JDBC, AJAX & Acronyms

For those who think that JDBC is an acronym for Java Database Connectivity, get the facts right.JDBC is actually a trademark and is not an acronym.

Sun says, “…. JDBC is the trademarked name and is not an acronym; nevertheless, JDBC is often thought of as standing for “Java Database Connectivity.”  ….”

I knew the above fact a long back but couple of days back when i googled about the same for getting a link which states this fact , i got this link through which i also came to know about AJAX.

AJAX != Async JavaScript And XML. Its a lot more than that.I knew that to, but was surprised to see the list of other acronyms for ajax with similar pronunciation with better sense from Bye Bye “AJAX,” The Age of “Ajax” Is Nigh which says

If AJAX is indeed an acronym (which it’s not) then a comment on the article points out some others as:
AJACX: Asynchronous JavaScript, CSS and XMLHttpRequest
ADJACS: Asynchronous DOM, JavaScript and CSS
ADHJACS: Asynchronous DOM, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
AJACHS: Asynchronous JavaScript, HTML and CSS
AJACS: Asynchronous JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Any networking guys who are clear about TCP/IP. I vaguely remember someone saying TCP/IP is not an acronym by itself(i couldn’t get a link while googling) , where as TCP & IP are seperate acronym. Any other acronyms(?) like these which people often use unknowingly??(Both tech and non tech welcome 🙂 )


One Response to “JDBC, AJAX & Acronyms”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Whether AJAX or Ajax, both are acronyms because it is pronounced as a word. Since that word was originally derived from abbreviating something (i.e. Aynchronous JavaScript and XML), that makes it an acronym. It does not matter if the word has since taken on new meaning.

    Radar and scuba are also acronyms that are not capitalized.

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