Klueless2 Conquered

From 25th evening to 29th evening(ofcourse my ^*%)%^)% SMPS went off on 26 27),it was great time working out klueless2.Mind bogling rounds 16 was the toughest level of all for me.(of course they made a bug in hosting initially)

Alas 6:20 pm 29th october conquered it. Great work klueless team. Ragesh & Siddharth conquered before me..Kudos guys..
Im so excited winning an online event after participating N OPC’s.Just cant type in the words.hope to get some consolation prizes,though at this moment winning it is itself a pride!

View the blog.We are listed on Hall of Fame.. Ooba 12th,Ragesh 14th,Me 17th & Nitin 21st

10 Responses to “Klueless2 Conquered”

  1. rageshgr Says:

    Oh ya! what a feeling it was da.. great experience.. Looking forward for more such fun with you guys.

  2. Mr.O Says:

    ya 16 was a killer..

  3. Muthu Says:

    Grt guys…..anyway it was a bit simpler than klueless1…but lot more interesting the former one…Klueless2 was mind blowing…..waiting for the next version…..

  4. sreelekha menon Says:

    please help on level 10..me stuck… 😦

  5. Jin Says:

    Could you help me with the first clue. It should be replaced with eye?

  6. meghana Says:

    can u help me with level 9 plzzzz
    is it to do something e=mc2?

  7. asif Says:

    hey plz help me understand the final answer. who ia the cacographer??????????

  8. sandeep Says:

    what is clue for level 3
    except pipe and sherlock holmes
    trying different combinations for last two days.
    any help will be appreciated

  9. sandeep Says:

    level 3 finished
    stuck at level 4
    any clue?

  10. rafiqqqq Says:

    hi sandeep can u give me clue to my mail…. yaaar

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