A mixed day

It was a mixed day on the whole today.I got up at 5 am and planned to leave to chennai by 6am blore bus.To my surprise it had left at 550 itself and i caught it on the way.No luck in finding seat.So standing all the way.Good thing was i had company.One of my classmate who is doing his medicine was standing aside me.We discussed a whole of things and remembered the times we had been as small kids.Also met my college senior and had a chat with him after a long time.Just as the day was having a goodstart, bad omen entered the day.I took a wrong bag from the bus and even boarded the city bus at thiruvanmiyur.Thank god i realised it was wrong bag and got down at signal and luckily the bus hadnt crossed,ran away to the bus and took my bag(I had 3000 cash on it). Thank god.Then again standing to reach royapettah.Went to office,worst day ever.None of the things i was trying was working.My net output for the day was 0.I was frustrated and left early at 6pm itself.Then thought of going to purchase an mp3 player, postponed that too.

And then the good things for the day.Was playing with my niece for good amount of time.Its so fun to play with kids and one can forget the world in the laugh of a kid.Awesome 3 hours, went like minutes.And at 10pm, sat for a meditation(BSM).Now this one really played a major role and made me relax during my standard 12.We had this session in our math tuition weekly once, and it helped.Try this you can really feel the difference.Im gonna pirate[;)] the CD, may be even rip it and practise it atleast while travelling in bus.

And finally now blogging, hopefully tomo will be good i guess.

PS : Do try the meditation if you have time,it rocks!!

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