Im Alive

Well this post is to let people reading me know that im actually alive and this blog exists. Life is going on pretty much faster and no time(?) to blog.There were days few months back i would login to my blog several times a day and just stare at my stats page/ read all my posts in my reader and comment blogs, chatting 24 hours(yeah i have done that continously too) none of which i do now.YahooChat/GTalk has become alien thing to me which i log in once a month(or more than that?).I just realised that i too had a blog and i had loved it so much only after reading “my blog will always be my first love” it in revathi’s blog.My routine would be going to office by 9-10 and coming home by 10-11, sleep and on alternate weekends going home. I almost had a full week off from work, where in i came to bangalore just for one day office and the next day we had this awesome team outing, and then went back home again.And yeah i got my passport!!!(but have no intentions as of now to fly away :D).One activity which has increased is calling up (old?) friends and talking atleast one hour a day as a result of which my mobile bill is reaching new heights.

BCB5 is on its way and very much interested to go for the first preparation meet this weekend.I just kept asking this question to myself on do i need to close the blog? Its probably the one of those times where the blogger is suffering from no posts syndrome due to busy/lazy status. People give your views.God give me time to blog 🙂


4 Responses to “Im Alive”

  1. Ravikumar Says:

    I dont think you’ve a separate blog provided by your own company… I do know no one can mete out a step motherly treatment to their first blog as its somethin similar to their first love.. 🙂 .. Every wait is/are worth for the readers.. 🙂

  2. Srikanth Says:

    Well i dont have a seperate blog in my company, but i have “my own” wiki and spending most of my spare time there researching something or other 🙂

    All i can say now is keep waiting :P, will try to update atleast twice a month now.

  3. Revathi Says:

    well u can definitely take out some time off during the weekends and blog. thats what i am doing now and trust me, my blog is now more active than it ever was when i was in college!! god cant give u time to blog. it is u who has to take some time off and write!!
    Good luck and keep blogging. 🙂

  4. Srikanth Says:

    I dont feel like coming to office on weekend for updating blog neither i can sit and write posts in a cafe.
    Well i can see you are writing on weekends as i see them having ‘monday morning blues’ 😛

    Considering i may get my system at room soon(expecting 😐 )and net(i dont know when),i can write at home and post in office atleast pretty soon.
    ”All i can say now is keep waiting :P, will try to update atleast once a month now.”

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