Klueless 2 Clues

Now the race has begun again. This time guys at IIM Indore have come up more creatively. Last time it was just some puzzles without a story to reach the final level.Now they have a story of Sherlock Holmes detecting a crime and you have to find the klues in each level to complete the story.

Im in level 7. My friends are on 14.(I started late as i dint have PC at home for 2 days)Ragesh & myself are on level 15 completed. Latest updates from official blog denote that many people have gone till 16 completed.Now the most fascinating thing is blogs are inseperable part of klueless.Just see the number of responses.. wah its amazing. I wish they use a CMS in their own site instead of a blog next time as it would be easy searching.

Now a funny thing about klueless is,the mere mention of it will increase the hits to your page.wordpress is it.I got around 10 hits for just mentioning that in my blog.So expecting more as i would like to give some clues for few levels here.I wouldnt like to spoil the spirit of organisers,so would give klues only to first few levels.As and when the competition is getting over,will post klues for higher levels..

————– Nov 9:: IMP NOTICE —————-

Now today i got few pings on msgr asking to remove a comment.When i visited the comments,it contained all answers.SHIT.This is not place for such shitty people.I allowed so many comments only because people might find tough to search a 2000 comments post on original blog.Now if someone is posting spoilers here please let me know.Dont comment on same post.I might never see it.Comment on KlueLess Conquered if you want to say something to me.Happy clue hunting.

——————-END OF NOTICE —————————-

Level 1 :: pronoun – eye – read the sentence – event name

Level 2 :: No clues for this.You must know it.

Level 3 :: Pipes is the clue all the way(we had tough time in this)

Level 4 :: Its a movie name(A BIG klue)

Level 5 ::Think abt india’s great mathematician

Enough as of now. Will edit this post again and again… C ya good night(4 am now and i have college today 😦 )

30th Oct

Level 6 :: Again no clues for this

Level 7 :: Its a song ! (big clue)

Level 8 :: Shouldnt be tough either,press ctrl + A if you want a clue

Level 9 :: tilt pic 90 deg rightways. You must get it then.

Level 10 :: Wats in 115 units used to hear Ode to joy(BIG CLUE)
Nov 1

People have started my blog as mini official klueless blogs,conversing here.And i cant keep track of so many comments.Anyway clues for next set of 5 levels are here.

level 11 :: Read the rules page and come back. “Place the souls before doc ”

level 12 :: Nothing to do with numbers.think on what you see

level 13 :: Sum of opp sides of dice is 7 (BIG CLUE)

level 14 :: How many times does he have to be wrong? The answer is a name

level 15 :: Whats wrong with Calc ?? M is W so ___ is _____

Nov 9::

level 16 :: where is cat? answer is 2 word in japanese (BIG CLUE)

level 17 :: You must be using it daily. See the title, font for clues

level 18 :: Look for patterns.If you are a CAT aspirant or MBA guy,you shouldnt ask for clues.100% logical
level 19 :: Look whats underlined. Why its underlined??

level 20 :: Read story from start and get the clue.Great clue at level 15. (BIG ONE)

Guess you guys will have great time through klueless.And thanks a ton for those following the comments and replying to help others.I guess Muthu is topping the list.Kudos guys.anyway i cant read the 400 odd comments.If you are done like me, lets wait for Klueless 3!!For others Happy klue hunting!!


604 Responses to “Klueless 2 Clues”

  1. Srikanth Says:

    Siddarth Ragesh Nitin myself are leading the way in 16th level now.. found only 2 others are on 16 ~~ CSE B Guys rock!!

  2. anon Says:

    Still cant figure out 1

  3. Srikanth Says:


    Replace the “IT” on the last line…

  4. ramachandran Says:

    i cant figure out the firstclue?can you help me

  5. ramachandran Says:

    what is the purpose of this klueless2 ?iam new to this

  6. Srivatsan Says:

    Cant seem to figure out 3.Please help…….

  7. Muthu Says:


  8. Srikanth Says:

    @ Ramachandran
    Klueless in a puzzle conducted by IIM as part of their management fest.
    Clue for level 1 is its word anotomy of human body. IT takes time to……

    Pipes is clue. Pipes of holmes.Google more..

    Pink Floyd too close.. come on search for a name associated with Pink Floyd.

  9. Muthu Says:

    hey does the “Jo! break teh wall in crust ‘ a clue or just a wrong path….and the wall of pink floyd has something to do with it….i have searched for evrything…but nothing sits in teh box…

  10. Muthu Says:

    i tried rember a day….but thats not working yaar

  11. Srikanth Says:

    connect Pink Floyd & Water I gave half the answer..read my prev klues and get the answer..

  12. Sara Says:

    hi i’m stuck at 10… is it beethoven? or schiller, 9th symphony? i don’t get it. please help.

  13. Pras Says:

    tried tilting picture in level 9- stg to do with e=mc2 or einstien??? any clues?

  14. Pras Says:

    level 9- i think it is something to do with “The Doors” and Einstein…am i in the right track?

  15. Pras Says:

    Done with Level 9 and now in 10- thinking!!!

  16. Pras Says:

    @sara….level 10- think abt music storage….

  17. unk Says:

    stuck in level 10… tried lot of ways…

  18. Muthu Says:

    stuck at 11 guys ,,,…some help guys

  19. Muthu Says:


    Pras….any leadsssssssss:)

  20. Pras Says:

    @Unk….check my previous post to get thro level 10

    @Muthu….still in level 11- any clue guys???

  21. Aashish Says:

    level 3 pls someone…. tried googling for sherlocks’ pipe… couldnt get anything… pls someone tell or atleast give some other hint…

  22. Srikanth Says:

    level 11 guys can wait some more time.. will post next 5 clues soon. before that try to crack it!!..

    level 3.. search for holmes pipe… tats the answer!

  23. dhanya Says:

    clue for level 5 pls…not able to crack it

  24. prasanna Says:

    mind boggling level 10

  25. king Says:

    Stuck in level 9…I am thinking something to do with relativity…but don’t seem to be getting anywhere..

  26. king Says:

    done with 9…dumb me…

  27. Bharat Says:

    still can’t figure out the level 3 :((((

  28. Bharat Says:

    got the third one :-))

  29. Bharat Says:

    need help on level 4 …..

  30. Srikanth Says:


    India’s well known mathematician.. there are only few.. search;

    jumble the under signed, link it with “frank”

  31. Pras Says:

    struck at 14- seems really tough- any help???

  32. Rohit Says:

    Stuck in Level 10!!!

    @Pras Tried to search for storage, no luck, Any further clues buddy?

  33. Pras Says:

    @Rohit- think of a round object which u can associate with “ode to joy”

  34. Abhinav Says:

    gimme level 1 guys…!!

  35. Rohit Says:

    Dude!!! The damn answer is in the page itself!!!
    what do you “SEE”
    This is the best clue without giving the answer!!!

  36. Rohit Says:

    Buddy, I have been thinking for hours and now I feel I am totally off track. LOST!!!
    Round thing, commonly seen around us, used for measuring, ode to joy, 115…..
    Good grief, I am losing it!!! 😦 Help me out!!!

  37. Abhinav Says:

    no buddy…..ive gotta replace IT in the last line…??….not gettin it yaar…

  38. Abhinav Says:

    replace it with eye or what…??

  39. Abhinav Says:

    Help me dude…!!

  40. Rohit Says:

    No yaar!!!
    Abhinav, think properly!
    What do you see with? But the answer to the question is not the answer, its DEEPER than that. Now think of what could it be. The answer is right on the page. 🙂
    I mean it dude, the answer is right on the page. Come on, this should suffice.

  41. ramnath Says:

    Help on clue 3…search on holmes pipe also gives me no answer…help!!!!

  42. vivek Says:

    hey pras.. help me out yaar.. give some clues for level 11.. stuck for hours.. its an sos..

  43. Rohit Says:

    Hey, its about pipe and holmes. Pipe which he smokes. Use google dude!!! 🙂 Its the best.

  44. Rohit Says:

    Its a pipe which holmes smokes. Now google for the answer. 🙂

  45. Rohit Says:

    Hints for 11th. I finally cracked 10th. Felt like an Idiot as I was using the acronym all the while.

  46. ramnath Says:

    Bharat…please help me with level 3…..am stuck for the last few hours in it

  47. ramnath Says:

    @ rohit….

    i know it…but still am not getting the answer…give me a better clue…please…

  48. Yogesh Says:


    Google for pipes of homes ur answers on first search page

  49. vivek Says:

    guys anyone help on level 11.. any hints plz

  50. pradip Says:

    guys!!!!!!!!!! am stuck at level 6………………..
    clues please…………..
    tried all combinations of yahoogoogle

  51. Yogesh Says:

    help on level 4. I know its movie and words are scrambled but not able to get that. hints plz

  52. Surya Says:

    give me more clues for level 15

  53. Surya Says:

    Level 4:Think of actor and another of his movie.

  54. Yogesh Says:

    Level 4: need more hints. There are many actors named frank.

  55. Bharat Says:

    @ ramnath

    my hint might make it very much obvious….(didn’t want to spoil the fun)

    but for level 3 i will say try including “called” in your search keyword along…..

    you will get a page explaining all types of pipes and there u will get the answer for this one

  56. Bharat Says:

    still on 4 :(((((((

  57. Rohit Says:

    @ Bharat

    Dude, what clues do you have for 4th as of now?
    See the picture carefully and you’ll get two of them. If you google the two, you’ll get a third name. This is the name of a real person, based on who’s life a movie was made. The answer is the name of the movie.
    I almost gave the answer buddy!!!

  58. Ashish Says:

    can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help with level 6 ????????
    tried all combinations – yahoo/google/search/etc
    a better hint please !!

  59. Vinu Says:

    I am stuck at level 4 can any one of you help me out.i Couldnt get the answer from the clue given.

  60. Rohit Says:

    Dude, for the 6th one, you have to think in parallel. There are two things in one. 🙂 This is a clue.

  61. vivek Says:

    hi.. guys still stuck at 11.. plz give some more hints.. not able to move..

  62. Suresh Says:

    I am stuck at Level 7 for 3 days, please help me. I have tried all the songs by Pink Floyd and Roger Waters nothing is working.

  63. Pras Says:

    Completed at last-level 20 is the last-wow, a great feeling!!!!

  64. Pras Says:

    @ Vivek….no googling required for this level.
    Just take the “doc” close to the “souls”- its all in the screen itself

  65. Pras Says:

    @ Vivek….no googling required for this level-11.
    Just take the “doc” close to the “souls”- its all in the screen itself

  66. Pras Says:

    @Suresh….its not a song- u already have the answer 🙂

  67. Pras Says:

    @surya….for level 15, simple mathematics as told in the screen. Perform it with the actual calculator. Then it is stg to do with the calci in the screen- stg strange in it…

  68. mmr Says:

    level 4 hint please… tried everything…

  69. Yogesh Says:

    @mmr: u could catch the thief if you google hard. as already said. if u are a thief what would u say to holmes

  70. Muthu Says:


    straight forward yaar…..the clues are enough…..Connect Frank and Leonardo di caprio……..this should be well enough to set the target right

  71. Muthu Says:


    nothing could be as straight forward as level 6….
    look at the screen man…a combined search engine…common…this clue should be more than enuffffffff

  72. Muthu Says:

    Level 20…wow…..grt man….i didnt have sleep for 2 days…that was really a nice show….waiting for klueless3 as i did for klueless2…..

  73. Muthu Says:

    Level 20…wow…..grt man….i didnt have sleep for last 2 days…that was really a nice show….waiting for klueless3 as i did for klueless2…..

  74. sara Says:

    help me pls on level 16 – a japanese cat – underdog? siamese – i ahven’t a friggin clue… pluto the planet wow… this is killing me. pls help.

  75. Ashish Says:

    @level 6
    thanx 4 the hint guys but i’ve tried everything 😦
    yahoogle, yahoogoogle, googleyahoo, bla bla bla
    a better hint plssssssss

  76. Ashish Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gotttttttttttttt itttttttttttttttt
    thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a ton 😀

  77. Konphuzed Soul Says:

    I am on level 5, but I wish u you haven’t posted such obvious clues & answers for some of them. anyways congratulations and I hope to restrain myself to not come back here for easy clues and answers :).

  78. Ashish Says:

    stuck on 7 again! i could figure out the name of the person to be put there.. ( using the james bond and deepa mehta hint ) tried jumbling the name n surname as well.. didn’t help 😦
    do i need to put the song name too along with the songwriter’s name?

    more hints pls 🙂

  79. Bharat Says:

    @ ashish

    can you share the hint which got you the answer for level 6

  80. Ashish Says:

    @Bharat for lvl6 :
    This is the one tht helped me boss

    Muthu Says:
    November 2nd, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    nothing could be as straight forward as level 6….
    look at the screen man…a combined search engine…common…this clue should be more than enuffffffff

  81. Ashish Says:

    ppl plz help with lvl 7 : i reached upto roger waters.. tried all combos of his name using d deja vu hint also.. now whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    congrats to those who cracked all 20 !

  82. mmr Says:

    hey cleared level 4… thanx guys…

  83. Muthu Says:


    for level 7 yaar u have it already man….

  84. Muthu Says:


    u r on the wrong path….its not underdog yaar…. try “?????”dog along with the another clue…..u will get the answer…..

  85. Rohit Says:

    Dude, some help for level 17.
    Gimme some clues!!! 🙂

  86. Rohit Says:

    I now what the sentence is, but what should I do with that? How is it related to the invitation?

  87. Muthu Says:


    if u know the sentence then u have to just google a little by combining that sentence and the url name….u will be straight into the answerrrrr

  88. sreelekha menon Says:

    hi guys…
    ne clues on level 10…me jus stuck… 😦

  89. Rohit Says:

    Dude, I have done that! Can you tell me about Level 19?

    For that matter, any clues for Level 19th?

  90. Rohit Says:

    10th is the best level.

    1. Think aROUND Around
    2. Its something which we all use in the modern world.
    3. Think of Storage.

    I guess these hints should be enough to get you on track. 🙂

    Actually, If you google the hints in correct order, you’ll get the answer right on your screen.

  91. Muthu Says:


    Very simple man…just concentrate on the sentence….spell check in MS Word man….leave all teh other clues…..

  92. Rohit Says:

    Gotcha buddy!!! Thanks for that. I wasted half an hour on that!!! 😦

  93. Rohit Says:


  94. sreelekha menon Says:

    oops i got the number wrong….i wanted clues for 11..the SOS n doc stuff…

  95. Rohit Says:

    11th is the easiest. Think outta the box. How will you bring the “DOC” close to the “SOUL”???
    This is too easy! 🙂

  96. sreelekha menon Says:

    thanks a lot buddy…i did it… 😀

  97. Muthu Says:


    apart from rohits clue…..another clue would be go and read the rules of the game once…that should help you out…..a very simple one

  98. Rohit Says:

    Way to go. Actually this level would have been a cakewalk if you had done Klueless1. 😀
    You seem to have finished Klueless2. 🙂

  99. sreelekha menon Says:

    hey guys..i got he ‘?’ in level 12 and the goddess iris…
    but now wot…it is number or something…

  100. Rohit Says:

    Are you referring to level 12? What is your doubt?

  101. vivek Says:

    guys still stuck.. any more hints plz

  102. Muthu Says:


  103. Rohit Says:

    Where art thou stuck?

    Congrats dude, so have I. Awesome game man! 🙂

  104. Muthu Says:


    where r u stuck man…..which level..

  105. Muthu Says:


    hey whats ur doubt…..godess iris ?

  106. vivek Says:

    help needed at level 11 plz
    some other clue

  107. vivek Says:

    help needed at level 11 plz
    some other clue is it the manipulation of letters

  108. Muthu Says:

    thankuuuuu and congrats to u dude…

  109. Rohit Says:


    Dude, this is too easy man! Literally bring DOC close to SOULS. Now, do that and hey presto, you get the answer!!! 🙂
    Can’t be more specific than this buddy!!!
    Like Muthu said earlier, read the rules of the game once and you’ll understand what I am asking you to do. 🙂

  110. Rohit Says:

    Thanks, Now hoping that a Klueless3 comes out real soon!!! This was a super challenge though!!! Kudos to the team, they have done a wonderful job of the game!!!

  111. Muthu Says:


    hey cmon man…bring the “doc” close to the “souls”……check the url……………..i have given u almost the way to go…..

  112. Rohit Says:

    He’s almost given the answer!!!
    He has given the answer!!!
    What is doc anyways? It has many answers. Only one is applicable here, but not one with reference to the picture!!!

    Shoot, I am giving the answer man!!! 😀

  113. Suresh Says:


    Now i am stuck at level 10, does the answer contains only numeric values and which units (mm, cm, inch, minutes, sec, decibles etc)? need clues..

  114. 185735 Says:

    One good clue for 11…
    I am really stuck up….

  115. Rohit Says:


    Read the hints above for level 10.
    I myself would have posted some. 🙂
    They’ll be useful!!!

  116. Rohit Says:

    Dude, check out the clues which Muthu and Myself have given for level 11.
    They are more than enough!!!

  117. 185735 Says:

    Sorry… i guess i am in a wrong angle…
    Some other kind of clue would be helpful…

  118. Rohit Says:

    What all can you associate with DOC?
    It is NOT the one which the picture represents.
    You need to change the URL.
    I can’t be more specific man!!! 🙂

  119. Suresh Says:


    I have searched google with cd, mp3, disk, length with Ode to joy. I am not getting the answer.

  120. shalaka Says:

    Hey Guys, stuck on level 11….. It seems to be the easiest but dont know y i am not getting!! I have gone thru all the clear hints & I know the rules byheart by now, bt dont understand where I am going wrong! Tried all the permutations & combinations with the words doc & souls… Also tried out the URL. dint work.. Plz tell me someone, I got to type the answer in the script prompt box?? Am I missing out something???

  121. Muthu Says:


    you have the answer already with you man….a storage device

  122. sreelekha menon Says:

    guys…help me out with the calc..level 15…
    i’ve added it up..tried a lot..no result…:(…

  123. sreelekha menon Says:

    guys…help me out with the calc..level 15…
    i’ve added it up..tried a lot..no result…:(… ..is the answer a num..or is it..

  124. 185735 Says:

    Other than this “Closest DOC” .. can I have some other clue plz…
    “Rohit, Just give me one more chance…”

  125. Muthu Says:


    cmon…u r very near…to be more specific….its nothing to do with the hints on the screen…..just literally take “doc” close to “souls” not on the screen…but…..cmon this shud be much more than enuf……

  126. sreelekha menon Says:

    we really dont want to spoil it for you..tinker about with the url…
    think about “doc”…

  127. Muthu Says:


    for level 11….cmon…u r very near…to be more specific….its nothing to do with the hints on the screen…..just literally take “doc” close to “souls” not on the screen…but…..cmon this shud be much more than enuf……

  128. 185735 Says:

    Thanks thanks thanks…

  129. Muthu Says:


    not a num…but u cud reach the destination thru direct addition as mentioned and some manipulation with the numbers u get…see the calc..see what is strange in the calci….

  130. vivek Says:

    thanks guys.. got it finally.. really broke my head over it

  131. Suresh Says:


    just tell me what I have to type in the textbox. I am frustrated.

  132. sreelekha menon Says:

    Hey u actually go the ans…short forms dont work here…

  133. sreelekha menon Says:

    Hey u actually got the ans…short forms dont work here…hope thts more thn enuff..:)

  134. Muthu Says:


    Dont want to spoil the fun….but anyway man just type in the storage device name mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…….you had the answer already yaar…

  135. Suresh Says:

    thanks guys

  136. shalaka Says:

    Hey thanks a lot Muthu!!! Finally cracked it!! It was simple but different! Reminded me of klueless1..!

  137. Muthu Says:


    this is the only level where it looks like klueless1…

  138. sreelekha menon Says:

    guys………….boo hoo hoo…i’m still stuck at 15..i tried reversing the each digits…A is V ..are there any digits in the ans??

  139. Muthu Says:

    @sreelekha….u r on the right path
    but no digits yar…how will be the digits in the calci display…cmon…..think….

  140. sreelekha menon Says:

    guys…help me please..jus let me knw if its jus plain alphabets or a mix…

  141. Muthu Says:


    no digits…cmon

  142. shalaka Says:

    Any clues for level 12 plz???? I know its got nothin to do with the numbers… I tried to figure out something from the colors, but that too doesnt help. Am I on the right track? some hints plz!!

  143. 185735 Says:

    any leads on 14…

  144. Muthu Says:

    u r on the right path…
    cmon man check the colors of the numbers………….

  145. 185735 Says:

    muthu–14.. just give me a chance…

  146. Scatman Says:

    hey guys ne clues on level 2

  147. Scatman Says:

    i have been breaking my head after this since ages. can i get some help here please?

  148. Muthu Says:


    cmon man….just find the probability….and google for that output yaar…simple one man

  149. Muthu Says:


    cmon yaar nothing cud be as simple and straight forward as this man….just chk the address in google……….

  150. 185735 Says:

    I am very week in mathematics…
    How do we find the probability…?

  151. Muthu Says:


    Cmon man……divide the given number by 1 man…………

  152. 185735 Says:

    “Cmon man……divide the given number by 1 man………… ”

    that will give the same number…!!

  153. Scatman Says:

    i tried googling the address, but have not got ne clues. if someone can give me another clue.

  154. Muthu Says:


    cmon..yaar…divide the number and look at the page name…..and do some googling…..

  155. Muthu Says:


    hey common..if u have gooogled with teh addres…the first one will give you the answer….what man…..have a coffee and start again….

  156. Scatman Says:

    no clue boss. am really lost. are you talkin abt 221b Baker Street?do i need to google that?

  157. Scatman Says:

    boss got it. we had the ans, but did not use space in between. thanks

  158. 185735 Says:

    16? 16? 16?

  159. Muthu Says:


    level 16 is a gud one….cmon man check the location of the cat with respect tio the dogs and use the other clue on th screen and google man…..u shud get it..i have given u the path to the deastination….

  160. shalaka Says:

    plz help me wid level 13 muthu or aneone….Cant figure out frm the last sentence of the passage…some other hint please??

  161. Muthu Says:


    Hey common that one is simple…u cud see the screen..one side ..what u cud not see…common u shud get it….

  162. Bharat Says:

    give me level 6 :(((

  163. Bharat Says:

    got 6 now on 7 🙂

  164. Peter C. Jones Says:

    I’m at 14….Am I on the right track?
    14 in Splat squares Row 2 Col 4..

  165. Bharat Says:

    can anybody give me clue for 7 apart from given on top…. coz i tried them but no luck 😦

  166. varun Says:

    Any one finished 18??!!please help!!

  167. king Says:

    @Peter C Jones: You are right on…

  168. Muthu Says:

    @Peter C. Jones

    s man u r on the right path..cmon u cud make it

  169. Muthu Says:


    Cmon man…the answer is already in teh clues given above …chk it thoroughly….

  170. Muthu Says:


    Cmon Varun….first find out the sequence of teh cjaracters for the other three players…….find the winning combination to the nearest margin and then use the same sequence to reach 19….

  171. vivek Says:

    hi guys.. can anyone plz help me out in 16th level.. tried googling pluto and japan.. not able to come up with anything

  172. Muthu Says:


    level 16 is a gud one….cmon man check the location of the cat with respect tio the dogs and use the other clue on th screen and google man…..u shud get it..i have given u the path to the deastination….

  173. Mani Says:

    Hi Guys…Tried all possibilities of changing the URL for 11..
    is it really worth trying to change the URL???

  174. Muthu Says:


    u r on the right path
    Cmon man bring the “doc” near the “souls” literally..
    nothing cud be a better clue than this,,…cmon u shud get it

  175. Mani Says:


    i brought “doc” close to the “souls” in the URL…but am not getting it dude…

  176. David Jayaprakash Says:

    level 11 plz…

    to hell with doc n souls

  177. Mani Says:

    Come on Muthu…pls help me out….i understand dat this is simple one but still am not able to crack this…

  178. David Jayaprakash Says:

    is it an anagram? doc+souls = ?

  179. David Jayaprakash Says:

    guys please help….am STUCK at level 11…..

  180. Muthu Says:


    Cmon cool guys….read the rules at page 1….u r on the right path that u need to change the url…..now check the name of teh url….and see what i said yaar…..bring “souls” near “doc”…..cmon yaar….i dont want to spoil it anymore….it is something similar to Klueless1 type yaar…cmon guys…

  181. Mani Says:

    Guys pls help me out…am stuck at level 11…

  182. David Jayaprakash Says:

    mani have u done klueless1?
    i ve not done it…..

    muthu pls intervene…

  183. Mani Says:

    Dats the problem with me too, david….even i have’nt done it…
    Muthu, should i bring the words directly or is it something else relating them…is the ans in 3 words???

  184. Muthu Says:

    Cmon just try changing the url name like .exe..like similarly..try man…i cant eveal anymore..i have given u a hint…cmon now check souls and doc..u shud get it yaar

  185. Mani Says:

    Got it dude!!!Thanks…

  186. David Jayaprakash Says:

    hey muthu…thnx a lot!

  187. kriti Says:

    muthu….level 12 pls…..

  188. Muthu Says:


    Cmon level 12 is simple…just concentrate on the color of the numbers he is refering to nothing else…u shud get it yaar. easy one….

  189. kriti Says:

    yeah got it ..thnk u

  190. Mani Says:

    Muthu pls help me out in lvl 14…

  191. shalaka Says:

    Has level13 got to do with something that reflects????

  192. shalaka Says:

    ok got it now!!!
    Someone plz help with level 14!!

  193. deepak Says:

    any more clues abt 12th? is it the other side of those numbers on dice? I tried 114112, didn’t work. 😦

  194. Ashish Says:


    level 14 please! i got the probability, read the title, googled first two digits which took me to wikipedia! now i tried all parts of the famous show. am i on the right track? if yes, why am i not getting it !

  195. deepak Says:

    I got the 12th myself… 🙂

  196. deepak Says:

    14th please!!! am sure it’s got to do with 43200 number but what it is? any clues?

  197. Santhosh Says:

    Hey guys, I am stuck at level 14. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me some solid clue

  198. Santhosh Says:

    wow i finally cracked 14 🙂

  199. arnab Says:

    at 14; pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me some solid clue 🙂

  200. gagan Says:

    hey plz temme wts the band name of 8th level

  201. david Says:

    @santhosh… im at 14… gimme a clue man… tried all the hints on this blog.. stil stuck

  202. deepak Says:


    Pink Floyd


    googling the first two digits doesn’t give many hints… any clues?

  203. Muthu Says:


    Guys Level 14….is bassic mathematics…find teh probability….check the page name….and google…u shud get it…..

  204. Muthu Says:


    Guys Level 14….is basic mathematics…find the probability….check the page name….and google…u shud get it…..

  205. Muthu Says:


    don’t google with the first two digits alone..read the page name completely yaar…i have given u a big clue…cmon..u shud make it….

  206. arnab Says:

    @ muthu
    hey cmon man, i googled with 43 quintillion. its a combo related to rubik’s cube. still not getting the answer. what next man?

  207. arnab Says:

    @ muthu
    hey cmon man, i googled with 43 quintillion. its a combo related to rubik’s cube. still not getting the answer. what next man? help needed.

  208. deepak Says:

    cracked 14th 🙂


    you already have the answer man… it’s a name

  209. Muthu Says:


    u have teh answer already man…

  210. deepak Says:

    hints for 15?

  211. arnab Says:

    cracked it man.
    Thanks a lot

  212. Rohit Says:

    15th is easy man!!!
    Do the calculations.
    Try too see something about the answer that you get.
    Remember, think outta the box and look in all possible ways!!! You might need to append something to make the answer complete!!!

  213. Muthu Says:


    Chk what is strange in the calci…

  214. deepak Says:

    got it…thanks man… it was good one.. now stuck at 16th of course.. 🙂

  215. arnab Says:

    right u are. stuck at 16th of course

  216. Muthu Says:


    level 16 is a gud one….cmon man check the location of the cat with respect to the dogs and use the other clue on the screen and google man…..u shud get it..i have given u the path to the destination….

  217. arnab Says:

    @ muthu
    u mean south east?

  218. Muthu Says:


    hey ..not that way
    check the location of the cat with respect to the dogs…how will u say the location of the cat on teh screen with reference to the dogs…comon man …it shud be done…

  219. arnab Says:

    Ya, i will try. it must be done

  220. Rohit Says:

    @All on level 16

    Its all a matter of googling properly
    There are many answers to the question, “what is the location of the Cat WRT the dogs?”
    Only one will give you the correct answer.
    Google that and you’ll get something which is ORIGINAL and in JAPANESE!!!
    Now this should do the trick!!!

  221. Muthu Says:


  222. Scatman Says:

    wats 9 ppl? i got e=mc2. but wat do i relate it to?

  223. Rohit Says:

    Dude, you just got the answer!!!
    Read the equation!!! Sometime we need to think big and more than just what is there!!! 🙂

  224. Muthu Says:

    hey common where the question mark is specified…thats it…man

  225. Hardik Says:

    @Rohit and Muthu………..

    can u please tell me a clue for level 18 ?????

  226. Suresh Says:

    help needed on level 13,

    the google ans: 114112 Shellfish Fishing, but i am stuck in this level. please tell me what I am missing

  227. arjun Says:

    any clues for 17 plz…

  228. david Says:

    @16 ….
    help… help..

  229. 185735 Says:

    what is the position of the cat with respect to the dogs? its a specific position. google the answer, and u will get a original japanese version.

  230. Hardik Says:


    read the last line of the story

    get the axis properly and see the logo of Sun MicroSystems…….

    Get the position of cat with respect to dogs, google the answer and then think of “original”

  231. Hardik Says:

    tell me clue for 18 plz…….
    i dont know poker and i cant get the cipher code also………

  232. arjun Says:

    ya… i have decoded the the phrase in 17….wat now

  233. Scatman Says:

    oh i was really stupid looking around. thanks

  234. Rohit Says:

    Search for Three card Flush.
    Understand the rules of the game and you’ll be able to get the winning combination.
    Writ down the card names (Full anf correct ones) and the code next to them. You’ll understand how the thing works if you have a closer look at them. Work in an order!!! 🙂
    Its really easy!!!

  235. Rohit Says:

    @suresh on level 13
    You have the answer, but not in the correct order!!! 🙂
    Come on dude!!!!!!!!

  236. 185735 Says:

    17? 17? 17?
    Wat is to be done after the decoding??

  237. Rohit Says:

    Are you on 18th?
    or on 17th?
    Which level are you on dude?

  238. Hardik Says:

    thanks……..i think the wainning combination is ACE of SPADE, ACE of HEARTS and KING of CLUB…….so am i right or wrong? and about coding….really i am not getting plz help me yaar…..

    if you have got the sentence, just be “specific” and google, you will get answer related to invitation on the very first page

  239. Suresh Says:


    I cannot see 114112, after that what?

  240. 185735 Says:

    17th dude…

  241. Hardik Says:


    read the last line of the story…….

  242. Rohit Says:

    You have got the combo absolutely right. Now all you need to do is to decode the code. That is too easy. Just right each set of cards and their respective code. 🙂
    Take one step at a time, like the first cards of all and then the second card of all and so on!!!
    You’ll notice a pattern!!! You need to look a bit carefully!!! 🙂 Come on dude!!! You can do it!!! 🙂

  243. Rohit Says:

    Dude, 17th all a matter of googling with the right words. Did you get the clue given in the picture? Now use the other features of google search and search for the clue that you got. The answer is right there on the screen.
    BIG HINT: Its right there on the screen!!! 🙂

  244. Rohit Says:

    I meant write the cards down and the code too!!! 🙂

  245. gr8 Says:

    Please help in level 1

  246. Rohit Says:

    Dude, the answer is right there on the screen!!!
    SEE it. To SEE it you need something, not a layman term. You need to look INTO this a bit deep!!! 🙂

  247. Suresh Says:


    I am seeing green color but I am not getting the right ans.

  248. Hardik Says:

    you mean i’ve to make pairs like CUIAIA,AOGOET, QUAPQD ??????
    if it is like that…….then also i am not able to decode it……..
    plz do give some clue regarding decoding…..

    it’s right on the page…….or in which contest you are answering ????

  249. Hardik Says:

    if two persons are talking…..one person’s left is other’s right and vice versa….
    hey man i m giving you nothing but the answer….now you must get out of the level

  250. Rohit Says:

    Which level are you on buddy?

  251. Rohit Says:

    Send me the url for the level. 🙂
    I’ll help you out after seeing the page once more!!!

  252. Rohit Says:

    Hang on!!! I’ll check myself

  253. Hardik Says:

    hey i think you got the answer…….right?

  254. Rohit Says:


    Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamond, Jack of Spade = IAGOAP

    3 cards, 6 letters => 1 card = 2 letters

    Get the logic?
    Now work on it!!! 🙂
    Write down all the given cards and the corresponding code!!!
    Then work on it…

  255. Muthu Says:

    u have got it man…reverse it yaar….common…

  256. Hardik Says:

    that i got it..
    like QD in IAETQD is Queen of Diamond…..
    but frankly speaking i m not able to get the codign algo…..

    in between, i think by mistake you have writtern IAGOAP for Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamond, Jack of Spade, it is for King of Hearts, King of Diamond and Jack of Club

  257. Rt Says:

    could anyone please clarify level 18 a bit more…. This decoding doesnt make sense beyond the first two digits…..

  258. Rohit Says:

    Sorry for the mix up!!! 🙂
    You are right!!!
    Now try to get the words and the letters in an order
    a sequence!!!
    Come on man!!! You are almost there!!!

  259. Rt Says:

    rohit: all cards are not coded the same way… waz the logic thr?? like: CUAOQU is 231513 and IAGOAP is 234522…. (acc to the number of letter considered to form a code.. Lemme kno if i am goin too far…!!!

  260. Rohit Says:

    You are totally off track!!!
    Numbers don’t play a role here!!! Well, atleast I didn’t use them!!! How about you MUTHU????
    So my suggestion is to forget the numbers!!! 🙂

  261. Rt Says:

    thot so… coz it was gettin very confusing…..

    then how to decode this…. juz explain me this:
    how is Ace of clubs; ace of diamond and queen of clubs related to CUAOQU???

  262. Rohit Says:


    aCe of clUbs Ace of diamOnds Queen of clUbs

    Now do you get it!!!???
    Follow the same procedure for the other sets!!!
    Find the pattern!!!

  263. Muthu Says:


    Guys i give it to u all…the sequence is 2-7…now u guys shud make it yaar….

  264. Rt Says:

    is the answer any logical word??? or juz a set of alphabets???

  265. rav Says:

    got the correct combo of cards but still not able to decide upon the last 2 letters of the code.there is slight ambiguity thr.bcoz queen of diamond as got 2 D’s in diamond jst let me know whether I m on right track.I m really gng dumb on ths.Help me yaar plz.

  266. Rt Says:

    @ rohit/ muthu: now wats 2 to 7…. plz explain…

    i am super confused… i did level 12 to 17, all in 1 hr…been on this level for the last 4 hrs…. guess i have thot a lil too much..no more grey cells left!

  267. Rohit Says:

    @for all on 18

    IA King of Hearts
    IA King of Spade
    CU Ace of Clubs

    GO King of Diamond
    AO Ace of Diamond
    ET Queen of Hearts

    QU Queen of Clubs
    AP Jack of Spade
    QD Queen of Diamond

    now see the first cards, how the alphabets are chosen for them alone!!!
    What is your first card?
    You have two A’s, either of them can be first. So now try with either of them. If you don’t get it there then work on the other combination!!! 🙂
    Come on guys!!! I have given the biggest hint here!!!

  268. Rt Says:


    your logic of “aCe of clUbs Ace of diamOnds Queen of clUbs” doesnt apply to all other codes… they are all differently done…no specific pattern…

  269. arnab Says:

    guys help me out. stuck at 16……
    what ‘…..dog’?

  270. Rt Says:

    @ Level 16:

    find a movie about 8 dogs; was dubbed in japanese… name of the movie in japanese!

  271. Rohit Says:

    Dude!!! See what I have given!!!
    The first three is for the first three cards of the open sets

    The next three is for the second cards of the open sets

    the next three is for the third cards of the open sets!!!

    Don’t you see a sequence???? Come on guys!!!!!

    Any further help on this? I am unable to help further!!!

  272. Rt Says:

    i dont want to kill this level on the blog… do you have a skype/ icq id?

  273. Rt Says:


    i dont want to kill this level on the blog… do you have a skype/ icq id? And guess i am totally losing it!!

  274. arnab Says:

    is this “eight down under”? 8 dogs stuck in antarctica?

  275. Rohit Says:

    Dude, I am in office
    Shall give you my mail ID
    Mail me on this!!! 🙂

  276. rav Says:

    got thru 18.Damn nvr expected tht way.
    clues for level 19.typed it in word and got a quote wht has the coke got to do.am I on right track

  277. Rohit Says:

    No man!!!
    the Coke is a distraction, but note the point, why is there a red line?
    When do we get a red line under a word or a letter????

    There is another sentence in the picture right? That requires some attention!!! 🙂

  278. rav Says:


    thot so.typed those words in mSword and got red lines below it.Tried fixing thm up and got a sentence did some googling on it.Am i right..?Wht next..?

  279. Muthu Says:


    The answer is the meaningful quote u got after correction from msword..no ggogling required…

  280. Rohit Says:

    Don’t google it man!!! See the sentence!!!
    That is the answer!!! 🙂

  281. rav Says:

    got it.Thnx mate..

  282. rav Says:

    Wht abt 20..?have been gng thru previous 6 levels.Can U add anythng more

  283. Muthu Says:


    Its very straight and simple….just think abt an unused clue in teh previous 6 levels…u shud get it simply by looking thru last 6 levels…its too simple…..thats the clue….

  284. Rohit Says:

    There is a level with numbers.
    We deal with a device there. That device is the second part of the answer.
    The first part is a function in that device. 🙂
    Check it out now!!!

  285. rav Says:

    @Rohit and @Muthu

    Thnks guys.Finished 20th.But who is the thief..?wldnt hve been thr without the clues

  286. Rohit Says:

    I guess you’ll know in Klueless 3!!! 🙂

  287. Suresh Says:


    Now i am in level 17…

  288. Muthu Says:

    hey guys the thief is none other than the klueless2 team…its mentioned on the last page…read it again…

  289. Muthu Says:

    the cacographer- Klueless2

  290. 185735 Says:

    18? 18? 18?
    Any “good” clues plzzzzzzzzzz.

  291. rav Says:


    they go in a cycle.in the second round check for loops in the no.Hope U get wht I m saying.

  292. Rt Says:


    Please reply to my email!!!


  293. Suresh Says:

    can anyone tell me how to decode the letters in level 17

  294. 185735 Says:

    Checked it…
    the winning combination goes like 2325–??
    Am I on the right track…??

  295. Muthu Says:


    all combinations go as 234567

  296. 185735 Says:

    ennappa kozhappareenga….?
    Where did 6 and 7 come…??

  297. Muthu Says:


    ya it is 234567…..chk it properly……lop starts again after ending…this shud be a gud clue….

  298. arnab Says:

    At last…..GOT IT

  299. arnab Says:

    will be waiting for klueless 3

  300. 185735 Says:

    guys anybody help me with the 20th

  301. arnab Says:

    see something that has not been used.(Big clue)

  302. arnab Says:

    something we computer users take care of….!!!!!

  303. ding dong Says:

    i am not able to decode level 17.
    tell me how to proceed…making x & y gives something strange things.help help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. Arnab Says:

    @ding dong
    See the code. these are letters.(Big clue)

  305. ding dong Says:

    hardick was telling it is logo of Sun MicroSystems
    didnt understand how to get that..
    wat are those letters?

  306. Peter C. Jones Says:

    Shouldn’t a hand of “A-Spades, A-Hearts, Q-Spades (AsAhQs)” more narrowly beat a “A-Clubs, A-Diamonds, Q-Clubs(AcAdQc)?

    When the ranks of the two hands are even, then the hand with the strongest suit for the supporting wins.

    In this case, Ace pairs in both hand (West and South) but the hand in the South has Queen Spades which beats Queen Clubs.

    Suits by strength in decreasing order is Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.

    I understand the expect answer was with a King support.

  307. Peter C. Jones Says:

    I “scored” (Yeah..I made all 20)

    Elementary Mr.Watson…

    Not quite….

    It was a fiesta in my mind. Now, I don’t know how to calm it down.

    Salute! Thank you “Team Klueless2”. You did a great job.

  308. Bharat Says:

    for level 7

    i been out for a while…. but on return i am still struck on 7 😦

    tries all the songs from the wall of pink floyd. atlest tell me how many words are there in the answer and how many letters in them….

  309. vivek Says:

    thanks a lot guys.. finished the game yesterday evening.. would not have been able to without your clues.. especially rohit and muthu.. three cheers to klueless2 team and the clue giving bloggers..

  310. Bharat Says:

    got the 7 :-))

  311. Rohit Says:

    @ding dong
    See the sun logo carefully. It has SUN all over it, but when you see it at first, you’ll feel its gibberish. Now that is the way this clue works too.

  312. Hardik Says:

    @Rohit and Muthu
    i wrote the words in MS Word, and i m getting somewhat meaningful quote, now the thing is what is relation between Coke, Er. and the quote ???

  313. Rohit Says:

    If you have a meaningful sentence, enter it in the blank space. If you are unable to proceed, modify the sentence. 🙂

  314. Hardik Says:

    but what is the relation with Coke, Graph and Er.

  315. Hardik Says:

    did it man………

    hey Kluless Team, you made us confused by putting Coke, Graph and Er., but i did it
    thanks to rohit

  316. ding dong Says:

    but how we are getting that sun logo from that xy axis….
    really confused ;((((

  317. Hardik Says:

    hey i did it man……..

    @Klueless Team
    great team effort and great work………keep it up

    @Rohit and Muthu……..
    great man……..you completed the game and helping to others…….so nice of you….thanks a lot for your help

    keep going on……..you know you will be having a great feeling after completion just like me

  318. Hardik Says:

    @Ding Dong….
    just recollect how were you drawing graphs? and then see the symbol of Sun…
    herre we are not getting logo of Sun, it is related to that logo

  319. Rohit Says:

    Way to go man!!!
    Did you read the rules for the game first?

  320. Rohit Says:

    @ding dong
    Dude, the Sun logo is just an example.
    Work on this picture the same way.
    Answers are not always in the right direction. 🙂
    You need too look at all possible angles.
    Now, I have given a lot of clues here. Work on them. 🙂

  321. Rohit Says:

    @ Bharat on lvl 7
    Dude, if you have got the song right, then you have got the band right too.
    Now remember, “Jo!” in the clue, refers to a NAME!!!
    You have a song => you have a band => you need a name now in the band!!!
    Get it???? 😀

  322. Rohit Says:

    Seems like you got through the 7th one. 🙂
    Way to go buddy.
    All the best.

  323. deepak Says:

    18th pls… read all the clues you guys have given…may be I donno this game…but can someone tell me abt the nature of the answer…is it a number of a word?

  324. Rohit Says:

    Its a combination of letters. I wouldn’t call it a word though. 🙂

    => a letter!!!

  325. Rohit Says:

    @ Deepak
    Sorry, I forgot that in html some characters have a diff meaning… Hehehehe!!!
    What i meant was:
    ****** is the answer where in * => a letter!!!

  326. deepak Says:

    thanks….am at last one now , 20th… clues??….I thot about last six levels… nothing so far… 😦

  327. Suresh Says:

    @Hardik, @Rohit and @Muthu

    Thanks guys i have finished the game….. Curiously waiting for klueless 3

  328. Rohit Says:

    Well, for the 20th one, see the previous 6 levels.
    Somewhere there, you played with numbers to get the result.
    The answer is right there.
    Now if this is not helpful, lemme know.
    Shall give further clues!! 🙂

  329. Rohit Says:

    Congrats dude! Way to go. 🙂

  330. deepak Says:

    well, I played with numbers on level 14, 15, 16 and 18…the answer is about where he found the number, right? any more clues?

  331. Rohit Says:


    In the level where we play with numbers, we use a device. This device has a function in it. The answer is the Function and the Device in that order. 🙂

  332. deepak Says:

    thanks a lot….got it… finally all done.. 🙂

  333. Rohit Says:

    Congrats dude!!!

  334. ding dong Says:

    i died on 17 ;(

  335. Rohit Says:

    @Ding Dong!!!
    Band baj gaya kya bhai jaan
    What happened man?

  336. rav Says:

    Hai guys
    Working on Klueless1 right now.jobless basically Can anybody give me a clue for leve 6

  337. ding dong Says:

    pura wat lag gaya
    dead !!!!!!!!

    teach me graph plzzzz
    dumb ding dong

  338. rav Says:

    @Ding Dong

    luk at the grf carefully.its not in the proper direction.think how the x and y shld be,Then luk at sun’s logo.now luk at the graf does a bell ring in ur mind.if not luk at it carefully.The way the sun’s logo and whts written in graf is similar.
    wat ki wat lagao…:-)

  339. Rohit Says:

    @Ding dong
    Arrey yaar, graph ko mar goli. Why is that red line there? When does a red line appear below anything????
    There is a sentence below the picture right?
    Spell check it man and you’ll get a meaningful answer which is the answer. 🙂

  340. Rohit Says:

    @ding dong
    I gave you the wrong one!!!

  341. Rohit Says:

    @ding dong
    This level is simple.
    1. The answer is right on the page, look everywhere.
    2. Remember Sun logo? See it again. Its just not some noodle desing, its SUN written in a fancy way.

  342. arnab Says:

    @ding dong
    Hey forget about sun logo..
    just look at the code from all direction.
    ‘join them’……!!!!!

  343. Mani Says:

    Guys help me out in lvl 14….

  344. sreelekha menon Says:

    hey guys any clues on 20???please…
    is the second part a device or something???

  345. Rohit Says:

    for 14th:
    1. Find out the probability.
    2. There is something which has a similar probability.
    3. Use google.

    1. In one of the previous 6 levels, we played with numbers and used a device.
    2. There is a function in the device.

    The Device and the Function are the answer. 🙂

  346. talk talk Says:


    really stuck at 17 .. I read all the clues given by you.. I have got the setence since yesterday..and have given enough time to search that on google.. but did not find anything related to invitation.. does it have anything to do with Friends..

    Please help…

  347. arnab Says:

    @Talk Talk
    What is there with friends? Where do we find friends?

  348. arnab Says:

    @Talk Talk
    its right in there at every level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Talk Talk Says:

    Its there in weburl to this page..

    Please guyz help me out of this.. i have even joined the words of statement in one and searched in google.. tell me if i m going in wrong direction.. plz

  350. Talk Talk Says:


    its there at every level??? still not clicking man.. i m feeling like a stupid now.. i have got so many hints.. but not able to put them together..

  351. arnab Says:

    @Talk Talk
    u got the sentence, u got the url, and u got the page name….
    All u need to do is google….
    look at the clue page name, look at my previous post (post no. 351)

  352. Talk Talk Says:


    Thanks man.. Got it.. I never knew it will be something which I was using in parallel while solving clues.. 🙂

  353. arnab Says:

    @Talk Talk
    But u know, i never use that thing. still i got that from google

  354. David Says:

    Guys… stuck @18..

    pls help… i’ve tried a zillion combinations… and by probability of getting the right answer… seems to be…
    0.00000000000000000002312031 …. 🙂
    Winning hand is possibly AAK…


  355. deepak Says:


    Here is a BIG CLUE. Reverse the probablity number, read the title of the page on top and then google the resulting number. the answer is a name.

    let me know if it helps or we’ll give even BIGGER clues. [;)]

  356. anu Says:

    i m stuck in level 19.. could you please help me? i have copy pasted the quote to ms word

  357. Rohit Says:

    Well, if you have copied the sentence, spell check it till it makes a meaningful sentence. 🙂
    That’s all!!! You have the solution then.

  358. arnab Says:

    u gave David the wrong one. He is with cards, not probabilty.

    probably u got the card combination. Find the corresponding code with the help of the three given. start from the right one. put numbers against letters.

  359. Bhavin Says:

    level 20????? stuck there for 7.5 working hours i know its some thing about the rubik’s cube again GOD HELP ME!!!

  360. arnab Says:

    Not at all.
    Find something that has not been used. a tool….

  361. Rohit Says:

    In one of the previous 6 levels, we played with numbers and we used a device. This device has a function in it. The Device and the function are the answers in the order: [The Function] [The Device]

  362. sushesh Says:

    I’m stuck at 16.. read thru this complete blog.. but not made any head way since last night 😦

    It wud b g8 if someone can help me out ..
    gtalk : sushesh
    yahoo : sushesh


  363. Rohit Says:


    Clues are:
    1. What is the position of the cat, WRT the dogs?
    There are many answers to thid, but only one will work.
    2. Google that and you’ll get many results out of which one is in Japanese. (It’ll look like english, but is a japanese name)
    3. Remember, originality (in this case, Japanese) is always preferred.


  364. sushesh Says:

    I did get all the answers to all the q’s u mention..
    but unable to figure out..
    I know that the cat is ninth and i did find something that is japanese and is translated to english.. but can’t find the japanese name of it..

    if u may please ..sushesh@gmail.com

  365. annibunny Says:

    Level 16 :
    has it got to do with UNDERDOGS?

    i also saw the japanese play for UNDERDOGS but that too does not help a drop!

    Sweet 16 is bitter 16

    all comments on level 16 given a hearty welcome at : anitamallya@gmail.com

  366. Rohit Says:

    No man. You have got the position wrong itself. Notice that the numbering ends with 8. 🙂
    Now use 8 and get the position of the cat WRT dogs. 🙂

  367. Rohit Says:

    Nothing to do with underdogs also man!!!
    You are almost on the same track. Add a number to that. That might help!!!

  368. annibunny Says:

    got it . . .

    A clue :

    the cat is . . . positions . . . the dogs!

  369. sushesh Says:

    Got it .. thanks now to 17..

  370. 12345 Says:

    Pls help me with lvl18..as I have been stuck in it for hours….please….i cant get any of the clues. Do you need to know the rules of the game?

  371. Rohit Says:

    Google for “Flush with three cards” or “Three cards Flush”
    You’ll get the rules of the game and hencce you’ll find the winning combination.
    Then its all a matter of decoding the code. 🙂
    The code is kinda simple, if you know the names of the cards. Just write them down and try to figure out the relation between the letters in the code and the letters in the name of the Cards.
    DO NOT bring in any numerics for decoding, it’ll only confuse you all the more.
    All the best!!!

  372. scatman Says:

    stuck on level 18. got the winning combination. trying to decode it. but unable to get the code

  373. Rohit Says:

    All the first cards of the three open sets
    IA King of Heart
    IA King of Spade
    CU Ace of Club

    All the second cards of the three open sets
    GO King of Diamond
    AO Ace of Diamond
    ET Queen of Heart

    All the third cards of the three open sets
    QU Queen of Club
    AP Jack of Spade
    QD Queen of Diamond

    now see the first cards, how the alphabets are chosen for them alone!!!
    What is your first card?
    You have two A’s, either of them can be first. So now try with either of them. If you don’t get it there then work on the other combination!!!
    Come on guys!!! I have given the biggest hint here!!! 🙂

  374. scatman Says:

    @ rohit

    still klueless

  375. Rohit Says:


    IA => kIng of heArts
    IA => kIng of spAde
    CU => aCe of clUbs
    the second letter of the first word and the third letter of the third word (kIng of heArts)
    This is how it works. But the logic is not as simple as this for the other cards.

  376. arnab Says:

    You are giving the solution man. Ha Ha.
    Keep going.
    We are here to make a big ‘Klueless 2 Hall of Fame’ club. Everybody is wlecome here.

    Keep going guys and gals, you can do it…

  377. Rohit Says:

    Clues are failing!!!
    what to do!!! 😦
    Have to be so explicit!!!

  378. arnab Says:

    It’s fine.

  379. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    boss help for level 13…plz…its gotta do something wid “114112 Shellfish Fishing.” i guess.

  380. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    or am i on d wrong track?? i m here for d one wid d dice.

  381. jj Says:

    i need help with level 12.
    i’ve read the comments, i know it should be easy, but somehow i’m not getting it.
    Please, help!!

  382. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    hey jj…think of the colors the numbers point to…

  383. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    guyz gimme something for the 16th level …planets…pluto….japanese name for pluto aint workin?? or is it down under in japanese??

  384. Ankush Says:

    Pls guys any clues whatsoever for 16th …???

  385. Bharat Says:

    on 13…….

  386. deepak Says:


    For 16th, check out the position of cat. Here goes a big clue.

    The cat is …… the dogs.

    The ….. is to be filled with the position of cats with respect to dogs. This position is a two word combination. Now google this combination. This is a name of an english movie and is a remake of a Japanese movie. The answer is original japanese movie name. Hope it helps.


    For 13, one of the biggest clues is a simple fact that the sum of opposite sides of a dice is always 7. And the previous description states that what you can see, I can’t see. So all you got to find is the other side. 😉

  387. Scatman Says:

    any clues for level 20????

  388. arnab Says:

    look at post no. 365…………

  389. vivek mishra Says:

    Dear Srikant,

    Could you please delete the last comment where someone had given out the answer to all the levels. That is spoiling the fun of the game.

    Vivek Mishra
    (KLUELESS2 Developer)

  390. Rohit Says:

    Hey, If you are a MOD to the official blog, please delete the same from there too. Also, there is one more in the hall of flame blog!!!

  391. nitin Says:

    You f*****g theonlyone…

  392. Arnab Says:

    What the hell is this????

  393. Rohit Says:

    This pest has put this darn blog in all the sites!!! USELESS FELLOW!!!

  394. Rohit Says:

    Dude, you are the mod for this blog. Delete that darn spoiler!!!!

  395. Arnab Says:

    Somebody contact Srikanth.
    He may not be following the blog..

    And take care of the other blog too..

    But all these would do nothing I think. The ******* Theonlyone would again spoil the sport..

    And perhaps he is enjoying looking at all this.

    Start developing Klueless 3 man, Klueless 2 is gone…

  396. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    f*** dis bloody bastard….dere were hundreds before him who completed d puzzle….dis is so silly n kiddish…delete it man…wot r u guyz waitin for??

  397. Arnab Says:

    This bloody bastard is damn FRUSTRATED. You frustrated spoiler, go to hell. You will get more like you there..

  398. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    we hav been referring dis blog for clues…n dis asshole has jus played d spoilsport…he mus b feelin happy seein our reactions to his idiocacy…but where d hell r d mods…guyz delete d comment….cant look at d page anymore, m stuck at 17.

  399. Arnab Says:

    Hey you are stuck at 17.
    Look at post No. 393.
    You will get the answer. Ha ha..

  400. Amlan Sengupta Says:


    no way man…dats exactly wot sucks…i m lookin 4 clues not answers. i cant even search 4 them now as i may accidently look at d answer..dat will jus spoil d whole fun dat i was havin….i will continue only after dat is deleted.

  401. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    n now i m frustated, cant concentrate on work….SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE DAT COMMENT….I NEED TO SEARCH FOR CLUES.

  402. Arnab Says:


    at 17, u got the sentence? if u havn’t, look from ‘all’ directions. And if u have, try to combine the URL, page name and The sentence. Where do we find friends..

  403. Amlan Sengupta Says:


    buddy i got d axis rite…rotated it…used mirror….but wots “d sentence”??

  404. Rohit Says:

    Dude, look at the sentence in the broad picture. You’l make out the words of the sentence. The answer to that is actually on the screen itself. 🙂
    You can do it FRIEND.
    (Another clue) 🙂

  405. Arnab Says:


    After rotation and all, try to make letters from them. You need to each and every segment. Some of them can be joined together.

  406. Rohit Says:

    Try to take a printout and see it from far man. It’ll make a meaningful sentence. Come on man, its not soo tough!!!

  407. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    i m dumb….cant get it…cant get a sentence. some of the letters can be joined, but they make an ‘O’ after joining. i can see some ‘O’ some ‘U’ ‘L’…dats all for letters.

  408. Rohit Says:

    These letters will be there. I have avoided repetition. Now try to figure out the sentence:
    No atleast try to get it man!!!

  409. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    dis is grrrrr8 man…i got it…cool man. damn sexy.

  410. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    dis is grrrrr8 man…i got it…cool man. damn sexy. thanks arnab n rohit.

  411. Arnab Says:

    The sentence is sexy or the answer.:):):)

  412. Rohit Says:

    @Amlan and Arnab

    come on guys, grow up. What is so SEXY about the question or the answer???? 🙂

  413. Arnab Says:

    I didn’t say anything like that. I was just wondering what Amlan felt.

  414. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    okay my apologies… it was jus too COOL. okay rohit 😀

  415. Arnab Says:

    Okay with me

  416. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    nehow….i may still be needing help…stuck wid work, cant solve any further till the boss is gone fm office…so cant mess wid u guyz 😀

  417. Rohit Says:

    @Amlan and Arnab

    Cool dudes!!! So how far have you proceeded Amlan??? or still stuck up with work?

  418. Arnab Says:

    Anybody there?????

  419. Jin Says:

    can’t get the first clue. we should replace it with eye?

  420. Amlan Sengupta Says:

    no jin….although u r on rite track…think of wot actually needs to change to adjust to the settings…

  421. Srikanth Says:

    @ All
    Guys that spoiler comment is deleted.If someone is posting spoilers here do let me know by commenting the other klueless post.I will never look into comments of this post as i get them many a day. Sorry for the delay in deleting,i never knew a spoiler was on my page since you people posted comments on the same post.I already mentioned that i wont read this thread.Anyway do let me know if you see some spoilers here.

  422. Rohit Says:

    This is such a relief. Finally the darn spoiler has been removed.
    Good job bro, hopefully you’ll be able to keep a track of this crap and delete the darn spoilers if they do appear again.

  423. deepak Says:


    I don’t think Srikanth reads these comments on a daily basis. Even now, I had to contact him on his Yahoo Messanger and I left him a message to delete the spoiler post. His YM is mentioned in AboutMe section on top right of this page. So, next time someone posts a spoiler, someone please leave him a message on YM as even I might not check this blog frequently now that I have cracked Klueless2. 😉

  424. Jay Says:

    Guys Am back in klueless 2006,

    Ok i dont know how many guys are going to curse me ….. but this time am gona post Clues which are very close to the answers rather the answer and possibilly not the answer ….

    1) level 1 “It”=eye (google photophobia )open the first link.( No of Char. =4 , answer is also in the address bar of the klueless page.)

    2) Google “221bakerstreet” and the first link( its a web site dedicated to “?”)

    3) Google answer2 with pipe ( eg “??????? ?????? pipe”) first link.

    4)It one of the Famous Movie of Learner Dicaprio
    Google “learner dicaprio catch” first link

    5) Think about india’s great mathematician
    google “ramanujan numbers” first link

    6)Hmmm… Seems i can find both Google and Yahoo okie lets

    Google “google yahoo” first link … Ha ha very tough IIM I guys …

    7) ?

  425. Rohit Says:

    Thanks for the info dude. I shall do that in case some !@#$@!#@#$%!@#$@$@@# decides to give out spoilers again!!!!

  426. Rohit Says:

    Dude, let people ask for them and then you can give the clues. That too not so darn explicit. It spoils the fun of the game. Just remember that you too didn’t get the answers just by looking at the Klue once!!! 🙂

  427. Arnab Says:

    No post for clues…Looks like nobody is ‘Klueless’ any more. 😉

  428. Rohit Says:

    That is all thanks to that spoiler I guess. Anyways, its been a while since Klueless 2 was released. So I guess all would have completed the levels by now and gone back to their work, unlike us!!! 😛

  429. LEVEL 7 Says:

    hey guys plllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    help me out wid level 7 going crazy over it..
    banging my head since two days..
    I know the song by pink Floyd ” Another brick in the wall”

    just not getting..
    i have tried like hundreds of permutations and combinations ..
    Plz help me out

  430. @Sheetal Says:

    sry thats me on level 7..
    Tooo frustrated plz help out guys

  431. revathi Says:

    hey sheetal..
    me too stuck on 7..i have tried googling for another brick in the wal, name of the band, singer jo etc but i m not getting anywhere..this is frustrating!!
    help on level 7 anyone???

  432. Vinu Says:


    I finished all the 20 levels.
    thanks klueless team for the game
    and thank u blog for the hints given

    Waiting for klueless 3

  433. Jay Says:

    All right Rogit and friends , in the klueless part 1 i posted all the answers and the admin had removed my post …. and now i was not posting the answers , rather giving them the kluees dude …..

    And thats the reason i have not posted the answers for all the levels….


  434. Wahid Says:

    Hi I am struck at level 7 .please help me……i am going MAD

  435. Wahid Says:

    Hi found the Klue for level 7
    search pink floyd waters in google and search for a name with waters like x waters

  436. Wahid Says:

    level 8 – bull car logo

  437. Wahid Says:

    E=MC2 Stands for ……..

  438. Bhavin Says:

    @rohit & arnab…
    YAY!!! got it thanx a lot guys,,, 1 thing about klueless 2 is that when u get those TOUGH answers they make you feel dumb! LOL!!

  439. Nithya Says:

    Hey Dudes,

    Any Help for Level 13… Stuck on 13 for a long time

    No clue of what that is other than 114112….

    Is that a word or a number ? or ….?

  440. deepak Says:


    you already have the answer albeit in reverse order. 😉

  441. Scatman Says:

    hey guys. finally done with Klueless 2.

  442. jackal Says:

    pls help out with level 16.in spite of all the clues not able to come up with the word relating to the position..

  443. deepak Says:


    See the numbers in the pic… and “below” that is the set of words you need to google… let me know if it still doesn’t help.

  444. Ritesh Says:

    I accept my dumbness :-(…stuck at lvl 19 for last 20 hours or so…

    I tried entering all the corrections given by MS word for the sentence…

    Its just not clicking to me….
    please mail me the answer separately at
    rtarway at gmail dot com

  445. deepak Says:



  446. Ritesh Says:


    got it as soon as I got up fresh in the morning…
    thanks guys, who did mail me the answer…but spl thanks to
    Dee, and Deepak…who gave real good hints….

    I am completely Klueless now 😀

  447. Jitesh Says:

    Level 15 pls… am stuck since yesterday

    Pls mail me on jitesh1978@yahoo.com

  448. Rohit Says:


    Level 15 is simple enough if you look at it carefully.
    Do you know when a letter will be shown on the display of the calculator?(I am NOT referring to the letter currently shown)

    If you have the answer for the above one, then you’ll know the relation between what is displayed and what is the supposed to be there.

    Now, do the math and apply the same relation as above, to the answer.

    Put two and two together!! You’ll get the answer!!! Its really easy man!!! Look at the big picture!!!

    No google for this bro!!!

  449. Ajit Says:

    hey guys, i’m stuck on level 7..what song u r talking abt?

  450. Bhavin Says:

    @ ajit
    looks like “YOU DON”T NEED NO EDUCATION” “NO THOUGHT CONTROL” what happens when you break the WALL?

  451. Jitesh Says:

    now on 18th… again stuck… have tried using the clues above but not reaching anywhere… help plsssss

  452. Question Says:

    on level 9, it’s e=mc2 so i think the answer should be ‘e’ instead of ‘?’ but that’s wrong…any clue?

  453. Jitesh Says:


    Think science… think Phy

  454. Question Says:

    got thru to 11…
    for level 11, everywhere i’m reading, it’s related to music storage… but whts the importance of 115? why scale is there? absolutely gone mad …googling diff stuff….any clue?

  455. jackal Says:

    thanx for 16.. got it! but now really stuck on 19..cant seem to get the right combo! do v include the xclamation marks too??

  456. jackal Says:

    @ question
    try thinking of what you use to store ur music..sthg tht u wud describe as ’round’!

    and sbody mail me the answer to 19 on f2005259@bits-pilani.ac.in

  457. Nithya Says:

    Thank u deepak.. Got thru 13………….

  458. Nithya Says:

    Any help on Level 14 plz…

    Do not have any clue

    Is it any number… (dont think so..)

    Plz. help

  459. Nithya Says:

    Finally got thru 14…. now stuck up on 15th level

    Hey dudes help me out get past this level yar..

    So frustrating…

  460. kuldeep Says:

    level 19 is takin me nowhere.gettin bugged with it now…atleast somebody come up with a descent clue since i do not find any on the page…

  461. Anees Says:

    Hint for Level 15 Plzzzzzzzzzz
    is it a word or number

  462. Nithya Says:

    Still stuck up with Level 15

    No clue other than 37180………

    Someone help please

  463. deepak Says:


    15th is a tricky one. let me try to give you some headaway. Can you notice if something is wrong with the calci? Is there any button/functionality which is not correctly displayed? Now that you know what’s wrong, add up the numbers and write the sum on a paper in EXACTLY THE SAME style as shown in the pic. Now perform the same action on this paper as is wrong with calci. You would see it’s a word. Add a letter in the front to make it meaningful. The resulting word is the answer. 🙂 This should get you going.


    19th is easy one. The last line in the pic, write it in MS word and perform a spell check till it becomes a meaningful sentence. That’s the answer. 🙂

  464. jackal Says:

    finished it guys! the feelin is gr8! spl thanx to deepak who really helped us thru 16..it was a real tough one.. now guess its bk to exams!

  465. Nithya Says:

    That was really cool deepak…
    Thanks alot..

  466. Anees Says:

    Any clues for Level7 ,
    I dont know how to proceed

  467. Nithya Says:

    Got the information on the graph…

    How do we combine that with the page name

    Not getting it dudes..

    Stuck on Level 17…..

  468. Anees Says:


    Help me out with level 17…

    “specific” and the decode sentence ….

    how many words does this contain…

    Any clues plz

  469. deepak Says:

    @Nithya, Anees

    All I can say for 17th is the fact that the page has the answer written somewhere and it’s related to Google but it’s not Google. 😉

  470. Anees Says:

    Finally reached Level 20, but struck here for more than 3 hours now
    Any clues please

  471. Nithya Says:

    Thanks a lot for all your help deepak……

    Finally got thru all the levels…

    Done with exciting level 20…..

    Wonderful game guys…

    Looking ahead for Klueless3. :-))

  472. Diana Says:

    hey someone hel[p me in level 5 ppppppppppllllllllllsssssssssss

  473. deepak Says:


    Between 1 and 15, there are numbers for which a^3 + b^3 = c^3 + d^3 where a, b, c and d are different numbers. The answer to level 5 is that number a^3 + b^3 (or if you want c^3 + d^3 as they are equal anyway).

  474. Diana Says:

    hey thx dude tat was totally confused me. anyway i did clear tat rnd. but am stuck in level 9. any1 help me pls

  475. Diana Says:

    oh god at last cleared level 10. but wat to do wit s.o.s in level 11. wat to do?

  476. deepak Says:


    for clues to 11, pls read some of the earlier posts.. a lot of ppl have given quite a bit of clues for 11.. I can’t possibly give any better clues rather the answer is the only thing I can give you if you can’t solve it even after reading all the above clues..:)

  477. Diana Says:

    [audio src="http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris-2006/irising/klueless/soulsdoc.mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris-2006/irising/klueless/soulsdoctor.mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris-2006/irising/klueless/soulsdoctors.mp3" /]

    hey guys i’ve tried al thes combinations not happenein can any1 help me

  478. deepak Says:


    How about souls.doc? 😉

  479. rupa Says:

    am on 19th… 🙂

  480. Diana Says:

    @ rupa pls give me betr clue tried souls.doc even not going thru help me plssssssssss

  481. Diana Says:

    @ deepak i tried even tat not going thr. am lost my head is spinning. :(:(:(:(

  482. Lunker Says:

    @ Diana

    If Souls.doc is not working – something wrong with ur Internet Explorer
    It is:
    :: ****** means doc ::

  483. Lunker Says:

    Thanks to Klueless Team for a fabulous work.
    Kudoos to Muthu & Rohit for all the Help 🙂

    Thank you folks.

  484. deepak Says:


    contact me at yahoo dnohwal…. I can help you out. And btw, Lunker is correct in saying that if souls.doc doesn’t work then something is wrong with ur IE… make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker on…

  485. Diana Says:

    hay tis is my amil id any1 mail the answer pls for level 11


  486. Diana Says:

    @ deppak
    @ lunker

    hey guys i knw shouldn’t have asked for the answer . But am gettin frustrated, as my friends typed the same answers tat i was tryin n they got thru but am not gettin thru…


  487. amit Says:

    help me on 20th plz… tried everything from sms to calculator… am i on rite track?

    plz help me….

  488. Lunker Says:

    @ Diana


  489. Lunker Says:

    @ Amit

    Concentrate on the HINT which was given for the Level 15
    “”Whats wrong with Calc ?? M is W so ___ is _____””

    So whats is the of the ?

  490. amit Says:


    plz help on this!!

    i know wat is the of the_______? its something we got as the answer in a previous level… rite??? but wat is ______of the (answer i know)?

  491. deepak Says:


    What does “M” of that instrument stand for? 😉

  492. Lunker Says:

    @ Amit

    The device is mentioned on the Level 15 HINT
    So… you just need to scratch your Wemory and think about it 😉

  493. amit Says:

    thnx a lot i was scratching wemory of y mobile not hte device…thats y i was getting troubled so much…

    anyways thnx


  494. Soumya Says:

    Not getting what are sherlock holmes pipes called 😦 Stuck at level 3.. Please give me some more hints!!

  495. deepak Says:


    google “sherlock holmes pipe”… of the results, a particular type is the answer 🙂

  496. wini Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzz some help on level 15… i ‘w’ed every ‘m’ in the sum… any more clues? plzzzzzz

  497. Lunker Says:

    @ Wini

    Check out 496 / 499.
    It has the answer…!

  498. vishi Says:

    stuck at 18 can any one give some more clue?

  499. vishi Says:

    correct me if I’m way off. I have used the combination stating CA as that is common to both Aces… its just that the 2nd and the 3rd card combination I’m unable to get.some clue for 2nd and 3rd card Plz

  500. Abhishek Says:

    Pls help with level 16. Above clues don’t help!!

  501. vishi Says:

    @ abhishek

    Find the answer to
    Where is the cat?
    It is____________ _______ dogs.
    and google

  502. Raja Says:

    Can I have a better clue for lvl 20??? I tried the second blank with mob*** and i am not sure about the first blank tried all possible functions
    sim,memory,phone book,…etc no go…any help

  503. Raja Says:

    Can I have the clue for lvl 20 ???Tried the second blank with mobile and the first blank with all the functions no go….any help????

  504. jean Says:

    I nees help with #7…. I just don’t get it.. wat connection does it have with Pink Floyd?
    HELP PLZ!!
    jean from france

  505. vishi Says:

    finally go 18th

  506. Prabz Says:

    Can anybody help with Level 20 please… I am stuck there for 2 hrs…

  507. Fenoy Says:

    Level 19

    Can you guys pls give some more clues for level 19. I tried all sorts of combinations from MS Word

    1)Amuse is quote en option!!
    2)Amuse is sot en option!!
    3)Amuse is quit en option!!
    38)Amuse yes sot en option!!
    39)Amuse yes quit en option!!
    40)Amuse yes quota en option!!


  508. deepak Says:


    Just copy the string in MS-word, perform a spell check on each of the words till the complete sentence makes sense. The sentences posted by you don’t even contain all the valid English words!!! And remember, the resulting answer will be very relevant to Holmes 😉 let me know if it still doesn’t help…I can post the answer to ur personal ID (if u can provide the same).


    Not sure if you have finally solved level 20 or not… but it’s related to a part of an instrument… the instrument is shown in one of the previous levels with an image. Can’t divulge more. 😉

  509. Sago Says:

    Dudes any other hint for 15?

    Tired of adding all those numbers in various M and W ways…

  510. bharath Says:

    Try adding ‘w’ or ‘m’ to whatever maybe the
    result of calculation to get the result.

  511. sago Says:

    Solved it! Awesome game. Looking for hidden levels now… there must be one!

  512. meghana Says:

    can any one help me wid level 9 plzzz….is it something to do with e=mc2

  513. mad2002 Says:

    level 19: plz help!
    I have tried using MSword spell chek. but after spending lot of time also not able to crack.
    my best anwer wud be: famous esp. quit in outcome
    but ts not working.
    plz mail me the rite answer at iammadatu2002@gmail.com

  514. mad2002 Says:

    @ meghana:
    you are almost done, you just need some energy to expand the e

  515. meghana Says:

    hey i cracked till level 11…i need some hints for 12

  516. pad Says:

    Think about different colors there in the pic.. How it is related to IRIS 🙂

  517. pad Says:

    @14: I started yesterday evening.. i was able to finish most of it by today afternoon. but currently stuck in 14.. dont know how 43 is related to any name. or is it 57 ? Please help.

  518. kanna Says:

    Thanks Guys!!
    It was a wonderful journey which would not hv completed except fr ur clues..


  519. meghana Says:

    completed…thanks guys….
    google it properly …and read the page name u will get it…two numbers and rest all are zero… big clue…

  520. SG Says:

    Pls guys help me on level 18 didnt get the answer….
    could u give which r the cards in the answer

  521. SG Says:

    Pls guys help me on level 18 didnt get the answer….
    could u give which r the cards in the answer ………….. got the combination of nos of first set as 2,3
    but the other sets doesnt make sense…especially the third set
    Goin bonkers man pls do help or do mail the ans of 18th one to me my id is anoopsg8@gmail.com

  522. SG Says:

    Guys i cracked it with a little luck i tried some combos and one worked

  523. SG Says:

    Thanks alot guys for ur clues , finally as the klueless team puts it-
    “caprio waters rubik”…………….. completed it.
    Thank u all …. it was truly fun

  524. Diana Says:

    @ 15 al i got was 37180 which can be ELIBO or OBILE

    AM ON A RITE TRACK????????????????/

  525. Diana Says:

    hey cleared level 15. thanks

    but now am stuck at level 17 wat exactly shud i do any 1 help me plsssssssssss……..

  526. addicted@18 Says:

    @Diana (for level 17)

    => decode what’s written (hint — axis, font)
    => search — be “specific” in search

  527. Pijush Chakraborty Says:

    Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally managed to crack all 20 !!!!!!! It was fun!!! Best of luck guys!!

  528. pad Says:

    I was off for last couple of days and found myself stuck @ 16 :(.. Any kind of clues are welcome. I searched japanese astro chart, serached for underdog etc.. no use.. SOS…

  529. asif Says:

    hey guyz
    i am done wid all the levels but still can’t understand wat that cacograph thing means and how is klueless is a cacograph. Plzzzzzzzzzz help

  530. pad Says:

    Guyz little help on 19… I am getting only one meaningful sentence and that is “famous especially quite in action”.. But its not taking :-(.. Dont know what to do.. SOS

  531. pad Says:

    @19 : Still searching for the clue… Help any one……. really going bonkers making sentence.. :-s… SOSsssssss

  532. pad Says:

    @19: Cracked 19 finally..first word is the killer… think of some word starts with ‘fai’ and you will get it right.. and for god sake its not ‘famous’

    @20: immedietly after finishing 19, with in 20 seconds cracked 20th also.. Happy to be holmes 🙂 Thanks for all the help.

  533. mili Says:

    Help on level 19….is it something like failue is not an outcome or something….need clues please….

  534. manu Says:


    u r very near to the answer. Instead of last word try other using MSWord.

  535. sakshi Says:

    can’t decipher level 17.. need more help..!

  536. manu Says:


    Turn the whole sentence from right to left…
    Combine two letters and form single letter…
    eg:- uu=w, ln=h
    Then google the sentence inside double quotes… the second result will be the answer…

  537. sakshi Says:

    Thanks Manu!! finally solved it!!!(hardly on my own tho!)

  538. sakshi Says:

    I know that there are more than enuf clues of level 18(cards).. but can’t seem to get the last 2 letters of the code.. can’t find a correlation betweeen Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs, and Jack of Spades…Anyone???

  539. asd Says:

    Level 18

    I am stuck….

    can someone confirm ,
    1) two A’s and a K
    2) 8 and 9

    am I correct

  540. dinesh Says:

    Hi all,

    Started playing Klueless few days ago. all your clues help a lot to finish the game.

    Thanks a lot.

  541. Shruti Says:

    guys! stucked at level 8! Its related to Lamb…car…road!!
    still not getting it… any clues please!!!!!!!!

  542. Shruti Says:


  543. sweetu Says:

    i’ve jus started …n i am stuck rite at level 1…plz help

  544. panky Says:

    stuck @18
    not gettin combo for “king of clubs”..
    plz help..

  545. panky Says:

    some technical term for a part of eyes…

  546. panky Says:

    thnx all for helpin wid the clues…
    couldnt have completed without those…

  547. sweetu Says:


  548. shilpa Says:

    wheer should v place the answer for 4 th one…….i got the answer but when i place it in the url…..its not coming…pls help

  549. samira Says:

    can somebody help with L 18???Pls!!

  550. aditya Says:

    hay!!pls tell me the ans for level 1..stuck on it

  551. Rohit Krishna Says:

    Dude, the answer is right on the screen itself. 🙂
    Eye, is the major clue here. I guess you can do it now.

    @Samira on Lvl 18:
    18 is all about the card game called flush. Search for the rules for Three card flush on google. Then you’ll get the winning combination. The rest is all about logic. 🙂

  552. Rohit Krishna Says:

    @Shilpa on Lvl 4:
    If you have the answer, I am sure you’ll know where to put it. 🙂 Its pretty simple, look carefully, click around and HEY PRESTO!!!! You’ll know what to do then!!! 😀

  553. lakshmi Says:

    stuck up at level 11.read thro all comments posted.any help pls.shud doc b expanded?we changed the url to soulsdoc n a lot of other stuff.can u tell if v r on the right track

  554. Babai Says:

    Sumbody home?????????????
    Help me with the 8th level.What that key with a grotesque picture means??

  555. Shariq Says:

    @ Babai
    8th lvel? the picture is of a famous brand of car.Search it out.

  556. JW Says:

    I just started this today and I’m stuck on 9. HELP!

  557. JW Says:

    Got it! 😀

  558. Macha Says:

    level 8) lamb___ thats the brand name

  559. sweety Says:

    Please help on level 7. I’m stuck for past 15 days

  560. i don't know Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out on 14th……………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  561. devs Says:

    Hello there.. i tried every possible combination of types of pipes & shags for level 3 but still i cannot crack it.. can some1 plz mail me the answer at devshri.sb@gmail.com

  562. prat Says:

    stuck at level 18…..pls help

  563. mili Says:

    stuck at level 11..

  564. mili Says:

    plzzz.. help

  565. Muffi Says:

    @team klueless2
    a great game…. and thnx to all for some more of klues….

  566. Reddy Says:

    Help with level 6 plsssss

    I tried all the search engine names i know…but no use.
    I myself found out how dumb i am..thnx to Klueless 😀

  567. ricky Says:

    hey guys i’m stuck at 11.. cant download… tried IE Mozilla opera 2 downld but not workin… some1 plz hlppppppppppppppppppp.

    my email is mymindmate@rediffmail.com

  568. Reddy Says:

    Help with level 18 plsssss

    Guys..i am using 232514 combination..is it rite?
    and whats the winning combination – AAK?

    i tried reading all the hints i could get, but nothing seems to be working?

    I have been stuck here for a longgggggg time now…guys plz help!

  569. ricky Says:

    I was totally klueless tht i’d feel this gr8 2 finally not b klueless. klueless2 conquered..
    all da best 2 all who r tryin it out

  570. amolG Says:

    m stuck on level 12th…tried rainbow…prism…not getting through…plz help me out……….

  571. guvi Says:

    Can somebody send me the answer of level 19 at guvi002rediffmail.com tried all combination its not working here….i tried all combination with failure is not an……..
    not working…

  572. Pramita Says:

    For level 19 I have pasted the sentance i MSword and tried spell check. but somehow i am unable to get the right one. can anybody mail me the answer at pramita_3@yahoo.co.in?

  573. Chandra Mohan Says:

    Hi guys,

    Completed all the levels. Thanx all. Nice to work it out. Really enjoyed it.

  574. @adithebest216 Says:

    if anyone is answering this blog….. plzzzzzzzzzz help… i need the answer for level 3 klueless 2 plz … i cannot crack it…. help….

  575. Deep Says:

    Stuck at level 11 for a long time..any relation with soulsdoc..plz help guys

  576. ADIPAI Says:

    ok the clue for lvl 3 is the name of the pipe of sh

  577. Mitul Says:

    I got the answer of clue to (115 < ode of joy) but can’t figure it out that how they are related to each other. It just clicked in my mind. Can any one please tell me how they are related?

  578. Mitul Says:

    I tried the 11 for almost 1 hours. Tried to put ‘doc’ and ‘soul’ as close as possible but didn’t worked. Then I get the comment that says put them near in odd way and think of the thing by which we store files on computers. And it worked.
    Thanks for all the clues.

  579. rachael Says:

    level nine helpppppppppppppppppppp

  580. syed Says:

    im new 2 klueless….help @ level 1

  581. Sharon Says:

    Hi I am stuck at Level 6 please help me out on this

  582. Andrew Says:

    Stuck in lvl 11 , tried all the clues nothns workn , pls help guysss.

  583. chin2 Says:


    newt to Klueless….stuck on L1

    pls help

  584. vishy Says:

    i have read ol statements bt cnt gt it….
    plz give me xactly nearer clue…i m frustrated

  585. vishy Says:

    got it

  586. harish Says:

    man this 18 is killing me i havent slept fot 2 days iam just looking at it and i have read whole of google flash

  587. Pushkar Says:

    People really…u are pathetic….n the owner, u give people false satisfaction that they solved “”KLUELESS”” when they get the most direct clues n all they did was enter it or at max searched the hint on google…Be optimistic n dogged for wat u do…u’ll get it…maybe nt in 5 min like u get it from here….but u’ll get it in max 1-2 hrs and it’ll make u feel very proud!!

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    Hey there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resolve this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Cheers!

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