5 Unknown Things Tag

I was tagged by Revathi to tell the world abt 5 things it doesnt know about me

1.I dont know how this habbit came to me.I write the “hindi” alphabet ‘bha’ as in bharath in the air right from the day i knew that alphabet.Though i have no inclination to hindi,i still dont know that alphabet influenced me, So much that when i first put my signature it came along and now it may be a cycle.

2 . I like patterns in numbers and like to decipher the code,logic,meaning behind the series be it telephone,mobile numbers,STD codes,vehicle registration numbers etc.I can say the place of registration(even year sometimes) upon seeing regn numbers of TN vehicles.

3. I hate curd rice(have never tasted it so far and will not do it in future also) and people who sit with me for lunch/dinner (esp relatives in marriages) ask surprisingly “Dont you eat curd” blah blah.With thiruman on my forehead most of the time,they tend to assume that i too love curd.Its my taste buds man,why the hell you worry abt it.

4. I also have knack of keeping/assuming names of new people i meet based on their face. Most of the time (50% of such names,tats a good hit ratio i guess) the names i “keep” match with their original ones or atleast come close.

5. I have thought for long time now,i dint get anything that are unknown things.May be the passwords are coming to my mind. But i couldnt give them openly for the sake of tag 🙂

Now i dont know how many of my readers will write tags. Anyway let me tag Sanjeev, Ponnarasi Srikanth.K (annnaaa) and if you wish to write the tag yourself, you can tag yourself and write it.

With GATE coming in a fortnight and my preps are 0, i might stay away from blogging world for quite sometime, though i cant get a call with 2 weeks preps,i just need to get aleast a decent score for the 1000 bucks spent.

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5 Responses to “5 Unknown Things Tag”

  1. thepsychologic Says:

    “#2” watch out! you may be the next John Nash 🙂 … All the best for your GATE.

  2. Ponnarasi.K Says:

    Aaaha nice tag! 🙂 Enjoyed readign urs.. And yeah wud write tht with pleasure…

    Oru tag pending once its done wud write this 🙂

  3. ksrikanth Says:

    nice post !… and start eating curd rice… it helps a lot to subside the heat in you and it tastes like heaven !

  4. Srikanth Says:


    Will write it soon after GATE. thanks for wishes


    Oh Soltaar da.. sari u can also write this tag.

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