Java GPL’d

Yes, it has happened. Sun has opened up and made Java on GPL.Richard Stallman who once cursed Sun for the “java trap” is now praising sun for this move. Watch the announcement videos from folks like Brian Behlendorf, Tim O’Reilly and Richard Stallman appreciating the move.


This move will make huge leaps in gnu/linux world. The classpath project might be dropped as the Sun’s java is itself on GPL now.I’m hoping the next set of releases of various distros will contain java and even jre plug-in bundled with firefox. I would also not surprised if some group of people come up with idea of having a java desktop system for gnu/linux competing against GNOME,KDE. Have to wait and watch if gnu/linux developers use java on desktop applications. If someone creates such a community, i will be happy to contribute to it. Back to sun & java, though its on GPL, the release of code will take some time.Anyway a good move by sun.

Some reads :-

i) Stallman looks on, as sun opens up

ii) The ripple effect of open java

iii) James Gosling on openjava part 1

iv) James Gosling on openjava part 2

Long live freedom, Happy bday openjava.

My exams are on the way next week. So will be offline for few days from the blogging world.

5 Responses to “Java GPL’d”

  1. jnarin Says:

    🙂 Thanx. I guess you know for what… 😀

    Good luck with your exams dude.. 🙂

    “Control thy itch to go online” 😛

  2. Ashish Mohta Says:

    Yeah i was waiting for this.I had that info from google news.Really good.Guess microsoft going to get little more competition

  3. Srikanth Says:

    Hmm ya.. thanks 🙂 you see now im reading for “web technology” through blogging 😀

    Hmm ya.. MS-Novell is also going ahead. Anyway the stiffer the opposition,FOSS world will develop rapidly

  4. yuvipanda Says:

    For me, the best thing about thing about this is that IKVM(A JVM built on top of .NET) will now get full compatibility with JRE…

    And, I am surprised to find my blog in the tech section! Thanks! But, I’ve moved to my own domain[], so maybe drop in a visit, and update the link!

  5. Srikanth Says:

    IKVM thats in greak and latin for a layman like me. Guess more support for interoperability. All’s good for computing 🙂

    And ya, i updated feeds, but forgot to update here.When i started reading your blog,it was tech,these days you hardly write on those lines, Would move to People i visit if you wish. Anyways the link is updated!

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