Bid adieu to Labs

Farewell Series to College Life :: Part 1

Bid adieu to Labs
Well the only i thing i really enjoyed in engineering(as far as acads are concerned) :: labs are no more.When theory papers are no way related to current world,Labs are the only place where you can find some place to have some fun.Especially computer labs are coolest thing for a person who wishes to explore PC.For a guy like me who likes to break through everything on PC,Labs were like playschool and with the staff(exceptions are very few) having subtle knowledge than us its even more fun.Its the only place of respite for me from those boring lectures of irrelevant things.But i get tensed when some *&+*_^& speaks too much saying “you can do that,this etc” without knowing a bit to code.Some labs were total fun and work to brains.Let me recollect each of them

Other dept labs : some &*%&(%&^_ kept it in syllabus. So have to do $#!77y labs like workshop,engineering drawing,physics,chemistry,electronic circuits.At the end of day,it dint serve more to minds rather than putting 90 marks and “boosting” so called percentage.

Data Structures Lab :: Coolest lab, Solid Staff who really rocks but for the time when she asks to put margins and other *&%^)%* for OBSERVATION.Learnt a lot in this lab.One lab i enjoyed the most,learnt lot.Only Lab when i did all programs to my satisfaction.

Digital Lab :: One of the most interesting lab, but for writing shit on records,obse and plucking wires, this lab involved too much of mind activity.Enjoyed it well.

System Software & RDBMS Lab :: A good lab,was decent,but syllabus sucked,dint learn much about any RDBMS software nor did System .Software Programs to my satisfactory level. Typical lab where staff used to give something and ask us try out.

OOPS Lab :: Again a solid lab,solid staff, but expts sucked to core.A 5th std kid will do what we did.very basics of C++.Not worth mentioning more.

OS Lab :: An average lab,handled by solid staff which churns out the mind on little bit of programming,little bit of API on *nix systems on shared memory.However more exposure to *nix systems would have made the lab more fun.

MuP Lab :: Again a good lab,which was handled by a staff who was the best teacher i have seen on lab classes.Churned out minds very well.For the first time,we had out of box expts on final exam.This is how i would like any lab to be.Got 75 only though.But it was the mark i deserved,rather everyone deserved instead of the usual pissing labs where they put 95+.

Network Lab :: A nice lab,but since we lacked exposure to *nix API, couldn’t enjoy much.Mostly done with mugging up the program as was all programs used the API. A choice of programming language of our own to implement it would have made it better.I would have made every program in java with ease without mugging it up for the exam.

Compilers Lab :: Supposed to be the most challenging lab for a CSE guy,but since we lacked behind very far on theory couldn’t enjoy as much as i liked to.Had some great moments (which Vinod knows) while trying to write code for something i don’t remember(i guess traversing through a tree and calculating some value) of a regular expression.

Web Tech Lab :: One of the few labs whose syllabus i liked, Java & Servlets covered it.But could code all the way and have fun,Symposium,other activities meant no time & I was getting carried away with Java.We did a better part of web-tech in maintaining our site during our symposium than in labs.

Software Systems Development Lab :: Again got carried away in 7th semester and was having no time to code java for simple database connectivity and “”student information system””.Problems must be much more challenging & it should be tough even to design the system or analyse as such.What does Systems like Payroll processing have to analyse???

One Lab which would be in memory forever will be Data Structures lab, where in every moment including the final exam where i debugged singly linked list using pointers(those were early days with pointers).For relaxation,there is always proxy browsing and checking out cricket scores,playing games or “hacking system” and finding a way to break things which werent permitted to do.Giving programs to people through floppies,CD,sending them to groups,taking printouts,Giving instructions on how to execute programs,Segmentation Fault, login sharing,Labs were indeed the only best part of my acad life in college.Writing records are the worst part though.

PS :: I don’t like copying from Senior’s record where (s)he did copy from his/her senior.I feel its like licking vomit.And i strongly feel putting 100 marks on a lab paper for anyone(even for code guru) is a crime.Dont know why people put it.No one can master programming on a certain domain within 3 months and its severe stupidity to judge the knowledge of it with the “tough” 12 questions for cracking that also people mugup it up like shitty theory paper.

5 Responses to “Bid adieu to Labs”

  1. rageshgr Says:

    Ya da.. Labs were the most interesting and enjoyable part of our acad life.. It is the place where we try out new stuffm and as we love programming, it was heaven for for us.. But what a pity, the current system is far from the way it should be hence very ppl enjoy it.. I really am gonna miss labs, the one plac we have an opportunity to apply our mind, test our programming skills.. In fact in most foreign universities, students spend most of their times in lab.. I think thats the way it should be. We are engineers. So we should be allowed enough oppotrtunities to implement the theory we studied, challenge them, learn n try out new stuff etc..

  2. revathi Says:

    heh heh!! this is so different from my post where i have mentioned that i hate labs!!well i guess intellectuals like u must enjoy lab…but for a moron like me the mugging up lines of code bugs the shit outta me!!

  3. jakku Says:

    What da now itself farwell series ????

  4. Srikanth Says:

    Completely agree, but still advice the same. write posts on ur own blog 😛

    intellectual??.. dont be kidding.. even if u were serious, Im not 🙂

    Last things on coll da..wat to do.. just look back..tats it.

  5. Arunkumar C :) Says:

    yeah labs have to be one of the interesting part..but anyway anna univ first sem practicals were the worst I have ever seen,especially electrical labs .For some experiments we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and why we are doing..

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