June 1st

May 31 ::

Have to prepare for interview, update resume.None of which i did. Kept alarm at 430 am and planned to do them on the D day.Thought of catching 6am ECR bus.

June 1 ::

Failed to wake up to alarm.It was ringing from 430am every ten minutes. 5:21 am Alarm ringing.. woke up. Preparing resume with few corrections, Took printouts by 6 am. Went to bath by 6:05. Dressed and started from home by 6:20 thinking of boarding 118 EXP @ 620.Realized just before leaving that scooty was punctured last night. Yikes.. Have to walk all the way. the 118 EXP left earlier. So had to walk 3km all the way to ECR. reached ECR @ 630. No bus. Finally got a SETC bus @ 640.No place to sit but boarded it thinking he would go fast as it doesnt stop at hotel/go inside mahabs. But the bus was not in great condition either,was going @ mere 55 – 60 kmph. To add salt to injury,the driver stopped for 10 minutes at a place to buy mangoes in the countryside.Came to guindy by 815 am.Skipped breakfast, Waited for the Ponnamalle bus.the one which came was crowded and its not best choice to board when you are going for an interview.Boarded a share auto to Porur.Then boarded a deluxe bus from there to Ponnamalle. On the way @ 840am i called Raj and he said he is in seminar hall. Oops, i thought am already late to this interview too like i-flex which i missed for the same reason. Without asking a question i boarded an auto and paid 40 Rs for a distance of 3-4 km.(I never knew coll will be near,ended up paying heavily 😦 )

Test started only by 10. I was nervous initially, took too much time to solve basic quantz problems(i never had practised solving those RS agarwals in last 6 months).Went section by section.It was over by 1115. Then was chitchatting and went to lunch by 12.Came back,finally results were announced by 2 pm. When they said 17 / 200 odd are shortlisted i kept my fingers crossed. My name was the last to be called out.Deep Breath!! Interview @ 3 pm.

I was called first as i chose JAVA in the test and tech interview was around for 25 mins.Took it easy and maintained cool even when i didnt knew the answer,Did it decently,within 5 minutes i was told, was shortlisted for HR. Its my first HR interview, just went in and had a chat with HR for about 15 minutes,again i was told to wait.Another round of tech for 10 minutes, at the end of which they were satisfied.Huge Sigh of relief!!

Had to wait for an hour till 530 to get the offer letter.Then completed formalities and left the place @ 6pm.The long walk was a much needed one, and was recollecting things i did from the morning.Boarded a deluxe bus fare ticket costed just Rs.5 but i was ready to even shell out 50 Rs for it given the state of mind i was in.(Just then found out i was cheated heavily in the morning).Went to ponnamalle bus stand and took ordinary bus to guindy from where again i took another ordinary bus to home(Usually i wont travel in these buses and travel on express even on footboard to reach home faster). All i needed was a seat in bus and lots of time to inform all my well wishers.Those 2 hours my eyes and ears were glued to cellphone I didnt do anything special for this interview,(remember i prepared/updated the resume just hours before in the day) its all the prayers and wishes of best buddies which got this offer.May be it was god’s will.Thank god 🙂

Last one week was very hectic.For the first time I was offline when sem results came and I breathed heavily after hearing the word “pass” from Karthi.Mission AU accomplished after lots of pain. Coming 5 days will be even more hectic.Have lots of things to do before i can pack off to bangalore. Just editing few of the many drafts to make some post before i hibernate completely.My posting freq will be arnd 2 posts/ month from now on i guess,Considering i will have complete net access only when i come home.


7 Responses to “June 1st”

  1. sanjeev Says:

    it is a joyous occasion not only for you but also for me on a personal front.. all the best da.. have a rocking career..!

  2. Srikanth Says:

    thanks maapi.. blessed to have buddies like u ppl..

  3. Ravikumar Says:

    Well I call you thala for no reason . I guess.
    And you proved your adakkam by not stating the fact that you got your job for your knowledge and good heart. Hope you have a nice life from here on . 🙂

  4. Srikanth Says:


    All your wishes. Unga range ku adakkam um varaathu, kalaaikkavum varathu..

  5. dmatriz Says:

    My best wishes logic na…. Have a happy carrer

  6. Srikanth Kannan Says:

    Congrats da !!!
    feel really happy for u.. Wishing u success in your personal and professional life 🙂

  7. Srikanth Says:

    @ArunBala & Srikanth..

    Thanks for your wishes 🙂

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