Was on list of “Fastest Growing Blog” on WordPress

Actually i expected heavy traffic after posting about klueless.But certainly never expected that my blog will be on the dashboard of every wp user.Yes My blog was rated as 3rd fastest growing blogs on wordpress.com.It was 5pm when i told ragesh that chances are that my blog may be listed on top blogs if hits cross 500.I got 250+ hits today and its listed on fastest growing blogs.Thanks to each visitor.Thanks to klueless for generating me such a huge traffic.Will post other stat pics soon
Fastest Growing Blogs

Blog stat


6 Responses to “Was on list of “Fastest Growing Blog” on WordPress”

  1. shelbycockrell Says:

    That’s where I found you, on the fastest growing. Congrats, that’s quite an accomplishment.

  2. Niranj Says:


  3. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks for stepping in.

    Thanks man. Your patronage boosts me !!

  4. jakku Says:

    good my boy… keep it up !

  5. taggy Says:

    Amazine dude 🙂 hope to see u more frequent 😀

  6. Srikanth Says:


    ok sir,thank you

    thanks for stepping in.. wish i write more frequently.

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