Local Authors

Every Anna Univ student will die without these. Technical Publications,Charulatha Publications,Success Series,and a lot more are Bhagawadgitas,Bibles,Kurans to most of them.One thing is it gives immense self confidence to a student to study(at-least at last moment).These people shamelessly copy-paste stuff from foreign authors and have a put a copyright logos on these books.They don’t provide inner understanding of the subject.Fine a guy who wants to study at last moment doesn’t need that.He just needs a pass on mark-sheet.Agreed I too use these books for crappy subjects.All is well in case of theory based subjects because things don’t change a lot.I mean people who write these have studied it while they were students and only editions of the foreign author change and contents don’t change much as most subjects in engineering teach about basics of technology.

Let me come to point, Fortunately or unfortunately people at university feel computer science/IT students have to learn certain technologies/current trends, programming languages. Now again these local authors try to capture the market, as they wouldnt like to lose money from these subjects too. The problem starts here.The people who write are themselves not well versed in that technology(exceptions are very few) because at first place most of them havent learnt those subjects while they are studying. People might know of a ‘self proclaimed thalaivar’ of all programming languages starting with “a character”.People read it. Now for my web-technology paper,i took a local author.Firstly damn the syllabus, people there are talking hell a lot of things(ASP,JSP,Servlets,JDBC,java network programming) which can neither be thought by a teacher, nor understood by a student within the course of study.Then the syllabus contains whole lot of outdated stuff, man they are speaking about java 1.1 and 1.2(FYI sun itself has announced the End of Lifecycle for 1.3 few months back i guess). Coming back to book, it has hell lot of errors, pieces of code samples which people might not understand because 4 lines of code without any explanation/understanding language doesn’t help. The height of comedy was this.Those guys framed a new expansion for the acronym PHP.Guess what it called “PersonalHomePages”.

The frustration i have is that, these people are misguiding masses who already dont have much exposure to technology.My word is read from “good” books/ browse the net even for your exam preparations for these kind of subjects.God save students from these kind of books.

Let me continue reading.

Another update, today while reading more, the authors at one place mentioned, ColdFusion as a server side scripting trechnology as opposed to the addon CFML part which comes along with application server named ColdFusion. The book from first to last was entire comedy. By the by did the exam well, could have written it  a year back itself, all general questions in java & that too were program.. Cake with icing..


4 Responses to “Local Authors”

  1. rageshgr Says:

    ROFL.. PHP.. many similar ones. ya true da.. always go for valuable books, only they can provide us with in-depth knowledge and intellectual stimualtion that is essential for an engineer.

  2. thepsychologic Says:

    Ah! web technology,I remember it very well. Yup! I completely agree with you. ‘Local author’ books for subjects involving programming are damn squib. Hmmm.. but about the syllabus being outdated, the book “Java Network programming” uses jdk 1.5 I think. And btw the English that these local authors use is also amazing ;).

  3. Karthikeyan Says:

    One of the worst local author book i ever came across….Pratheeba Publication..Web tech…Absolutely Crapy… Thank god i was saved by writing the programs rather than wrting theories…

  4. Srikanth Says:

    But if everyone is buying books like you then they have to find a flat just for keeping books
    Hmm ya.. JNP Oreilly was an awesome book. Amazing, worth a buy.But thats for only one unit of syllabus. English skills of these people deserve seperate posts. It will be written soon i guess.
    Ya thank god paper was other way..

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