Tech bits

1) A new opensource license :: WTF!(Yes thats the name of license)
A new Opensource licensing has come.Its the need of the hour license & probably the best of all.A must read the Digg Story. Every one will enjoy it.A new era in licensing phew!!

2) Dataone Gaming plan 512 Kbps free??
Dataone has introduced(?? officially no signs though) a Game plan by which dataone users get hooked a 512 Kbps connection by just a click of a mouse.As far as i have heard there are no strings attached. Yet im not risking as BSNL people are so dumb like they give their bill after 5 months.Yes i got dataone installed on March 23rd.I got 7 days bill along with April month.But dint get April month’s dataone bill. Was happy initially thinking it has been a blessing discount due to carelessness.But now this month got a hefty bill of 1500 which on inspection showed the April Dataone bill as well 😦 People who try game plan here is a word of caution, The data limit still applies to you.In otherwords that plan would just increase the speed,So better dont put it coz you would browse heavily as its faster and cannot wind up within 1GB.Im deactivating tonight.Downloaded 1.2 GB OpenSuse Live DVD @ 58 KBps.Speed rocks and remember Speed kills as well!!

On 11/10/2006 the service was taken away from the site.

3) Life on ubuntu ::Registered user 8322
Its been nearly 3 months on ubuntu now.No problems till now but for few restarts while trying to upgrade for installing XGL.So left it as such.Picasa with wine is also too cool,thanks to Casanova.Few problems are

  1. file transfer in GAIM,though i can send files,i cannot recieve files from friends.
  2. Having a strange problem while viewing videos in YouTube, even though i mute my PCM volume, still getting sound while playing videos(Mom woke up and caught me twice in midnight when i told her i was coding 😛 )Guess Audio goes directly to speakers.
  3. There is no flash v9 for linux,so couldnt view few sites.Adobe is hoping to make it by early 2007 and beta is released nearing.It has released dependent libraries.View them here

And by the by read somewhere shipit project has decided not to ship the next release Edgy Eft(in beta now)They are still shipping drapper though.Have to wait and watch if shipit project continues as people are very much aware of ubuntu to an extent that for few people ubuntu is only distro in linux.

4) Google and GPRS

Google has upgraded few of its services, Reader looks too cool now and it has also added mobile support to reader in addition to gmail.Im waiting for m-support for Orkut. Yeah my airtel offers me full GPRS(all WAP sites) for free at times though i can only browse Airtel Live site as per the free package.Would be great if Google also follows Yahoo in making a tie up with Airtel and provide the service free.

5) WebBadges
Scroll down and have a look at the WebBadges on the links pane,have read something about it, have also made my own badge,So if you are linking me,you can link via my badge too!!

My Badge

I know its not too cool, anyway if you are artistic create yours by following the easy WebBadge maker.


Saraswati/Ayudha Pooja went on well, but no rest for my PC, still running 24*7.Its a essential item you see.Pooja hols over,get back to work from tomorrow.

Last but not least, A Salute to Mahatma Gandhi on his Bday! Vande Mataram!!

2 Responses to “Tech bits”

  1. prasanna Says:

    fine daaa…wat abt HOME 250 in DATAONE users…..can we ppl activate GAME PLAN……is there any special for upgrading 2 512 Kbps

  2. Srikanth Says:

    Nothin special da. Just activate at a click of mouse. Dont blame me if get huge bills.
    1. Thanks to Casanova,the volume problem was due to ALSA,OSS sound drivers in linux.. figured a way out for that..
    2. I discovered another way out for flash problem, Yes now i can watch those stylish flash sites built on flash 9.Yes i installed Firefox through WINE and installed the plugin.But still my native firefox is my default browser, using wine only when needed.
    3. I tried the same with Y! Messenger, but some problems, cant run y!M on WINE

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