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Recently i was browsing on webOS, i then browsed wikipedia and found that a GPL webOS named eyeOS .Check it out, may be the future of computing

People who are interested about content management systems(CMS) and would like to get hands on with all of them without getting a server and hazzles and fear of doing something wrong, here is a free place for you to test out. OpenSourceCMS is there for you.

I have just started using Google Personalized Home, its nice, and while adding widgets i found this cool search tool. You tap your favorite music and get the details about songs which resemble your taps. check out Songtapper

My latest addition to linux blog feeds

/home/Liquadat on Fedora

Linux FUD – Fear Uncertainty Doubt — on Ubuntu

3 Responses to “Site Links”

  1. Kevin Guertin Says:

    Thanks for the link to my Linux FUD blog! 🙂

  2. Srikanth Says:

    welcome, my pleasure. Let all be known of FUDs about linux and how to overcome them..

  3. konphuzed Soul Says:

    I have as my home page. But now changed to “google home page”. And itz actually quite good. Will try it for a few days and if it is too confusing back to my old page. Never used to have such home pages as I find them too confusing.

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