How To : Setting up few productivity tools

I just made my hands dirty on these tiny but useful productivity tools and made them working on Ubuntu Server.

Environment : LAMP


  • OpenFire – Chat Server based on XMPP (Jabber)
  • PHPBB3 – Php based forum software
  • Trac – Web based Project management Software  and Issue Tracker
  • SVN – Subversion repository system
  • OpenGrok – Source Searching utility


  • Download the tar.gz from igniterealtime ,untar and put the directory into /usr/bin
  • Give Execute permissions to the openfire script file in bin using chmod
  • Start the server using /usr/bin/openfire/bin/openfire start
  • Run http://localhost:9090/ from browser
  • Select EmbeddedDB & Give LDAP auth info.Create groups and add all users in one LDAP Group as mutual friends


  • /usr/bin/openfire/bin/openfire start | stop | status for checking the status/starting/stoping the server
  • Check the permissions of the openfire.xml file
  • view the stack trace in nohup.out


  • Download PHPBB3 tar.gz from web.
  • Extract into /var/www folder and give write permissions for others so installer can write the config file
  • Create database in mysql
  • Give MySql settings while installing,login to ACP and create the forum.
  • Use LDAP settings for making it LDAP and chose auth type as LDAP
  • For migration give the old database name and table prefix name and migrate


  • Use Easy_install and install from the latest svn source.
  • Create environment using tracadmin command.
  • On a standalone trac system user the createUser Python script to generate the user.passwd file.
    $python -u username -p password >> /path/to/users.passwd
  • And edit the trac.ini file with path info and Source control locations


  • Do an apt-get installation of SVN
  • edit the apache.conf and make a alias for svn and give auth info
  •  Create the password file using htpasswd
    $htpasswd /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd -n username
  • Give write permissions for the SVN Parent Dir


  • Download the tar from here
  • Untar, Host on tomcat
  • Edit the SRC_ROOT attribute in the web.xml
  • Run the indexer periodically.

Things i learnt from this excercise :

  • Brushed back my mysql basics
  • Learnt CronTab and wrote few shell scripts  to do daily backup.
  • Learnt little bit of Python.(Still learning!)And am finding it more and more interesting.
  • Shell access is way to heaven. cPanel,Webmin is for kids

And a great news is my system is up and gotto install Ubuntu Gutsy today after having installed Windoz yesterday(for my TV Tuner) and try learning some python daily.Got to have some form of internet(Have relaxed this from Broadband) as its getting difficult to have a system without net and feeling the pain.

Barcamp Bangalore – 5

BCB5 Winter edition is coming!!

Be there on Nov 17,18 2007.Register Now

I will be there -- BCB

BarCamp Bangalore – 4

For the first time i plan to attend a barcamp, I intended to go for wikicamp, Blogcamp which were held sometime back at chennai , but couldnt make it finally on the day.

BarCamp Banaglore

Barcamp Bangalore 4 (BCB4) ,is an Unconference which provides a platform for like minded people on various interests to meet up and network.BCB4 is slated to be held @ IIM Bangalore on 28th,29th July. Just check out the various collectives and edit the wiki to register(Registration is Free). I have registered for Internet Collective & Blogging Collective. Waiting to meet few old friends and make new ones. Sad part is I would be able to attend only on sunday as i have office on saturday too 😦

Update ::

I have registered for BOJUG Collective too and may go on Saturday also. Yippee !!

Reason behind Name ‘Bar’Camp :: (Nothing do with drinks 🙂 )

Foobar” is a common placeholder name used in computer programming or computer related documentation. When US-based tech publisher O’Reilly invited some friends to a “Foo Camp”, for “Friends of O’Reilly”, it was but natural that others responded with their own version, dubbed the “Bar Camp”, the twist being that anyone who wanted to come could feel invited. Barcamps have since grown into a worldwide movement of such ad hoc, participant driven events. Anyone can organise a Barcamp. In Bangalore, the first and second events were organised by completely different teams, while the third is the result of their combined efforts.

Hope to see you there.