Digital Media Piracy

I have to do a project and submit a report for my comprehension lab.I was supposed to submit the abstract around September,However “busy” me found time now only and has started the work 🙂 Have to do a presentation and submit a report on it soon. Since i wrote it and actually typed so much(just 200 words) after a long time(you know this is my third post this month).Hope i don’t mess the report and do it well

With the advent of computers, numerous things were digitized.They include audio,video,books and are available in digital format.Zillions of softwares are created as computing evolves through different era.The advantage of digital media was its ease in storage,sharing options.Though corporates took care in maintaining rights for these digital works, people with wrong minds made it a point to ‘steal’ them.Piracy in the context of copyright,patent and trademark law, refers to the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material that does not fall under fair use. We would discuss about origin of digital media piracy,means through which it has grown,pirate’s motive and urge, the influence of internet,business in the digital media market & piracy market, awareness levels & ethics of customers, the impact of piracy to multinationals & the governments,steps undertaken by various agencies and analyse the possible solutions and figure out a effective implementable mechanism which can be put into practical use to put a fullstop to the piracy menace which is spreading/has spread like a wild fire and swallowed worth billions of dollars both from corporate giants and various government entities.


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