Paradigm2k6 – Defying limits

A post after 15 days. Month long work on our Symposium and long sleepless nights gone.Alas we did it against all odds.Yes Paradigm2k6 was success in every aspect.Has been ages since i touched books.This year i did what i hate the most. Managing & Organising right from LUG events to symp.My perception on managers have changed from dumb headed commanding ones to people who make it happen.Well it might again change:) 😛

Snaps of Team Paradigm !! After the ‘D’ day..

Paradigm2k6 team


It was really tough i agree and i will still prefer to sit and code rather than taking such job. Did my part successfully and almost everyone did the same and it was a huge success after the rainy mess the night before.Will have to write 2 dairy entries for 10th and 15th september(most memorable days of college life so far).My 2 year dream of conducting an OPC in paradigm came true this year finally and i was managing that event.Full satisfaction after the great roaring success of OPC we conducted. Paradigm 2k6 saw the greatest success of a technical symposium with the amount of challenges we faced. It was success in every aspect. Over 3200 people participating in a single day it was indeed a feat to cater them all.. And we did it.

Work i did :-

Though small in amount i would never forget the joy in doing the work that were assigned to me. Webmaster of our official site(Yippee!!), OPC incharge,Systems incharge,CD creation,wrote an article for magazine(previous post), Managed registrations on the day. I had great set of people working for these tasks and everything was perfect.Last time i was in an event committee and it was very difficult on the management side than on the technical part of it(May be im fit for nothing in management 🙂  .
Well i have to write 2+ more posts tonight.. Im gonna bomb your feeds because of 0 posts for 2 weeks


4 Responses to “Paradigm2k6 – Defying limits”

  1. jnarin Says:

    Dude, no matter what job you take, you would require to organize and conduct meetings etc.. Better stay prepared now. Personally speaking, exposure to such things in college helps a lot in the future..

  2. Srikanth Kannan Says:

    As u said it was a great learning xperience for also changed my opinion of managing an event.Thank God for the Sucess of Paradigm2k6.Hope the rain of Sucess continue for years to come in SSN history with ours being a cloud wid a silver lining.

  3. Achu Says:

    managers are dumb-heads eh??
    Good tht u learnt tht u’re wrong atleast now..
    u cannot run away from mangement no matter wht..

  4. dmatriz Says:

    Great works ahead! Hoping the same spirits be maintained for Instincts 2K7

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