College Life — Part 1

As college life is towards its last days, let me travel sometime back to relish some best moments.First Sem was totally fun, meeting knowing strange people like me.E-Mech terror,workshop which makes us feel sick, getting ragged @ sports complex,nirmal’s classes(total fun),thalaivar selvaraj’s classes,shared lunch with alan, varun , hari, rada et al A sec buddies,playing with aju’s cellphone(those days cellphone was rare in college campus).’A’ section had personalities of all sorts.Studying was the last priority,though it was the only sem in which most of people got highest % and we considered writing unit tests close to writing exams.4 months was too short to know all and some acquitances turned into lost contacts, but still met quite a few buddies who will remain forever.Overall it was a wonderful time.

Second sem was again meeting new people,but this time we know we are going to stay with the group for next 3.5 years.Being a short sem,just had time to make acquintances with people around and had laughing/sleeping sessions in classes where one lecturer says only 7/35 of them passed in this subject last year while another blessed half of us to gracefully fail in exams.Had a rocking subject called Engg Drawing.(School friends know once i even failed in ART in 8th standard, such was my acquitance with pencils and charts).Intellectual discussions with Ragesh was side dish for every lunch.I was still an introvert owing to my not so bright acad-life.

Most part of 2nd year went like this(pic above).sitting in the free space outside the class and chit-chatting.Occasional visits to hostel to write CDs.It was during this time “logic” was born.I still dont remember the exact reason for the name,though many things come close and people often say thats the reason.My bond with Anna strengthened.Hope he remains my anna forever.I was also seeing the outside world quite a bit.Went to symps,then the year long Java @ NIIT where me and nitin learnt lot of things other than java.We had a great time together and there was no hotel/fast food in adyar locality which we dint taste.Hope we cherish atleast a few more moments like those in future. I was also slowly becoming online junta(in dialup days).Yahoo Chat helped me in creating strong bonds like Joe, CRK, RK and my circle was slowly growing.Symposium,College Day,Bus day were fun filled unlike ever.

One of the most cherishable moments in 4 years happened in this period.(4th or 5th sem, im confused,dont remember exactly, mind says 4th ,but facts say it must be in 5th,anyway try guessing.)’Backseat boys’ guess and comment.I will keep it suspense for now,let it be climax,i will reveal in part 2.

Clue : It was just an ordinary day, all of us(more than 20 of us for sure,few unlucky ones might have missed) enjoyed the moment to the core. The answer will be title of the next post and winner gets a ‘memorable’ gift from me. You can comment any number of times with any amount of guesses

And please make guesses because even if its wrong(not matching with my choice) at the end of it we will have a collection of best moments we had together.

Still to come:: Weight ra nee,Oh Soltaar da, Guhuhu, Surree… Letter, Naalaikku,Maar Thaar — Story of 3rd, 4 th year.Keep watching this space.


14 Responses to “College Life — Part 1”

  1. K.Srikanth Says:

    Gr8 wirting da !!!
    Seems that we had just joined the college, but as people say that time flies, i just realize it now.
    its always been a pleasure reading anything that involves our classmates, especially when u write it
    eagerly waiting for the sequel !!!

  2. dpravin Says:

    oh in vinod rams house??dance practice for freshers day i think??

  3. Srikanth Says:

    illa machoi.. Guess u might have enjoyed a lot there. Let others try.I will give clues later on..

  4. rageshgr Says:

    ah! Interesting one, Keep writin.. waitin for Part 2

  5. BOB Says:

    Eagerly waiting for the next ones to come.
    And do edit comments from OA Fruity cause u know wht
    he did till 7th sem.

  6. Srikanth Says:

    hmm.. why dont you write one similar

    Enna volarra, he dint do any OA in the comment.En anna va kalaaikkatha.. naa summa irukka maaten

    @Backseat Boys
    Why are you people not commenting with guesses.. Come up Please.. Clue is it happened inside college only..

  7. Joshua Says:

    The Get together we all had in besant nagar beach.. it was around 4th or 5th sem.

  8. Srikanth Says:


    Illa.. Yosi !!!!

  9. ooba Says:

    the hide and seek which we played in the new block ?

  10. sanjeev Says:

    we all bunked the day and watched ullam kaetkume in hostel.. sam , ram , all were there… and of course we related each n every character in that film to our class guys.. partha, katch etc.. semma kalai for more than 2 hrs..

  11. K.Srikanth Says:

    i go wid Sanjeev’s option. That was worth a memorable moment

  12. Logic’s Blog Ullam Ketkume More!! -- College Life Part 2 « Says:

    […] Ketkume More!! — College Life Part 2 April 30th, 2007 — Srikanth For the sequel readers/puzzled buddies, thats the answer.I will mention about it at the end,It happened during 5th […]

  13. Hari G Says:

    Yo machi.. a short note on our first sem memories are really a pleasure to see.. that was all fun time.. the class of Malaikani.. the maths classes.. an especially the e-mech class.. (that could hav better been our english clas!!).. all things still afresh dude.. And u the first-bencher.. ha ha.. those were really cool times.. first days in our lovely college.. real fun.. hope to keep all contacts an memories forever!!

  14. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks for dropping in!, Well Either Its is the or it is the(!!!), It was the best times and met few great personalities..

    and im not a typical first bencher 🙂 Im diff 😀

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