Im Alive

Its been 3 weeks im away from home.First time staying away for such a long time.I found the first 2 weeks easy as i was staying in a guest house with all facilities.Life just got tougher after i moved into new house.After roaming for a week and lots of difficulties we found accomadation. My usual routine would be Office –> Eat –> Sleep. Thank god for the net at office, im able to keep in touch with my friends atleast by mail.No orkut,No yahoo messenger, Missing my home very much,so much so that im planning to travel 14 hours to spend just 12 hours next weekend.6 days a work doesnt give much room to travel around Bangalore. But still met few buddies here.Few pics taken @ office are here.

Waiting for 5 day week schedule, so that i can relax on weekends.Friends please check and update my new mobile @ my orkut profile (Cant even link here 😦 )


3 Responses to “Im Alive”

  1. jnarin Says:

    Hmmm.. We are closer on the internet than in person.. 🙂

    Have fun dude..

  2. jnarin Says:

    BTW, office photos – half of the people are checking out orkut, the other half are playing solitare / freecell.. is the company’s HR looking @ these photos????

  3. Srikanth Says:


    lol, we both live(i was living, now im just visiting 😦 ) in internet, so we are neighbours here 🙂 . Planning to bring PC here, so will put net @ home 🙂

    Yup, they blocked orkut after 3 days. Well its not still like the place it should be.People are still feeling like in college. I have controlled my net access to mails, rarely blog 🙂 I wish the HR dont see 🙂 no problems for me anyway 🙂 😀

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