Computers & Movies

While i was stumbling i came across these links which covered about the hackers in hollywood, servers in movies, coding in hollywood . Well quite a few of them were really funny like

Code is only in green text on a black background

code is inherently cross platform : In independence day, whatshisface-math-guy writes a virus that works on both his apple laptop AND an alien mothership?

Man those guys are million times better.

Cut the shot.Back to Kollywood TamilNadu, India. Lets see the relationship between computers and heros here.

Though directors havent ventured much with computers, the preliminary (read  only) purpose to use computer is to search a criminal from records.Let me give you few examples.

1)Captain Vijaykanth‘s comedy is endless.Let it even be one of the best movies by him,he never fails to entertain.In the movie Ramana he gets a floppy disk from his student.Puts in his PC, Windows media player opens(a video plays) and he tries to enter something(trying to query for criminal) and gets the info and decides to nab him.Wow awesome.Only captain can run a 3 minute video from a floppy disk,Only he can type something and get results in a windows media player.

2) Anniyan tried to use the web much like 4 Students did but Anniyan was worse and 4 Students was better.One must watch the anniyan website scene.No words to describe it. lol

3)Citizen was another great comedy.Ajith would be a serial killer killing people with a fake identities that no one would ever know.When CBI suspects him and raids his place,they find an astonishing evidence in his PC. It will have a presentation of all his identities and the list of persons he is going to kill/already killed.Why in a world would a secret serial killer make such a presentation and keep in his system.Is he a CEO and ppts are his day in & day out?

God knows when these crazy filmi people catch up with computers!!


10 Responses to “Computers & Movies”

  1. Ragesh G R Says:

    Lol! pity, avangaluku enna theriyum, doing anything to fool people, I was literally laughing till my stomach ached, for that Media Player – query thing , lol

  2. BOB Says:

    Its a much delayed post I guess.
    Slowly things in your mind are coming out.

    About the post, the analysis is just perfect and
    and is truely comical.
    May be they must carry some disclaimer to stop us
    laughing from these things.I think even a 4th or 5th
    student can find out the mistakes with the reach of
    computers to these guys.

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  4. Casanova Says:

    In Kollywood anything goes

  5. Srikanth Says:


    I missed a thing. He flushes that floppy in toilet to destroy the “evidence”.

    Kalaaikkama oru comment. Great to have that.

    that was awesome. That summarized these things.

  6. Jnarin Says:

    1. Any encryption can be cracked in a matter of minutes by keying – BREAK ENCRYPTION
    2. All commands are user friendly – I mean, WTF is “ls” when you can use “list files”? 😛
    3. Random typing across the keyboard can give you sensible characters on the screen – Ever notice someone hitting space or backspace? 😉
    4. You can access practically anything, and everything on a computer
    5. Here, I’m crying ‘coz my connectivity speed is pathetic, and on the movies, it’s broadband all the way. 😀
    6. UNIX has a very good user interface – Watch Jurassic Park. So user friendly that a 11 year old kid can control the entire park!
    7. Watch 3 Ninjas – High Noon At Mega Mountain – Anyone can hack into the amusement parks’ system.
    8. You never, I repeat, never, get 404’s!
    9. Memory dumps – What are they? 😛
    10. All computers are blazingly fast. There’s absolutely no problem about the performance of the systems.
    11. If a critical software is operating on a machine, you can always find the code to work with it on the same machine. 😛
    12. Cross platform networking – You can easily, I repeat, easily connect your machine with any other machine, and can transfer data from/to. Try hooking up to a MAC. 🙂
    13. Any PC can be connected to any peripheral device, no matter what, without any software drivers. 🙂

    Ooh, wat the heck! Those are movies. 🙂 I guess I should have written all of this on my blog, but anyway.. Here it goes.. 🙂

    PS: Good to see you back in action.

  7. Srikanth Says:


    Thanks 🙂 that was a great comment.Adding to that

    14. Whatever the character types on keyboard, only wat the person says will appear on the screen. Typical example is “DIANA” in movie Kadalar Dinam by Koundamani… Hollywood too no exception to this.

  8. Aravindan Says:

    cool… funny… this reminded me of kadhalar dhinam… goundar made t best use of computers… t way he types… as thou playing a tune in a piano…LOL… the best comedy is.. wen t heroine says her name is roja on tat side… this side in our hero’s monitor… a rose ll apppear.. roll on t screen… wat a comedy! 🙂

  9. Srikanth Says:


    Yeah.. typing “Diana” .. dint notice the rose thing..such things are common. Avar cut aana phone laye Delhi pesinavar.. Arasiyal la ithellaam satharanamappa..

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