?

  2. G.Arun bala Says:

    Lug meet Really was a Sucess!No one can question based on poor turn out!
    Any how thanks for such a good meet!! Lucky I could join it some how!

  3. Prashanth Says:

    correction… female fan base!!!

    and yes if i dont get any developers from ur college…. i will just kill you after baring 80 Kms of travel and 1 full days work (with SoC just around the corner)!

  4. Srikanth Says:

    hahaha… lemme see.. hope someone will “save” me

  5. dmatriz Says:

    Hey Thanks guyz 4 making a gr8 presto lug meet despite a poor turn out!…I surely interested in this LDTP …Can u just brief on it following blog or links? Thanks dear brothers!

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