Diwali memories

Guess diwali went on well for you.It had been an altogether different diwali for me this time.Was a break from the 24*7 internet these days.Since it was sister’s first diwali after marriage spent most of the time @ home,watching TV,eating sweets and met relatives.Not much of crackers too this time,though burst few of them.Couldnt meet my friends and missed out grand diwali celebs with friends.

Diwali 1991-2000 :: Those diwalis in childhood were filled with crackers alone(i remember only that) almost spending some 5 days with crackers,playing with them.Used to have competition on which apartments bursts lotta crackers and all kinda silly things.. Best days in 7th street, kalpakkam

2000-2005 :: Used to be the largest gathering of our gang.We roam around the township,bursting crackers all along the way,throwing them on each other,having loads of fun.Those rockets on beach,array of night items.After college,it used to be the very few occasions we all meet and used to have nice time at 9th Avenue ground.

For online geeks,watch out for iRising.Its online event conducted as part of management fest conducted by IIM Indore.It has range of online events like quiz,blogging,klueLess. Klueless last time was a big hit.Waiting for it this time.We spent 3 days last time and had amazing fun solving the puzzles and cracking each level.
I guess im sitting for long hours on PC,got my lab model in 2 days,have to prepare my comprehension project report for which i have prepared abstract alone. And then shitty people at AU preponing exams..still dont know when my exams start.. Tough days ahead 😦


2 Responses to “Diwali memories”

  1. Ponnarasi.K Says:

    Nice post!
    And beltd diwali wishes 2 sis especially 🙂
    Gud 2 know u had gr8 fun 🙂

  2. Srikanth Says:

    belated diwali wishes to ur bro sis mom dad and all ur relatves and ffrends.. lol 😛

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