Be Carefull — Installing Twitter App on Facebook

I recently tried facebook and found it cool (though i dint have many people there)[Orkut still rules India].One of the best feature in facebook is installing user apps and connecting to other social networks or any site for that matter. I just got back to twittering after the seeing the popularity of it in Microblogging session at BCB4(post to be written soon, after uploading pics).So I thought of installing twitter app on my facebook,To my shock i found this screen in which twitter password field was a plain text box and displayed my password.So be careful if you going to install this app on your facebook.Twitter guys what happened to you??


One Response to “Be Carefull — Installing Twitter App on Facebook”

  1. oelinimeg Says:

    Kanna.. yemandhutiiye.. I created something called pundulum because my BSNL keeps logging me out and in of Gmail..esp when my bro switches on his Bit commet..:P// chumma…idha idha idha thaan naan edhurpaarthen! haha haha haha..lets see how many more fall for having fun da..

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