Moved to Feisty Fawn

The much awaited Ubuntu release feisty fawn rolled over and its time to upgrade.When edgy eft came i dint have a reason to shift and decided will move to feisty straight i tested feisty installation on a test hdd which had ubuntu drapper,FC6,SuSE.I found a cool thing during installation.It detected all three OS and asked me which home directory to backup.Now this is one great feature.Especially gaim(should i call pidgin?) chat logs,firefox preferences,bookmarks are always lost during upgrades.Unfortunately i couldnt test the feature out as it said my hdd had errors and the installation struck in the middle.After long hurdle(writing 6 DVDs to make free space,so that i can format each drive and fix errors) i installed Ubuntu Feisty in my main hdd.But i made a foolish mistake.Instead of formatting my / of Ubuntu drapper and installing in that,i formatted /home partition of old ubuntu.Lost 8 GB of data 😦

Some of the positives are more n00b friendly.Add/Remove programs will really make things easy for windows users to migrate.Universe repos added by default.Better support for my ATI card through proprietary driver.But still 3D Desktop isnt working 😦 . It just took me 4 hours to set things back to normal settings and installing all required things.Sudoku and Chess added to games 😀 Feisty is all set to give tougher fight to windows.

To download goto —

To request free feisty CDs —


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