Harder the path–>Stronger u become

Well donno where to start off…Im writing this as my intuition says that things i mention here may happen.Well its about my life as case study.I have some how experienced the fact that “Harder the path–>Stronger u become”.

Easier path–>not reached many heights
To start off as i had mentioned in my previous posts on school life,Though I was provided with requisite facilities,i wasn’t a studious boy,took life day by day without any goal in life.My first “moral” failure–> my tenth results.Though considering my performance till 9th std, 10th results was better though it(74%) was way below even to the “respectable” 80% for a fwd caste guy in the age of reservations.It was during those holidays when i don’t know i would get a computer science stream or i would get commerce(those days commerce was looked down heavily). I never felt that im a dumb coz of my marks, coz i know they dont directly reflect my intelligence level.But wat to do,there is something called system,so was obviously worried abt my future.It was during one of those days I went to my cousin’s marriage.Im sure you would have come across few old retired people in family who keep on commenting/doing some thing in the name of advising to others(esp to children) during occasions like these. I was the victim that day for that gentleman as i was the “child” of the entire family with board results.I was humiliated by that gentleman, he asked me to start a “potti kadai”(small shop on street) or a liquor shop to come up in life.Imagine a 15 yr old guy being screwed like that for “not scoring 95%+”. I did my course in C/C++ in SSi,i found tat i got some talent in myself that i can at least survive without those ways told by the gentleman.I got computer science luckily in school.I nurtured the same and was again restless in 11th std.. I dint get as many marks i wished as i couldn’t adjust to “state board” quickly

Harder path:
In 12th std With the help of tuition’s i got through my studies,it wasn’t problem.But change of house,principal forcing me to lead the school TT team for 2 week long tournaments.It was hell of harder path.I wouldn’t forget even a single day in that year 2002-03. The day when i got struck in a place without buses to home due to TN bandh on kaveri,roaming on streets for entire day,attending school in color dress without bathing… The innumerable days i have waited hours for a bus,travelled on foot-board,no.. of days without proper food.That was indeed HARDER PATH. For all that i got a decent score of 275,though dint go to counselling as i got to my favourite course in a reputed coll through management quota.For my performance i got a good yield

Life these 3 years wasn’t as hard as it was those days,my coll life had flown away,learnt a lot,both on academics/life. Tasted lot of failures,recovered from them.Had few fruitful moments too..

Harder path i may travel:
I sat for cts yest, though did well,i wasn’t shortlisted in test as i have arrears.It was disappointment for few seconds, then thought will sit in next company. I guess they wont shortlist ppl with arrears,but included us in eligibility just to chuck some peopl out for the sake of shortlisting.So I’m not gonna trust in any of campus recruitment’s which mock at me.I would obviously have to take a harder path,sit for a off campus, or in best case(I’m not saying it worst 🙂 )happily work in a starter company for 18 hrs a day for a few thousand bucks for few years.But that will make me stronger.5 years down the line I would have come across many experiences both in life & industry than my friends who are placed now.I may then travel leaps N bounds.Surely 10 years down the line i will make people those people who mocked at me to look upon me..
As they say failure is a delayed success..

That’s the way to take life..Lets c if my intuition becomes reality.. Some astrologer said i may become a spiritualist,i shunned my mom for trusting in astrology, but as time goes i guess it may well become reality 🙂

Birth story of my ‘computer life’

Part 1

Well I was a guy with zero planning on future..I take things as N when it comes during school days..Till ninth std,I had no idea of wat i would be..i wanted to be an electrical engg simply coz my grandpa was one..so at starting of tenth std,my dad told there are 3 branches in 11th.. Comp MPC, Bio MPC ,Commerce,Since i was worst in art,i hated biology which my sis has told me contains lot of pictures..So my dad told get good marks to get a compsci seat.Those days i was dumb in math,avg scorer in others(65%) as i used to concentrate more on my TT & video games..I just studied only day b4 exams[even now same case].

The first time i saw comp was at my mom's office during my 7th std where she let me to type something after opening m$-word[simply coz she doesnt know anythin else in computers].I have played the game solitaire in my cousins house, but i dont even know how to open the game..

Class 10 was over.. 4 months holidays..i was just spending those days watching movies & playing TT in nights.. many of my friends went for a computer course in UNIX,C,C++.. since they all were newbee to computers they learnt everything frm scratch incl basics,office etc..The result was out..i scored just 74%.. since the usual cutoff for compsci 80%,i thought i wouldnt get a compsci seat..So my dad insisted me to go for a course..i was reluctant..finally i joined in SSi for a course on UNIX,C,C++.

Since some of the batchmates knew basics of computer,they started with shell,kernel N abt UNIX stuff like that..i was lost in jungle..Then i asked the staff to teach me right from scratch..First unix classes i just noted down those commands written on board.. tried them in lab session without any knowledge..Then we comp illitrates were having a seperate class on basics,HTML,Office.. i liked that class very much..

By the time UNIX course has ended & we moved into C..asusual i typed the programs written on board.. We had a lot of fun in the lab.. since it was 24hrs lab.. N we ppl having no other job will goto the lab & do all things other than covering the portions taught..Making powerpoint presentations,playing TD6 in the lab,hearts in network,sending mails,msgs in the unix environment…

One fine day i was caught by the centre head while playing games..so he asked me to write a C program [i donno something silly with arrays]..i said i donno.. N also said that i was just typing out the programs N dont have ability to write on my own..he adviced me for half an hour..he gave wat is life blah blah blah which at tat point i took in one ear N left it out through other..i asked my sister abt the program as she had already studied C C++[she was also school topper in good old compsci syllabui of dBase,Lotus etc]..she told me something,i read the book.. next day i did try something out on lab.. all of which actually ended up in a failing note only..

I was taking C C++ lightly at tat time, N was concentrating on HTML more as it was on compsci syllabui..it was easy.. after a long time when the list was put up by the school. thank god i got compsci as many toppers prefered bio..There was still a month to go before school opens..so i started designing something using HTML..Those were crorepati days..so i just made a simulation of the same using HTML linking webpages..then school days started..we still dint complete the course..[supposed to b a 3 months course but we did it for record 8 months.. as we did all sorts of nonsense other than attending classes N allowing staff to complete..

Since i knew the basics,i was one among the very few in the class who has seen computers before 11th..intro to windows.. HTML were cakewalk.. it was during C, that i got the concepts wat i learnt in SSi came to my help.. I began to understand how the program works..Started writing those small ones[comparing 2 no..s,sorting] on my own..I was the only guy in that class who used write programs on own..

I was the only one who learnt BASIC frm 11th std math N wasted 4 days to try a program which would convert any given no into words..[1700 line code]..but one of my school sir told the same can be done in 100 line C code..I got a nice bulb…I had a very nice interaction with my compsci staff Ms.Sujatha Pradan,Mr.TamilVendan & my math sir Mr.Ramachandran who not only raised my math skills but also thought me how to think analytically..

Again for 12th std we went to Aptech,this time since SSi was running on loss,it was closed[if guys like us join,wat else will a centre do :P],So this time StarOffice,VB,Java, spl course based on 12th syllabui..StarOffice was a cakewalk..we knew MS Office na..next it was VB.. it was awesome to work in VB..did a small graphic app in that which draws a heart[basic idea took frm 12th book,extended to do some graphics,like drawing an arrow between 2 hearts].Then came java,to tell the truth i hated java those days simply coz it was OOP, & we dint learn C++ properly in SSi course[we never learnt sincerely there].but since the syllabui was mostly based on 11th std C,again it was cake walk for me.. this time many joined course with me,so i had some competition in my class but still we never had time in those unforgettable days.Btw my studies in state board got improved..my math was helping me a lot..i even got 2nd rank in my class once..[never thought of it,after getting 18th rank in 11th std].So 12th was over..Luckily i got into SSNCE with Comp as my branch..so the journey goes on.. meet u on part2 where i will tell about my experiences in my coll which kindled even more interest

Well.. Unforgettable year 2002-2003

Well i was asked about the unforgettable year in my life in one of those so called "placement skills" hr.But it did brought back my old memories.Year which i cherished, Full of uncertainties,challenges, yet i must say I succeeded in things i have done to a reasonable level.

Well it is 12th std, right from day1 ppl say abt cutoff,engg education etc.So asusual i was bang on for first 2 months.I was a mediocre in my 11th.If i use my 11th marks, i would have around 230-240 as my cutoff.Im not a studious person.I like math, hate the Phy,Chem.So since my dad told u must get 280 atleast to get a paid seat in good coll.So i started mugging crap.2 months went on well.Then we shifted house,which meant i would have to travel for school,tuition for 1 hr everytime.

My typical day::
Get up at 5am, catch bus 530am, phy/chem tuition 6-7, getback home by 730am.Schoolbus at 9am(Spl classes mean 815 am bus)
Getback frm school at 430 pm. Bus 630 pm Math(Gunns) tuition 7-8pm return home 830pm
Sundays will be double burden with test series in AIMS & the above tuition centres.

Well i was there at my home only to eat N sleep.Never studied at home.With all these,my hard work paid off in quarterly,now i was feeling confident of the achievable target(280).Then came another challenge.. Inter AECS TT tournament at Managuru(AP).I was obv choice along with my classmate who were representing our school for past 5 years.Princy almost forced us to go there.Infact we missed the OOTY tour for tat.But the burden added is practice i needed to go.So its now 430-630 practice then some snacks,willing away time & 7pm to math tuition.

To top it all, the 8pm bus journey.Boy o boy,crowded to core.. those footboard journeys chatting with cleaner,we guys had a great time.Got idea of what life is from unique experiences.

The Quarterly holls was spent in Manuguru..(one week) We won the southern region championship,obv another challenge came on the way.We were asked to play national level AECS tourney at Mumbai in December hols.I missed first revision entirely, second revision on the day after arrival.Btw my academics wasnt letting me down,it continued well.Come Jan, it was all serious, no play.But still travelling 3 times a day,going & writing tests everywhere,it was fun,mental torture.I had no entertainment(dint opt for cable conn at new house).Onlything was FM. mind u those days it was only AIR FM 😦

Gone march, exams went on well..(i watched world cup final on giant screen, having comp sc exam in a day.. comp sc always my cake).Then the comedy called enterance coaching. This was the time i had for breathing after 10 long months.Mornings were free.. classes frm 4-9. back home at 930.. i must say i enjoyed too much in this period.

Results came.. TNPCEE was ok with 84%. then board chem let me down with cutoff of 275.Got SSN after failing to make it in PSG MSc integ.Atlast, 2002-2003 acad yr ended with a happy note.

CommonWealth Bronze – Amazing…..

Indian Woman's TT team wins bronze in commonwealth games in melbourne.I expected that they will atleast reach finals.Anyway good that they have got a medal.You might be wondering y this guy is mentioning this in particular when India has won some gold there.

My School Team mate K.Shamini was part of that team.. Amazing isnt.. Brings me old memoies back of TT & fun we all had.

It was indeed a moment of pride, for me on seeing her winning laurals for India.She has been a child prodigy in TT.. She started in UKG.. tats toooo early.

About Kalpakkam & TT::

Well being in a rural setup,Kalpakkam dint have infrastructure it has now when we were growing up,but the sport of Tabletennis has always had a special place in kalpakkam.Through efforts of many, our school AECS started encouraging TT frm tender age of 5.From the day one,we had one or the other making into state rankings in thier set.It was almost guys sport untill this girl came.She is 2 yrs junior to me but had loads of talent frm day we started.For the guys in our set,defeating her is a achievement[i did thrice!!] during our practice sessions.She was queen of kalpakkam TT in her 5th std.[remember kalpakkam has decent players fighting on state arena].Our school had good support for TT.We had daily practice sessions, weekend coaching classes.My first tour with my school team was to kotagiri(near ooty) when i was in 7th std for inter CBSE schools tour.tat was a gr8 fun for a week. Need a seperate post for tat alone.Had gr8 time with psbb guys.we guys lost to Sarath Kamal's team[Again Hero of Indian Gold medal in commonwealth]there.. but the one
week playing cards,sharing the room,alone for long time leaving parents.. gr8 experience.

My TT continued till my 12th std though i was out of competition after my 8th std as i dint maintain or improve my game.We had coach till 5th std only.After that its what we have learnt by practice..

About Shamini::

Well We knew that she would rock the world from the moment when she was queen of kalpakkam TT in her 5th.. She had determination of very high calibre.. Over & above a great support from her parents.I must say her dad almost spent his entire life thinking about her.He gave her best of coaching every weekend travelling 200 kms for coaching sessions.She made her first steps through cadet ranking.she was winning.{{I went till pre quarters in sunjunior level.[tats my achievement!!]}}She won a gold for India in her 7th std in Hungary.From then on she shifted school to chennai to get best in coaching.. She then represented nationals kept winning them..But poor girl always comes one rank below par as there are ppl well above her age in the category.She would definitly have a crack at Olympic gold & that day is not too far.

About Experiences::

Well it was a tiresome practice for all of us daily 6 hrs almost.. But when we get onto tours we make sure we enjoy.The train journeys we had… The kotagiri tour was indeed a lifelong memory..Kabilan,Me, Sudarshan,Shamini,Shalini,Preeti.. The CBSE tournaments in PSBB, We guys never won,but girls won single handedly coz of her.She was the tiniest of the lot,so we called her mini.She was one girl in group, who will make comments on everyone.But offlate she has become a typical shy type girl i guess.. Havent seen her for more than couple of years..But watch her matches in TV when i know she is playing.

Kudos girl.. Wish you all the best for your bright future.. Bring that Olympic gold.. its gonna happen sooner or later i tell u..