TSonic 610 — 2GB

I just got this mp3 player yesterday. Transcend TSonic 610 with 2 GB memory is one of the best buy in this segment and serves 4 in 1. mp3 player,FM Radio,Voice Recorder, last but not least USB drive for data transfer. It costed around Rs.3600 at a shop in richie street,chennai.Rates have surged by leaps now.I remember buying a 512MB Tsonic for Rs.4300 in Feb 2006 for my sister. This is multipurpose,sleek and not inferior to iPod anyway.Sound quality is decent and a good display to choose songs unlike the “shuffle”. Just got to listen to some music on the move here after!!

Tsonic 2GB

5 Responses to “TSonic 610 — 2GB”

  1. prasanna Says:

    tats g8 man!!!!

  2. Ashish Mohta Says:

    thx man….i m in chennai.so i will be checking this out.3600 not bad at all

  3. Srikanth Says:


    Do check for original branded ones.. Lots of cheap varities are also there. This one has 1 year warrenty

  4. Jnarin Says:

    That’s a neat deal dude.. I shelled out something close to Rs 7000 for a 1 GB Sony Network Walkman last year in Singapore.. 🙂

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Sorry to say guys.. it flunked within a week. Its not booting up.My friend who had a similar problem said go for replacement within warrenty. So hoping for the best when i go to dealer Till then [:(]

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