Weekend which was problematic

Disclaimer : Old post. coming out of my drafts.

Yet another weekend,planning to go home on friday.This time 5 of us booked ticket.(Naanga onne sendhaale nalladhu nadakkathu)Till tuesday morning it was peacefull,it turned ugly when cinema halls were attacked in bangalore.From that day, i constantly kept watch in thatstamil to get updates.It became worser day by day.Thursday night it was clear that people had to suffer.All TN bound buses started from Hosur only.We were lucky to board a private bus in madiwala to hosur which went in some rural route and dint go via the Hosur road after electronic city and somehow reached hosur by 2100. But bus was rescheduled to 2330 so that people can reach hosur by that time.Heard from one my friend that buses are blocked on hosur road by ‘activists’ and that he had walked from Attibele to TN border.Had horrible time in hosur to find a decent hotel(All were worse than the muniyandi vilas types).I must say onward journey dint give much of discomfort for us though it would not have been the case for many. After MKs statement, one hoped everything came back to normal and i cancelled my KSRTC ticket on sunday(i repent now) and booked SETC on monday from my place.

Monday :

1930 : Bus started but the conductor gave tickets only till hosur and did not assure bus would goto bangalore.

0245 : Bus reached hosur and after 5 minutes conductor told buses wont go beyond hosur. S**t.Came to road there are hundreds and hundreds of people standing like us.None of the KSRTC bus stopped, no means of transportation.

0300 : Finally some auto drivers started cashing in.For a 6 km distance to the border the fare was 50 Per person.Got one by 0315 and reached border by 0345.Then started walking till Attibele bus stand which was roughly 3-4 km.

0400 : Got a city bus going to KR market and then got a bus to my place and reached room by 6 am.

Horrible journey from 0200 to 0600.

Well all this is experienced by lots of people who went home for 3 day holiday.Reason was the act by few morons who even reported that the problem is as related to power projects initially.

I am not supporting either side. Violence should be handled strictly  whoever is doing.Its like the little brother of terrorism.I dont know what is going to happen as now the elections are over.

One good outcome personally was that i learnt train is little comfortable for return journey starting 2315 at chennai and reaching at 0530 and can be booked (horribly) via irctc. I hope the APIs reach out soon and private websites give booking facilities.

Tamil Nadu Politics

Though the video,doesnt serve the purpose(as election is over), just thought of sharing the comedy with you.Good Job by those folks who made it.

Fifty 50, Safety Safety !!

India Blocking Blogspot

India going towards China ????

I sign into my msgr, got a offline sayin “Indian govt bans blogspot inside India” WTF was my reaction.This is against the fundamental freedom of expression.How can they do it.. I was puzzled but wasnt worried coz my wordpress worked 😀 On googling i got this link which apparently said govt asked to remove some 20 sites/blogs. But almost all ISPs across India have decided to ban entire ” *.blogspot.com ” inside India.

For someone looking for loopholes, u can always use netvibes,my yahoo or other online feed aggregators. If u still want to browse www.pkblogs.com is a better option.It was started by pakistanis as pakistan banned blogspot since march 2006.India joins the elite group of China,Iran,Pakistan in doing this ******* act..Being a democratic country this is pure shit.Right to speech and expression is out of netizens.Thank god wordpress escaped from hit list of blogger,typepad,blogs,geocities.

The reason is silly.

Sources in the government said that a circular was issued by the Home Affairs Ministry three days back asking the Ministry of Information and Technology to block the 12 websites which posted content maligning India.

Officials defended the decision saying, “We would like those people to come forward who access these (the 12) radical websites and please explain to us what are they missing from their lives in the absence of these sites Source:Hindustan times

They forget india is a democratic country and millions are being deprived of freedom of expression since they found some 12 were against the nations interest..Silly..

It might be brought to notice that google earth was in for a ride few months back. But they couldn’t eventually do anything till date. I can view certain places of India’s “strategic” interest clearly sitting in front of PC, so can any t*****t and plan a attack.They leave out big issues, make fuss out of these small ones. Sadly even mumbaihelp.blogspot.com the one about which i told in my last post is also on the receiving end.

With tTechnology no one can stop people, that too in computers.New proxy servers are on the rise since yesterday.
Some proxy servers are

I hope this ban is temporary.. anyway I’m hearing certain isp are allowing access to blogspot now..I just heard the Chief of ISP Association of India saying sub-domains can be blocked so that a large domains like blogspot isn’t blocked.. anyway have to wait and watch.

In the mean time i suggest people to move to wordpress, yet another reason to move to wordpress. Best to have your own site at 5gigs.com and install wp or other blogging API and post the blog there..

The previous restriction on Internet by govt was banning yahoo msn user chat rooms stating child p0rnography.It was acceptable to an extent.But blocking blogs are too much.

By the by My Mournings to those hundreds of people died in Java coz of Tsunami, i was tense for few moments when they gave warning for andaman, Tsunami Plz don’t come again..

TN Elections 2006-View from a small angle..

Well 11th May was a long day,(just 3 hrs which have been so loooong)… at the end of the day,it was the thing expected… DMK winning though would need the support of the coalition partners.. As things stand by roughly its DMK-96 Cong 34 PMK 18 Left 15..After the meet today, it was decided to make a minority DMK govt with outside support from Cong..

Why this Result??

Well termed as the most toughest election in history of elections, Battle of freebies, You can have a look at the fever TN had..While opinion polls said it was a 2% adv JJ,what made DMK bounce back…For this historic election even the turnout was historic 70%.. kudos to youth who have come a long way from their usual attitude towards politics..

The most underestimated factor in this election was DMDK aka captain katchi.. Being a person favoring third front(indirectly him),i thought he was making comedy when said both Dravidian parties are announcing freebies as they got insecure due to arrival.. well those statements might have been over exaggerated ones..but he made diff.. 9% vote share amounting to 20 Lakh votes across the state is not a joke considering the only factor was his cine image & he had literally no media vehicle(TV, even paper media) with him..All the votes were clearly in favour a third front..For those who predicted he would get defeated badly at his own seat.. people gave a good blow.. U know the party opposing him in virudhachalam fielded 4 other "vijayakanth" hoping to split the votes..

Coming back to what made DMK in winning seat,it was the usual anti ADMK people including govt employees & a huge list of people who have been affected by her..But she too got votes of women folks(tats stupid..when does this nation gonna improve if women views "woman" as a criteria for voting,i hate woman for few reasons like these..will come up with a post sooner or later),& those who got those 2000 & bicycles as (bribe..i would like to call that way) . I would say the so called hero of election, the DMK manifesto s**ked, no one would want so many freebies,they just want the basic infrastructure in health,roads etc..

About particular const & some parties..

Chengalput (my area)

Well its the shitty thing that has happened again, the PMK, a caste based party has won in my area,15 years in a row.. its 0 development.Another reason why i think India will never improve is caste based voting..


Well i have made fun of the party frm its inception,a party without clear statergies,no stand on any issues, only having brand IIT.. but what was shocking was the response it got.. 10900 votes in mylapore..(though its a educated area,its still an achievement for the kind of campaign its taking.. the sms orkut fwd mails way).. infact instead of DMDK it was LP which was decisive factor in mylapore seat,S Ve Sekar the comedian has won..

Thiruporur(My college area)

Another major disappointment was admk losing the thiruporur seat.. It was in this area jaya's farm house is..i travel in the entire route,i know but for jaya's special attention this area would never had got the attention it got..accepted that she did put roads for her comfortable travel,but she did built a bus stand,introduced new routes,made what not for the people of that area.. 

Captain's seat

Virudhachalam being stong hold of pmk due to s**kin caste votes dint stop captain from entering the assembly after winning by a huge margin..


Well this time pmk has licked defeat slightly though it won 18 seats, 18 seats was coz of dmk factor, it has certainly lost its caste factor & more people arent voting just because of caste these days.. good for TN,democracy

BJP,other chotas

Its time for these people to pack thier bags,or atleast allign with the 2 to withstand.LDMK its better to go with DMK..i dont know why parties like FB, BSP,SP,JD exist in TN..

Here is a place where you can check all stats..EC Website.It contains info about all the states

Well lets c if this govt withstands 5 years more importantly MK withstands 5 yrs..

Election fever in TamilNadu

With elections round the corner,being a first time voter,one who follows politics for more than 7 years now,Im yet to decide on whom to vote:

These are the thoughts running on my mind when i think abt these parties..

Let me do an analysis on some factors..

What if DMK(+) comes into power?

  1. As he said rice has to be given for 2Rs,free TV,free Land,scrapping of Loans with interest, but all these at what cost.. eventually the govts exchequer is gonna be 0 soon.. 😦
  2. There will be some vindictive action against the current govt, & this may lead to no developmental activity or any usefull thing done atleast till the next LokSabha elections come.
  3. On the otherhand, people wont be troubled like in the previous rule,but the developments will be slow,silent,but yet they will happen,Coz they have to show something on Sun TV na…

What if ADMK(+) comes into power?

  1. Again if they come to power,atleast half of thier copied manifesto which again will cost exchequer heavily as already she has spent a huge chunk by giving cycles, Rs.2000 free for flood affected etc..
  2. For god sake there wont be any vindictive action,the current cases against DMK will continue in a slow manner, & those against 1991-96 govt will continue even slower..
  3. Guess she wont be torturing people like she did previous time saying "arasu gajaana gaali aaga irukku", but still her autocratic rule will continue,developments will be little faster,but again since she wont cooperate with centre,that will bring down the pace..

Im leaving out chances for DMDK… comeon people be realistic its first election,let them aim at trying to get double digit seats & atleast 4 digit votes in all seats.

About Lok Paritan,I wish they retain the deposit in all areas they contest..One reason being the seats they are contesting for already has a heavy competition & also Coz the "student" support they claim wont actually turn them big,coz sms,mails,orkut alone cant bring some into victory.. moreover i was sad that they chose only "educated" areas that too in city.They must have acted fast,gathered people and stood atleast in all the cities in tamilnadu,that would have got atleast a greater attention towards them.And like any other educated IITian/IIM they never focus on rural areas.. If you are into politics then goto rural places, coz no.. of educated who vote is very less & u cant ask people who generally dont vote to vote by ur "educated" campaign.Here is one post by my friend casanova on LP .

Coming onto my view on the 2001-06 govt & 2004-current centre..
Well 2001-2004 was with 0 development in TamilNadu… not much in stake for people like us..what made worse was the dumbest education policy,govt employees strike,anti conversion law(still exists mind you),attack on media,satisfying personal interests, vendetta..

For all this people gave a benchmark judgement, 40/40(39/39-TN).But after that govt has become very kind..handling of tsunami,floods were indeed good.. better roads all over the state.(only in last yr of 5 years mind you).But the people from centre(13 dumba** as called by current …) have indeed done some work.

The thing about alliance & star power..
This has indeed created bubbles in the already hot politics, Vaiko shifting sides, Sarathkumar changing sides for some strange reason,Visu entering politics into ADMK coz of sniff in SunTV.Simran joining ADMK(lol y does she enter this arena.. not her cup of coffee),Vijaya TR(aka LDMK founder aka dandanakka man) joining hands again with MK,1 Crore drama with my thalaivar kamal[good that he kept away] ……lot of drama which first had our GAPTAN entering the frey after a long wait..Guess these factors will contribute only very little fraction to the final mandate

Its gonna be stiff competition & election(/)climate is getting very hot… days to come will be more interesting….
read the disclaimer for those people who wish to pounce on for the stuff written,though ur comments on a democratic mode is always welcome..

Btb its my study hols.. so have to start studying.. No more 2 posts per week though i may write when i feel bored..

My thoughts on taxation, Indian Economy…

My Thoughts…..

Well its budget time now, most of us would watch only one segment in that. TAX because that decides many things and has a cascading effect.

Why are people taxed?

It is for the basic functioning of govt. It can prepare new schemes to uplift the poor & infrastructure of the country. Well this is what we all are taught in school. But do we really care about how the money is spent. Most of us know only a little portion of sum allocated for schemes are reaching the needy. Rest is in the hands of politicians, govt. officials, contractors. They in turn evade tax & total money is getting accumulated in hands of few, so revenue to govt. gets decreased & ultimately taxes are increased.

Where is the money spent?

Well you will get the graph with portion of one Re spent on each sector & the same for revenue. Before that let me tell you where are we losing our money.
**Developmental schemes: Typically food for work, employment guarantee scheme, etc. [Politicians would have a major share of it]
**Infrastructure schemes: Roads, Railways, Medical, etc [senior govt. officials have major chunk of it]
**Defense: Well no one knows exactly but most of which are spent on the border… [Let’s leave it for the 'sake' of security of nation
**Research & Development: Being a son of one who works in R&D, i know thousands of crores of Rs are being spent rather wasted in the name of R&D .Literally speaking there is little or 0 developments from these investments. Will need a separate post to explain things on what I see…

Why was India not developing at the same pace when it had closed economy?

Well the answer is present implicitly in the previous answer. We had closed economy till early 90's.All the tax we paid got into black hole called corruption & govt. couldn’t work on infrastructure, couldn’t provide employment. So it opened up the economy. We had some growth before the IT boom in the fields of automobile industry & electronics, communication. But the incoming of IT to India overshadowed the growth of these sectors & have created a thousand times employment than the govt. can ever imagine. So India is growing at a larger pace due to large inflow of money for the IT&ITES services.

On Taxes for the high earning class (typically the software guys)
Well to tax further more on these guys will make India back to square 1 & it can’t grow due to the corrupt politicians. Soon India will become a 'poor' country then. Taxing on middle class is not possible by any govt. considering the coalition politics on centre.

Where does the govt. can get the money then?
Well mostly govt. gets its revenue from indirect taxes. India pays one of the heftiest service taxes of 10.2%. It was estimated that 5-7% of our entire GDP came from Service tax. There is always import duty on many items. Only electronics item’s import duty was reduced to make the IT boom into a larger one. Oil has one of heftiest tax but again govt. gives subsidy to stabilize the inflation rate & to keep the interests of middle class.

On Fringe benefit tax…

There is a general perception that these days’ youth in IT field earn lot & therefore they were the soft targets as usual. Often called as Fraud bad tax, they target on the ‘perks’ given to them. Telephone bills, car allowances, flight tickets, med-claim & whole lot of allowances. I said soft targets because all these are enjoyed by the higher rank govt. officials, ministers, M.L.As, MPs. Why doesn’t the govt. tax them? These people enjoy lot more than their working counterparts [IT guys]. Because reason is obvious no minister would like to tax himself more

Hoping for a 'GOOD' Budget..
Well Im a novice in the subject I have written, so if im wrong plz correct me.

PS: Politicians in the above post refer to corrupt ones.