Hindi & Me

I dont know for good or not, Im currently moving around with mostly hindi guys.My roommate is a Rajasthani,90% of colleagues speak hindi, so when Im with them I try to understand hindi.There was this conversion which made everyone laugh, but when i questioned(the logic?), none of them were able to answer.

I was having tiffin in canteen,

Guy : Kaisa Hai

Me : Achi Hai.

Guy : You must say Acha Hai, its masculine gender.

Me : Crap, Gender for thing? explain me why achi hai is wrong.

After several attempts he fails to convince me.I asked the same thing to many mates,everyone was laughing but none of them could convince me.

One guy tried by saying,

If he asks Kaisa Hai, You must answer Acha Hai,

If he asks Kaisi Hai, You must answer Achi Hai,

Now I replied, then how should i start asking. We spoke for almost an hour about this. In English & in Tamil AFAIK there is no gender for non living things(objects). We ask How is it? Epdi Irukku? et al. How / Epdi doesnt have gender.

Can any hindi speaking person convince me on this. The answer may change my thoughts on learning hindi and can motivate/demotivate my learning desire.

OTH, We had a nice laughing session and that guy will never talk to me in Hindi.. lol..

PS: I tag this post with Tamil lol 😀

5 Responses to “Hindi & Me”

  1. Nova Says:

    A common confusion a lot of non-hindi speaking face, specially Tamilians and English coz like u rightly pointed out “English and Tamil treat non-living things as being neutral, not having any gender”

    There is no short cut to understand why a particular non-living thing (say pen) is feminine while another (say kitaab) masculine. This comes from practice.

    All said and done “When your friend asked you “Kaisa hai”- it is short for “kaisa hai tu”, where “tu” is considered default. Now “Kaisa” is qualifying “tu”, where “tu” is he person to whom the question has been directed, hence subject of the sentence. Since the subject in this case was “you” – a guy, hence your friend asked “kaisa hai” and not “kaisi hai”. Had you been a girl, he would have asked the latter.

    So, the gender thing came into play in this particular case for a living thing. That is, assuming that you are a living being 😉 Just kidding

    This was fun


  2. Srikanth Says:


    Thanks for stepping in, and dropping such a details comment(or post!). Actually he dint ask the question “how are you”,rather he asked “Kaisa Hai” pointing to the tiffin i was having. The tiffin is a nonliving thing right, so then came argument and fun.

    Again like they had answered, you too replied that it comes with practice for a non living thing, Something which machines cant learn then i guess.
    As im not a machine, i will “try” to learn 😀

  3. Nova Says:


    Your post was not indicative of ur “interest” to learn. Nor is your comment.

    Take care

    Happy learning!

  4. BOB Says:

    Thala na thala dhan…
    North Indiavayae kalaaichaachu.. Americans and all others who boast themselves as super powers of world watch out as thala is coming there to kalaaichify you.. 😀
    P.S. : Andha Hindi payan enna maadhiri 😦 ..
    Anyways its a “sundhar” post .. 🙂

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Indeed, I cant learn anything that doesnt have ‘logic’. I will probably learn hindi sometime later, but the interest is gone for now atleast.

    Stop writing kalaai comments on my blog, where is your next post? Thanks for mentioning as “Sundhar” post.(that was a kalaai by you i guess) lol..

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