BarCamp Bangalore – 4

For the first time i plan to attend a barcamp, I intended to go for wikicamp, Blogcamp which were held sometime back at chennai , but couldnt make it finally on the day.

BarCamp Banaglore

Barcamp Bangalore 4 (BCB4) ,is an Unconference which provides a platform for like minded people on various interests to meet up and network.BCB4 is slated to be held @ IIM Bangalore on 28th,29th July. Just check out the various collectives and edit the wiki to register(Registration is Free). I have registered for Internet Collective & Blogging Collective. Waiting to meet few old friends and make new ones. Sad part is I would be able to attend only on sunday as i have office on saturday too 😦

Update ::

I have registered for BOJUG Collective too and may go on Saturday also. Yippee !!

Reason behind Name ‘Bar’Camp :: (Nothing do with drinks 🙂 )

Foobar” is a common placeholder name used in computer programming or computer related documentation. When US-based tech publisher O’Reilly invited some friends to a “Foo Camp”, for “Friends of O’Reilly”, it was but natural that others responded with their own version, dubbed the “Bar Camp”, the twist being that anyone who wanted to come could feel invited. Barcamps have since grown into a worldwide movement of such ad hoc, participant driven events. Anyone can organise a Barcamp. In Bangalore, the first and second events were organised by completely different teams, while the third is the result of their combined efforts.

Hope to see you there.