Logic Offline

Im moving to bangalore tonight.In a few minutes I will be on the move. New life awaits. New place,people, have to make friends.Next phase of life.For the first time i will be missing home, offline for days together without a PC,trying to be independent,wash my clothes,etc. On the positive side a great city,a good job, and bachelor life is waiting for me.

Hard to leave my home and friends with whom i spent the most part of 20 years.The beach(i wrote a draft yest abt it) which i will miss badly,will miss all my school, college buddies most of whom will be settling in chennai. I planning to start write diary regularly if not daily.So even when im offline, i will have some content to post from my diary when am online.

Till then.. Keep bustling and keep in touch 🙂

UPDATE :: 18/06/2007

Thanks to sumit‘s laptop and free net @ room, im back online.Atleast for coming week i will be online.Its awesome to browsing sitting on the bed at this cool place.Entered ‘corporate’ world today. 🙂


6 Responses to “Logic Offline”

  1. Ponnarasi.K Says:

    Hi Srikanth,
    Good 2 know these many good things! 🙂 All the best and keep updating…

  2. jnarin Says:


    You have to learn to move on.. 🙂 It’s makes you stronger, and you realize who you are. Seriously, this is the best part of your life. Relish it. 😀

  3. jnarin Says:

    Internet addict! 😛

    All the best with your career! 😀

  4. BOB Says:

    What a title to have. Really Emotional one 😦 .(Happy tears missing there).
    P.S : If my prediction is right the next title must be

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks.. will do sure 🙂

    Internet addict.. Yes “we” are 😀

    Thanks for th wishes man.And yes im feeling better, just 5 days off home,learnt quite a few things

  6. Ashutosh Says:

    All the best 🙂 have a great time.

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